Get Protected with One of the Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Covers/Cases!

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Is your new glass Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 protected from accidents yet?  If not, it should be!  This is the first Galaxy Tab to have a glass back, making it easy to accidentally crack your tablet. It’s bad enough to worry about the front of your tablet but now you have to worry about the back of it too! 

Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Covers

But have no fear, this is your guide to the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 covers/cases, which means accidents will soon be a thing of the past.

What is a Tablet Cover/Case?

A tablet cover is meant to protect just the tablet, while a case is meant to protect both the keyboard and the tablet. Some cases even close, giving the screen protection when it’s not in use.

As you can see, the definitions for both are quite similar, which is why you’ll find that the two words are commonly interchanged.

Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Covers/Cases (2017)

  1. Samsung Electronics Cover

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The Samsung Electronics cover comes in black only, with a stylish book cover design made of durable and sturdy vinyl. The cover allows for three different viewing angles, so it doesn’t interfere with its function and it’s easy to use. The tablet has locking buttons on the back that snap on to the cover, to keep it secure.  Once secured, the cover will remain in place without any slippage and the thickness and quality of the cover make it feel well protected. It is recommended to put the tablet face down on a flat soft surface when snapping the cover on; this eliminates the risk of accidentally cracking it.

  1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO Series

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This sporty looking cover is built with a rugged full-body hybrid polycarbonate combined with flexible TPU that has a snap-on design and will take drops and bumps. This case is similar to the Otter Box except that the back is grooved, which keeps it from sliding out of your hand better than a smooth back.

One unique feature of the SUPCASE is that in the front cover there is a built-in screen protector. This cover makes sure that all features of the tablet are accessible. It comes in three different color designs—black, blue and black, or white and gray.

  1. Ucovers Slim Stylish Pattern Case

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This Ucovers cover/case is capable of turning into a viewing stand and keyboard stand by just snapping the tablet into the cover. It has PU leather exterior and a microfiber interior that is soft and scratch resistant that adds a layer of protection.

This Galaxy Tab S3 keyboard case comes in a variety of bright colors and patterns, such as oil painting fashion designs, cartoon characters, and beautiful floral designs. These options let you feel stylish as you protect your new Galaxy Tab S3 from scratches, fingerprints, and breakage.

  1. YOUMAKER Full-body Heavy Duty S3 Case

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This heavy-duty cover has a simple pop-out kickstand and a built-in screen protector. The structure contains a dual-layer of shock-absorbing TPU,  with a hard polycarbonate that is durable and meant to last. Both the front and back has a raised lip to protect against scratches and the front lip will protect the face of the tablet if it’s dropped face down.

The Youmaker case gives you a choice of three pastel colors: rose with gray, gold with gray, blue and black or all black. Plus, the kickstand offers two viewing angles to watch streaming video or movies. Finally, the cutouts are precise for accessing the buttons, camera, speakers, and ports.

  1. Logitech Type-S Keyboard Case

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The Logitech Type-S  is an all-in-one case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard that keeps your S3 safe at all times. The keyboard has well-spaced keys so your fingers are not cramped and typing is easy and fast. It also boasts a rechargeable battery that can last up to six months between charges.

Lightweight and thin, it is engineered to be strong as well as water-repellent, keeping the S3 safe from accidental spills and bumps. The case is stable when using tapping motions and won’t tip over and it has a USB cable for recharging. Available only in black.

  1. Fintie Blade X1 Keyboard Case Cover

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The Fintie Blade X1 case is designed for your comfort and convenience. comes with a Bluetooth keyboard that is slim, lightweight, and magnetically attachable. And to help you type with fewer errors it has a mechanism under each key that ensures an accurate and quick response to every stroke.

This case can be adjusted to any angle you prefer and is designed with magnets built-in to support auto sleep/wake feature that works only if the case is attached. The Fintie case comes in several colors, such as blue, green, red, purple, rose gold, turquoise, magenta, and also in unique design patterns.  It also includes a USB cable for recharging.

  1. ProCase S3 Cover

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The ProCase is made of quality smooth composition leather on the exterior, with a soft interior that is made to stand up to years of wear and tear.  The inside of the cover has raised leather strips that the S3 sit at three different screen angles and it has a magnetic clasp for closing it.

The ProCase has a unique feature:  a built-in pen, or stylus holder, along with a stylus. It comes in various colors, such as brown, black, navy blue, red, and in some interesting patterns. Patterns include two different Astec patterns, circles, plaid and one with all kinds of state license plates.

