The new Amazon phone: You want one… but what can you DO with it?

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On June 18th, Amazon is rumored to be releasing their newest device…a smartphone – Fire Phone.  This much anticipated subject of numerous leaks is entering a very competitive market place, and for that reason alone it had better be good.  Amazon is the undisputed king of affordable electronics — it’s Kindle Fire HDX costs just $229, while the iPad mini with Retina Display retails for $399– but unfortunately, Amazon cannot rely on it’s low prices to win over buyers, and they are apparently aware of this. 

Amazon Fire Phone-what is new

This new device will feature 3D capabilities, with four cameras located in each of the front four corners of the device that reportedly track the users head and make the device virtually touch/tap free.  In addition, it will use the Kindle Fire OS operating system, and while the system itself isn’t new, the ability to use it on a smartphone is revolutionary.

OK, I’m listening.  So what can I DO with it?

According to BCG, he new Amazon Smartphone (Fire Phone?  Kindle Phone?  Only time will tell.) features 3D technology that allows it to track the position of the users head and with some additional sensors, the camera will facilitate gesture based commands, allowing access to menus and other basic features.

Go on…

Suppose you’re on the train, squashed in like sardines.  Your left arm is firmly grasping your briefcase so that it doesn’t grow legs and wander off, and in your right hand is the amazing new Amazon Smartphone.  You’ve maneuvered your hand up to the point where you can actually see the phone, but using your left hand for any sort of activity is impossible.  No problem.  By tilting either your head or the phone, you can access hidden side panels with apps and information not visible on the main screen.

That’s great, but I live in Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, and I need maps.  Lots of maps.

They’ve got maps.  The map app is part of the 3D system.  Open your app, find the location you’re looking for, and then tilt the screen (or your head) and get a different 3D view of the objects on the screen.

My wife likes to shop while she’s getting her hair done.  Can she do that on this phone?

She’s in luck!  You, maybe not so much.  Amazon’s various stores, including it’s music store, book store and main Amazon marketplace, are all rumored to be included as part of the package.  And with a tilt of the phone, users can see three-dimensional product images at different angles that cannot be seen with 2D images.

It totally defines new Mobile Shopping experience. How exciting would it be when shopping clothes and even rotate some samples in 3D?

Do I have to walk around wearing those goofy glasses?

Nope.  All of the new 3D technology can be viewed with the naked eye.  Everything else should remain clothed, though.

I’m an executive with a very busy schedule and life.  How does this new device make my life easier?

Goodness, friend.  Slow down.  Life is too short…OK.  Never mind.  Let me give you some scenarios.  You are in the middle of sending a very important email and suddenly realize that you need a document…that you don’t have.  No problem.  Tilt the phone slightly to access your documents folder, find what you’re looking for and attach it to your email. 

All without lifting a finger, figuratively speaking.  Scrolling through a web page to find something specific?  Scroll using a tilt of your head–no fingers necessary.  Read a book the same way.  Access your calendar, your address book, your latest presentation, all with a tilt of the head.

Can I video chat with Fire Phone?

Indeed.  The device features a 12 megapixel front facing camera (in addition to the 3D cameras in the corners) specifically designed for talking to your mother.  Or the President of Brazil.  Your call.  In addition, there is a 13 megapixel camera on the back for taking high-quality photos that you can then send to your mother.  Or the President of Brazil.  Your call.  And with all those megapixels, you are going to look good while you’re chatting.

I’m technologically challenged… Will I get great Support?

While all of the tilting and gesturing will take some getting used to, the phone won’t be nearly as complicated as it sounds.  A little bit of practice should have you tipping and tilting and looking like a bobble-head doll in no time flat. 

And Amazon offers the incredibly useful Mayday service.  The user simply presses a button on the device, and is instantly connected to a live Amazon expert, for FREE, who will walk them through any tablet feature by drawing on the user’s screen, walking them through how to do something, or doing it for them.  It is a technophobe’s dream, and is almost certain to be included on the new smartphone.

I live overseas.  Will I be able to get one of these amazing new phones?

Unfortunately, right now the phone is reportedly only being released in the US.  We are certain, however that as demand increases Amazon will market the new phone outside of the US very soon.

Do we know how much it will cost?

We don’t have any firm data, but with Amazon’s reputation for affordable electronics, we are fairly certain that this latest device will follow that trend.  There were some initial rumors that Amazon would offer the device for free with the purchase of it’s Prime service, however we have confirmed that this is just a rumor.  At this point, speculation puts the price somewhere in the $99-$199 range, making it far more affordable than the Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

I’m addicted to Siri.  Is Amazon offering Siri?

Siri is an Apple girl, through and through.  Amazon has, however acquired the rights to a fairly robust voice-technology system that it is unveiling as Evi.  Initial reports are favorable, with Evi performing very well, even with ambient background noise.

Wrapping it up…

While only you can decide if the new Amazon smartphone is right for you, we are here to help in any way we can.  While the new device certainly has a long way to go before it snatches the market share from Apple and Samsung, Amazon already holds a respectable 10% of the tablet share, and that alone should ensure respectable sales right out of the gate.  Stay tuned as the unveiling approaches on June 18th–we’ll be sure to have all the latest news and information as it is made available.

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