Best Kindle Books for December – Holiday Deals Just in Time for Christmas!

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It’s December, and even though we haven’t seen much snow, we are still looking forward to curling up by the fire with a good kindle book and a mug of hot chocolate.  Amazon has just announced their Holiday deals and we’ve taken the time to find some of our favorites, just for you.

The Christmas Pearl

Nothing says “cozy” like a feel-good Christmas novel and we’ve got just the one.  Theodora has had just about enough of her spoiled, whining family.  She longs for the days of Christmas past…home cooked delights, lavish decorations and long chats with her grandmothers housekeeper, Pearl.  When her own maid is called away, Pearl blows back in as a ghost and begins to set Theodora’s world in order once again.

The Bones of You

When the wind is howling outside, a good spooky novel is just what the doctor ordered and The Bones of You is a good spooky novel!  When Rosie Anderson is found fatally beaten and stabbed, Kate finds herself getting more and more entwined with Rosie’s family…and all is not as it seems.  Far from the idyllic family they appear to be, there are secrets here.  Secrets that someone was willing to kill to protect.

The Bookseller: A Novel

It’s the 60s, and although the rest of the country is embroiled in a turbulent quest to reinvent itself, thirty-eight year old Kitty Miller is happily unaffected by it.  Her world revolves around the bookstore she owns with her partner and her cat, Aslan.  When Kitty finds herself living another life–one that involves a husband, children and a beautiful home–she is both thrilled and surprised.  Especially since her other life only exists in her dreams.  Soon, Kitty will have to choose between two worlds…and the decision won’t be easy.

The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty: A Novel

A mysterious business trip…an unexplained robbery…a conspiracy between the hotel staff and the police…all of these add up to one of the most suspenseful novels of the year.  With her identity stripped away, our heroine finds herself feeling strangely liberated as she realizes that she can be whoever she wants to be.  Soon she finds herself doubling for a well-known film star.  When the acting begins to carry over into her “real” life, she finds herself carried further and further away from who she used to be.  Does she ever want to return?

The Last Chinese Chef: A Novel

When her late husband’s estate is hit with a paternity claim from China, of all places, Maggie makes the decision to travel there to find out what is going on.  Rather than give her a leave of absence, her editor offers her another reason to go–write a feature piece about Sam Liang, a rising Chinese-American-Jewish chef. Sam and Maggie hit it off immediately and begin a complicated quest to understand not only her late husband’s supposed infidelity, but also their newfound friendship.  Maggie finds herself drawn more and more into Sam’s world.  This feel-good story complete with mouth watering food descriptions will leave you asking for more!

Gideon’s Gift: A Novel

Eight year old Gideon is a leukemia patient with a dream.  It doesn’t involve a trip to Disney or a potentially life-saving bone marrow transplant.  Instead, what Gideon wants is for homeless curmudgeon Earl Badgett to realize that God loves him.  Earl lost his wife and daughter five years ago, and with it his faith in God.  If he will let Gideon touch his heart, they both might find themselves receiving the gift they need most this year.

Take Another Look

When Jane Ryan delivers twin baby girls, she knows that she can only afford to keep one of them.  She reluctantly gives up the other twin, hoping for a better life for both of them.  Fourteen years later, her daughter and her adoptive mother unexpectedly move into the same building where Jane and her daughter live.  The girls bond quickly, but as mysterious things begin to happen, Jane is forced to confront the fact that one of her girls is not what she seems…

Being Dead: A Novel

Sometimes you just want a book that is different.  And Being Dead is different.  Joseph and Celice have been married for almost 30 years.  When they take a romantic trip back to the site of their first intimate encounter, they are set upon and murdered almost immediately.  But the story doesn’t end there.  In fact, it’s just the beginning.  The author takes the reader into the very depths of the dying.  This is a novel that will leave you a little unsettled…and you might want to sleep with the light on for a while.

Thin Blue Smoke: A Novel About Music, Food, and Love

“This is a Christian novel that will change the way people think about Christian novels.  Thin Blue Smoke is a story of redemption, barbecue and the blues.  LaVerne Williams is a disgraced ex ballplayer with a restaurant to run.  His regulars include an Episcopal priest with a drinking problem, a couple of lost souls in need of love and another cigarette, and an elderly blues singer.  As they come together, their lives become increasingly more entwined and leave the reader feeling like they have made a bunch of new friends.

The Secrets We Keep

Elizabeth’s world has been turned upside down.  Her husband, Michael, drowned saving a young woman from a pond while out walking the dog.  As she goes through the motions of trying to put her life back together, the one person who could provide her with the answers she needs can’t remember them.  As her world slowly unravels, Elizabeth begins to suspect that she never really knew her husband to begin with.

Well, friends, there you have it.  Our top 10 Kindle Holiday Deals. This list took forever to put together, because there is so much to read right now!  Take a few minutes and check out our top picks, then go and find some more.  Tell us about them in the comments below!

Happy Reading!

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