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If you have a Fire HD 10 tablet or you recently bought one, you should not fail to get a great cover that will protect your tablet without compromising on looks. Currently, the market is flooded with covers making it difficult to pick the best Fire HD 10 Cover. However, this article will expose you to only the best covers and why they make it to the list after a rigorous selection based on features and not popularity.

Below, check out the best tablets and most important factors to consider before you spend on a cover.

Best Fire HD 10 Cases and Covers

How is this 2017/2019 model different from the Previous one?


Fire HD 10 2017 different from 2015 model

These cases are designed Specially for and will only fit the HD 10 (2017 model); that’s because, on the new model, the microphones port is in a different location. With other covers that port will be covered, but with the new cases there is a cutout right where it should be. Also notice it’s 0.1″ thicker in the latest model.

One can use a Case for 2017 and 2019 model at the same time:

Top Rated Fire 10 (2019 & 2017 model) Cases and Covers

1. All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Case (9th Generation, 2019 Release)

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This case is specially designed for the new Fire HD 10 (2019) which means it fits like a glove, keeping your tablet secure at all times. The ultra-slim design gives it a lightweight feel in your hands and the ability to configure it into a stand is ideal for streaming videos or using Alexa to her full potential.

2. MoKo Case for Fire HD 10 – Slim Folding Stand Cover with Auto Wake/Sleep

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As the name suggests this case is only compatible with the 9th generation (2019 release). A slim design and hands-free view on both landscape and portrait positions make this a must have tablet cover. On top of that the blue color is appealing and can be used by any person in any place or event.

The Premium PU leather cover and microfiber interior enhance screen protection and make it easy to keep your tablet clean.

3. LTROP Portable Shock Proof Fire HD 10 Tablet Case for Kids (Best Fire 10 Cover for Kids)

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This is the ultimate kid’s case, featuring a handle for them to carry their tablet around with ease and material made to take any hit. Made with impact-resistant polycarbonate along with double-enforced silicone corners, and an inner-sleeve of shock absorbing silicone, this case can stand up to any hit or drop.

The handle can convert into a stand, so kids can watch their favorite video anywhere and it comes in a variety of colors- so you can get one in their favorite color!

4. MoKo Case for All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (Heavy Duty)

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Those who travel, or have small kids, will love this case, which has a unique dual-layer build to give added protection. Crafted from a polycarbonate hard shell and bendable PU leather, it can withstand bumps and even some drops easily, keeping your tablet in one piece. There’s a built-in screen protector to repel dust and scratches as well as a kickstand for convenient viewing.

5. Fintie Keyboard Case for All-New 2017 Fire HD 10 with Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

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This Fire keyboard case is designed to fit the the 7th generation Fire HD 10 tablet. The case is integrated with a very user-friendly full-size (real laptop styple) keyboard which a must-have with your new Fire tablet Stands are made in a way that there are distinct angles that allow you the comfort that you desire. The case has a magnetic fastener that keeps the device safe.

6. MoKo Silicone Back Cover for All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (2019) Honey Comb Series and Kids Friendly

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If you’re looking for a cover for a kid or even a clumsy teen who travels to and from school, this case is a solid investment. The silicone material is impact resistant, which means it can withstand a bit of a beating without the unit becoming damaged. It’s also lightweight and textured, so little hands can hold it with ease- no slipping from their fingers!

7. Infiland All-New Fire HD 10 2019 Case – Premium Folio Smart Stand Cover

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Available in several colors, this case has a luxurious feel and does an excellent job of keeping your tablet safe and scratch-free.

There is a holder for your stylus, a convertible stand feature to view hands-free so users can comfortably hold it with one hand; ideal for those who travel or have a young baby they need to hold.

8. TiMOVO Case for All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (9th Generation, 2019 Release), Lightweight Slim Tri-fold Stand Cover

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For a fancy look women will rave about this stand case is a smart buy. It has an interesting, stylish design across the front, making it look more like a small clutch than a case.

Even better, there are no bezels on the screen, so users can swipe without restriction. Smooth and sleek there is a flip stand for hands-free viewing and the case wipes clean inside and out.

9. Tri-fold Stand Case for All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

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This case is great for many reasons, it’s simple and handy to carry your new Fire tablet-computer.

As for the case itself, it can be adjusted to view at multiple angle, comes in a variety of colors and has a magnetic strip to auto-wake or sleep your tablet, so it stays protected and the battery won’t drain.

