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CES 2014 New Tablet Rumor News

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CES 2014 New Tablet Rumor NewsCES 2014 is approaching and happening in Vegas this week. There are some pre-announcements about some new 2014 Tablets and Technology innovation.

Acer Iconia 7.9in A1-830 and 7″ B1-720 are pre-announced.

They are trying to hit the low and even lower-priced price range and market.

Probably there are many low priced tablets out in the market. ARM Chipset and LCD screen price has gone down significant these years. There is no surprise the margin is still profitable for these kind of low-end one. With price range $150, you could still get a decent 7″ Android Tablet these days.

Samsung may also announce Nexus 10. 2 with higher resolution and better spec.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, 10.1, Note Pro 12.2 & SM-T520 leaked & more – VidxHD Daily

Nexus 10 2 may be released in CES 2014 this year.

Probably it will create some buzz and attention for Samsung Tablets this year.

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