Top 10 Free Parenting Books for Kindle eReader

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Free Parenting Kindle Books are a valuable resource for anyone with children, from fussy newborns to moody teenagers. Parenting books can give you priceless advice on the best way to raise your children. There are books about how to give your baby the best sleep schedule, how to discipline a toddler so that they grow into well-behaved children, or how to deal with your child’s journey through puberty.

If you’re looking for tips on discipline, diet, playtime or night-time routines, parenting advice books let you gain from the experience of someone knowledgeable in any specific area. Whatever your parenting style, kindle parenting books come at issues from a range of perspectives with helpful hints and tips. Any prospective parent will be glad to know that parenting books can also cover pregnancy, offering helpful advice from professionals who have seen it all. Books on parenting can help you become a better parent, no matter what the situation, so here are some of the best ones to get you started:

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Updated on Nov 24, 2013

1. Let’s Go Counting by Chinwe Anyamele

2. Boost your child’s confidence (52 Brilliant Ideas) by Lucy Morgans

3. Bullying (52 Brilliant Ideas) by Dr Sabina Dosani

Updated on Oct 20, 2013

1. 100 Hidden Truths of Parenting by Ohad Ouziel

2. Diary of a 6th Grade Girl #2: How to Survive Middle School

3. Anger Management: What You Need to Know When Dealing with Anger

Updated on Sept 8, 2013

1. Please Tell Me I’m On Mute by Romi Brenner

Working mothers of the world, your voice has shown up. Trying to preserve her last few precious shreds of sanity while working and raising youngsters, Romi Brenner has concerned terms with the truth that sometimes you need to transform a blind eye to the fashion whims of a four years, that you can never undervalue the power of a phone with a functioning mute button, and that pedicures just aren’t for every person.

Keeping her sense of humor in the middle of bathtime hysterics, birthday cake pop carnage and mishandled early morning conference calls, Brenner takes her viewers with a collection of hilarious experiences in contemporary parenting and family life.

2. Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking: Practical Solutions to the Most Common Preschool Behavior Problems

Discipline without Shouting or Spanking is a functional guide that shows moms and dads how to handle the most difficult part of parenting. It provides proven techniques for managing even more than 30 of the most common kinds of childhood misbehaviors.

Practical solutions cause practical search results! These complimentary chapters will assist you start on a calmer path; Aggressive Behavior, Behaving Shyly, Fighting Clean-up Routines, Getting Out of Bed in the evening, “Hyper” Task, and Lying.

Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking: Practical Solutions to the Most Common Preschool Behavior Problems for correcting the most common behavior problems of preschoolers. You will learn the best ways to take care of misbehavior consisting of mood outbursts, whining, negativeness, sibling competition, possessiveness, aggressive behavior, resisting bed time, enjoying with food, and different even more issues– without yelling or spanking.

The authors’ suggestions will help you be a more efficient parent and discipline your kid in a loving yet firm method, without damaging self-esteem or natural interest about the world. This easy-to-use text has actually been formatted like a first-aid guide for handling misbehavior. It has already helped over 700,000 moms and dads.

3. One Million Arrows by Julie Ferwerda

Will the world change your children … or will your kids change the world?

Time is short and lives are at stake. Right now, God is welcoming your family to enter into a larger story a vision that will engage your hearts to make a radical difference. One Million Arrows is a motivational call to raise your kids to influence their culture, area, and world for Christ. If you desire your kids to discover their purpose, if you want them to deal with a passion for the Kingdom, if you desire your family to go down in His-Story, accept the goal … and leave a mark for eternity.

4. Effective Discipline for Children Book – Eliminate Disrespect (Successful Parenting Solutions) Disrespectful Child Behavior is among the top identified parenting issues. Moms and dads experience some manifestation of this parenting issue nearly daily, with the accompanying embarrassment, and frustration.

Eliminate Disrespectful Habits Quickly and easily with this for action plan … You can positively affect behavior change!

If you want to address Disrespectful Habits of your kids, then
1. First, identify the precise habits that you consider ‘disrespectful.’.
2. Second, determine the behavior that will replace the undesirable habits.
3. Third, recognize the activity steps you will use to complete this task.
4. Fourth, take action.
5. Fifth, see the search results.

You will find …
\* Efficient parenting solutions for removing disrespectful child habits.
\* Activity steps for success recognized and described.
\* How to create and utilize your own parenting objectives.
\* The best ways to repeat these successful steps.

5. Raising Teenagers: The Best Way by DEVIKA PRIMIC

We were teenagers too. Let’s to find how the new gen teenagers and their cultures.

So we could be more effective as parents. Be there and embrace them as they are. After this period of time, they become adults and on their own journey in Adult-hood.

There are a lot of great resource as parents online. You could check out those Top 10 Paid Kindle books and find out why they are so popular and helpful these days.

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