How To Setup Your First Kindle Paperwhite Video

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Once you have purchased your Kindle Paperwhite, you no doubt have questions about how to set up and use your Paperwhite.  We will answer all of your questions in our new series based on the Kindle Paperwhite Help Videos located on

Power Up Kindle

The first thing you need to do is turn on your device.  Press and hold the “power” button, located on the side of the Kindle, for several seconds.  Your device will take a few moments to set up, so be patient.  Once the screen has refreshed and the device is turned on, tap the “Get started” icon located in the middle of the page. 

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Connecting to Wifi Network

Your first step once the device is powered on is to connect to WiFi.  If you purchased a device with 3G capabilities, it will automatically connect to 3G, but for faster downloads it is recommended that you connect to a WiFi point.

Tap “Connect to WiFi”.  You will see a list of available networks.  Find the one that you are looking for and click on it.  If there is a “lock” icon next to the network, you will need to enter the password in order to connect.  Once you have entered the correct password, tap “connect”.  It may take several seconds for your device to connect.  After you have connected, your device will automatically connect to that network in the future any time it picks up that particular signal.

Register with an Amazon Account

The next step is to register your device to an Amazon account.  If you have an existing account, tap “use existing account”, then enter your email address and password.  If you do not already have an Amazon account, tap “create new account” and follow the onscreen instructions.  Make sure that you have a “1-click payment method” set up, as this allows you to immediately begin shopping the Kindle store from your device.

On Hook with Social Media

If you are using an existing account, you can also choose to connect your device to Twitter and Facebook during setup.  Choose the social media account that you wish to sign into and enter your sign-in information for that account.  Your device also comes equipped with a “Parental Controls” setting.  You can choose to set those limits during your initial set up, or it can be done at a later time.

Your Kindle device can be connected to a Goodreads account.  Goodreads is social media for readers.  Follow the onscreen set up instructions on your device to connect with readers around the world and make the most of your Kindle account.

Build-in Tutorial

After you have successfully registered your Kindle, a quick tutorial will walk you through some basic functions.  It is recommended that you take the time to watch this tutorial, as it will provide you with an in-depth look at your device and help to ensure that you are making the most of your newly purchased device.

If you have any question, please use the comments section below and we’ll try to help you.  If we don’t know the answer, we’ll research it and get back to you.

Happy reading!

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