  1. Fintie Smart Shell Case

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The Fintie Smart Shell Case is an ultra slim and lightweight stand cover that has an automatic sleep/wake feature for the tablet and a magnetic closure. The front cover is made of premium quality PU leather and the interior is soft scratch-free microfiber for added protection.

This Smart Shell case/cover can transform into a viewing stand and a keyboard stand. It comes in a large variety of different bright and fun colors from black to white and patterns similar to the Fintie Blade X1 above plus more, such as the American flag.

  1. SPARIN Smart Case

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With the SPARIN Smart Case, you are adding just a slight bit of bulk to your tablet to ensure it is safeguarded. Made of high-quality PU leather that is flexible and tough, it has a built-in magnet that enables the automatic sleep/wake-up function. Plus the cover stays closed to protect your tablet screen with the magnet.

This case has a stylus or pen holder on the side but doesn’t come with a stylus. It comes in a two-tone black and brown that is stylish and yet business looking. It has a leather flap on the back for angling the tablet into the position you want it to watch the screen.

Best Reasons to Buy a Tablet Cover/Case

What are the top two reasons to buy one of the Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Covers/Cases? Well, I’ll tell you:

  • The foremost reason for buying a cover or case is to protect your device from damage if it gets dropped, bumped against, or dirt and water spills on it.
  • The second reason is to be able to hold onto it better, especially since the new Tab S3 tablet is made of glass on the back and can be quite slippery.

Why Do You Need A Case?

It is important that you have a cover and case that fits this model perfectly. A tablet like the new Samsung Galaxy S3, with a glass back, definitely needs a strong cover that fits as snug as the cover for your cell phone. Glass backing can not only shatter, it will also easily get fingerprint smudges. Having a cover will keep it clean as well as protecting it from damage.


A nice feature of the Galaxy Tab S3 is that you can buy the optional keyboard, which is sold separately. However, if you buy the keyboard with the tablet, the case that the keyboard sits in and the flap that covers the back of the tablet is thin, offering flimsy protective. Which is why this guide to the best covers/cases will be of great assistance to you.  If you have already bought an S3 or are getting ready to buy one, our choices will prevent it from any mishaps.

The best way to keep your Tab S3 safe from damage is to get a more protective book-type case. Check out those listed below to find one that will sufficiently protect either the tablet alone or with the keyboard. Also, the Tab S3 tablet has the same design and size ((9.7 inches) as the Tab S2, so all the covers and cases listed below for the S2 will fit the new S3.

What to Consider When Buying a Tablet Cover/Case

Your tablet’s cover or case should have features and benefits to protect it, but where do you go from there? Here are a few things to consider:

Extras:  Are the additional features that are sometimes available important enough to make you buy a particular cover/case?  Consider how much you would use additional features such as a stylus and stylus holder.

Style: Are you particular about the color or pattern? If you’re a woman like me, having a pretty pattern such as butterflies may be important. If you are going to use the tablet for work, you may want something more professional.

Design: Is sturdiness more important than color or pattern? Most of us would choose high-quality material over the cheaper looking kind that may fray on the edges.

Budget: How much do you want to spend on a cover/case? You will need to only consider those in your price range. Also, it would help to look for a Galaxy Tab S3 cover discount.

Common FAQs

Question: Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 cover/case fit the Galaxy Tab S3?

Answer:  Yes, according to Samsung the new model is the same 9.7 inches and has all the access points in the same areas.

Question: Does this case also fit the Galaxy Tab S2 sm-t813?

Answer:  Yes, since the Galaxy Tab S2 cover/case fits it fine, the S3 should also fit fine.

Question: How does the auto sleep/wake feature work?

Answer:  As long as it’s powered on when you close it, it will go into sleep mode and when you open the case, it wakes up and is ready to go.

Customer Review Summary

The Worst: The #3 item for the Ucovers case listed above had the lowest star rating at 3.8 out of 5 stars. Most complained about the case not fitting well and the openings not lining up. Even though it came in pretty designs, the functionality of the case was not good and the stylus was cheaply made.

The In Between: There were four (#2, 4, 8, & 9) that tied for getting a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is above average. The remainder received less than 4.5 stars.

The Best: The #7 for the ProCase had the highest star rating at 4.8 out of 5 stars. Most were satisfied with the ProCase case/cover due to the high-quality well-constructed leather and its good functionality. The free stylus holder and a well-made stylus added to their satisfaction.


Hopefully this Guide to the Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Cases will help you choose a cover/case for your new Galaxy Tab S3. choose a cover that you feel confident in and one that is proven to last. Your case, like your tablet, is an investment meant to last, so take your time and choose wisely.

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