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Sticking with one specific type of reading material can be quite comforting and safe, indeed, but there are instances when at least one ebook-worm gets fed up with the monotonous habit and wants to explore other horizons or, like they say, greener pastures. Well, that adventurous spirit of sorts is in for a treat courtesy of your Kindle Daily Deal, which features only the best free ebooks that will suit your particular tastes. Yes, you ‘herd’, er read, it right: free and tastes! It’s about time you went out of your comfort zone and had a bite or two of other literary categories in Kindle-land for free! Lose all your inhibitions and stray into uncharted territories with 10 of Kindle’s free chart-toppers:

Best Free eBook Variety

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1. Deathwatch (Broslin Creek1) by Dana Marton

Kate Bridges and Murphy Dolan are two strangers who has no trust left to give but would have to work things out. Murphy a war shocked Army reserve finds Kate in his home who is in hiding for being the only individual who could pinpoint an infamous hit man.

2. Deadly Shadows (Kinncaid Brothers) by Jaycee Clark

Murder that stalks women threatens a small and welcoming Colorado town. As single and childless writer, Jesslyn Black lives a life of content trying to bury the pain of losing loved ones until a murder starts alarming her once again.

3. Moonrise by Anne Stuart

Annie Sutherland is in a world of danger as she finds out that her life was built on lies. Now confused if her protégé, James McKinley, is to be trusted or not. Both are thrown in a wild chase that leads Annie in a debate as to whether consider James an intimate partner or a ruthless assassin.

4. Entanglement : An International Spy Thriller by Corbin Coltrane

Espionage, science, technology, human trafficking and global domination are only some of what Dr. Shane Somers and Magnus Gunnarsson are entangled with. They have to work together to keep safe a new found technology and fight against the top Chinese secret agent hired by a a ruthless Chinese businessman who pursues what they have in hand.

5. ABSOLUTION (A Frank Renzi Novel) (Jul 2013, Repeat) by Susan A Fleet

A serial killer is on the loose and young women trust him too much to let him in their homes. Frank Renzi, a New Orleans Detective, believes the serial killer to be a priest and encourages a teenager to be his bait in order to capture the monster. Now will women trust the cop or the priest?

6. 6. A DEAD RED HEART (#2 in The Dead Red Mystery series) by RP Dahlke


If you are in for a mystery with a twist of romance then you are up for a wild ride with this ebook. Lalla Bains, known to be an irksome, aggressive, stubborn woman searches for justice for a homeless vet who is stabbed and has died right in front of her. While on the side she takes care of her own personally issues including competitors, a lady’s man father and a woman who might just take her love away.

7. Mountain Man by Keith C. Blackmore


If you are so into the whole zombie craze then this ebook may be just for you. Many who have read this would consider this one of the best zombie ebooks ever. With a lead character who is simple considered a happy-go-lucky with just drinking and doing what he wishing as his agenda, things change as he needs to survive the zombie land he is living in.

8. 8. Energy – The Awakening (The Energy Chronicles: Book I) by MJ Schutte


Two young lovers struggle to live with their special talents to save themselves from life threatening circumstances. This epic-fantasy ebook will keep you at the edge of your seat and wanting more.

 9. Migrators by Ike Hamill

Alan and Liz moved to the home of Liz’s grandfather in the country in order to live a simple yet better life and to be able to save the home of her grandfather. But this migration has opened the door to secrets that could endanger their family.

10.Bypass Gemini (Oct 2013 Repeat) by Joseph Lallo

In a futuristic setting, mobsters, a megacorp and a mad scientist are all drawn into the life of Lex. From being a potentially great race pilot to a freelance delivery guy, he now has to figure out what these people’s plans are and how he could stop them all.

As anyone can readily deduce from the list, Kindle Daily Deal makes ebook-reading cover a wide spectrum of experiences from sorrow to delight, fear to laughter, excitement to disdain, anxiousness to calmness… almost everything! It’s pretty much like facing life on a day-to-day basis, but within the confines of your stylish accessory-gadget, keeping boredom at bay. What’s most-amazing about it is that you get to choose which particular situation you put yourself into, maneuvering your life in the direction you prefer rather than getting forcibly-swept away by natural forces. Yes, you can now explore every nook and cranny of Kindle-land with the rest of your pals as herded ebook-worms! How strangely-cool is that! Stray on and stray well, geeks!

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