10. IVSO All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 2017 Case With Keyboard (7th Generation – 2017 Release)

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If you want a case that will turn heads- yours and everyone who sees it- then this is the case for you. The chic red PU leather gives it a striking appearance while simultaneously keeping it secure and free of dirt. In addition, there is a built-in, standard-size keyboard, turning your tablet into a laptop and allowing you to type up a report or anything else wherever you are.

Top Rated Fire 10 (2015 – 5th Gen) Cases and Covers

Fintie SmartShell Case for Fire HD 10

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This is another case designed for the Fire HD 10 device specifically. This case is slim with an inbuilt stand that works very well in both landscape and portrait orientations. The leather case also saves battery power in significant amount since your tablet goes to sleep mode once you stop using it.

Remember, the cover case is very good at protecting the tablet’s screen and interior.

Fintie Shock Proof Case for Fire HD 10

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If you are looking for a protective case for your kids, this is what you want. This Fintie case is made from thick EVA foam meaning it is really durable and easy to clean. Another great thing about this case is the standup feature. Watching and typing is easy at this angle (as easy as opening and closing the cover).

Again, the case has an easy handle for carrying around and handling.

Incipio Clarion Folio Fire HD 10 Case

Incipio Clarion Folio Fire HD 10 Cover
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Do not underestimate this case for being wallet-friendly. The case is translucent and made of material that is good for screen protection since the material is great in impact resistance. Again, the shock-absorbing frame improves protection for both the screen and interior of the tablet.

Why get a Fire HD 10 cover?

  • Tablet covers are a great way to protect your tablet from liquid spills, dust, scratches, sunlight and other objects. A well-protected Fire HD 10 will surely look new for days to come.
  • A great tablet cover defines you since you are mostly together with your tablet. In the 21st century, a tablet cover is a fashion statement period. You can stick to your taste or even get your device the trendiest of covers.
  • Covers are easy to put on your tablet and easy to remove, too. Since there is no skill required, the process is easy and will not introduce another cost once you buy the cover.
  • You can get as many covers. Remember, the covers are easy to put on and remove for different occasions.
  • Fire HD covers come in a variety of colors and designs. There is certainly something for everybody.

Factors to Consider in order to get the Best Cover

1. Price

The tablet covers come in a very wide range of prices thus you cannot lack one or couple that fit in your budget. You can go for one expensive and durable cover or several cheaper ones that have different styles. The best covers are available from $30 to $100.

2. Features

This is a very important factor. Based on your interests and desires, go for a case that makes your life easier. If you are fond of typing, then get a cover that has a keyboard. If you like using your tablet hands-free, the case should offer a stand in landscape and portrait orientations.

3. Material

Material is a consideration because of protection levels as well as weight. Try and get the lightweight case. Again, make sure you get a case made of material that is easy to clean otherwise you will have to replace it sooner.

4. Color and Pattern

When it comes to the looks department, get a cover that is appealing to the eye and one that suits your fashion or lifestyle. Just don’t go to the office with a colorful tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions About tablet Covers

Q: Why do I need a case for my tablet?

The most important reason you need a case for your tablet is protection against dirt and scratches. If your device already has a number of scratches, then a cover will be a great face-lift. Another reason to buy a case is additional features like stands and keyboards. A stand will allow you to use your device without hold it while a keyboard gives you a better typing environment.

Q: What case is best for my Fire HD 10?

That answer is looks and your lifestyle. Make sure you get a cover that looks great or you may fail to use it for even a day. The best case for your Fire should allow you to go on with your normal lifestyle without worrying about your device. That is, if you travel a lot- get a light weight case. For those who work in harsh conditions get a cover that is very good in shock-absorption.

Q: How do I know the case will fit my tablet perfectly?

This is a very important question. Most of the covers suggest tablets that they fit. It is important to have such information so to avoid getting a case that will cover your tablet’s headphone jack or connection ports. Be sure to check out if you tablet is 8″ inch Fire 8 or 7″ inch Fire Tablet.

Also, a little research and an idea about your tablet exterior can be handy once you go shopping.

What Customers are Saying (Reviews)

A user with experience with the various available covers is the best constant. A couple of reviews on the aforementioned case exist online on various websites. Nevertheless, all of the best 5 cases in this post have been given praises and a few drawbacks exposed. Luckily, some drawbacks are based on different lifestyles of various individuals. Importantly, take advantage of a Fire cover discount in case you come across one that suits your needs.


The above-mentioned information should help you get the exact case or cases that you want. The best Fire HD 10 cover is a combination of great features and important considerations based in an individual. So, what are you waiting for?! Go and buy a case for your tablet now!

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