An Amazing Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Review: Your Kindle Fire Tablet Could be very Educational

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Amazon is constantly inventing new ways to be the definitive word in entertainment, and it’s getting easier and easier for parents to find educational entertainment for their children without breaking the bank.  It’s not just for the children though…it’s also getting easier for adults to gain access to huge quantities of entertainment at a fraction of what it once would have cost them.  Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is one of the newest most cost-effective services available today. With a single purchase, users can instantly gain access to thousands of titles.

Features and Benefits of FreeTime

Amazon Freetime Unlimited with all free books and games

  • Entertainment: Keep children entertained indefinitely with what’s available on FreeTime Unlimited, meaning parents get a little down time of their own.
  • Education: FreeTime is filled with educational games and apps designed especially with today’s tech-savvy tots in mind.
    Ebook publishing has truly taken off, and parents can get educational ebooks that they may never have even heard of for their children. Foster a love of reading in your child by making sure that they have access to as many different kinds of books as possible.
  • Convenience: Parents from earlier generations had to spend hours ordering and shopping for what is now available at the click of a mouse. Child-friendly content is available from the comfort of your own couch.
  • Bargains: With the purchase of a Fire HD Kids Edition tablet, parents will receive a free one-year FreeTime Subscription.


The benefits of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited are extensive. Parents will quickly wonder how they ever get along without it before. Enjoy hours and hours of quality entertainment with your children, as well as educational apps and materials, enriching their intellectual development.  There are literally entire libraries full of children’s books from the Unlimited Program, and you won’t need to find additional shelf space in your house.

After the free subscription expires, the cost is a very reasonable $4.99/month, less than the cost of a video game or app.  With books, educational programs, apps, games and many more features, the cost of the program pays for itself over and over in the educational and entertainment benefits that it provides.

Children tend to outgrow their favorite shows, games, and books relatively quickly and it is easy to spend a lot of money on purchasing children’s entertainment that will be outgrown and gathering dust in just a few short months or years.  Amazon FreeTime Unlimited allows parents to provide their children with all the entertainment that they could want at this stage of their lives without making major long-term purchases in the process.


Sometimes, having an abundance of choice can have consequences. Parents may be concerned that their children are spending too much time on the games, programs, and books available on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, even if these items are educational and high-quality. They may be worried that the materials will distract children from their schoolwork or free time outdoors.

Generations of parents have tried to manage the amount of time that children spend indoors, and the Amazon FreeTime Program may make the process even harder for them. Parents may also worry more about controlling their children’s media habits. FreeTime Unlimited can present both new challenges and opportunities for parents, however parents can set time limits for their children on the Amazon FreeTime Program, specific to the needs of their own children.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited vs. Individual Purchases

It is important to emphasize how truly cost-effective Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is for parents. Parents will have the popular children’s show Caillou available on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. Purchasing even one collection of Caillou episodes on DVD will cost approximately $20. Trying to buy all of them could quickly become a significant expense. Going through the effort of searching for them online can be frustrating enough, but actually making all of those purchases can set families back financially.

A Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet can offer parents access to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for a full year. The Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet retails for $149. Purchasing all of the episodes to one children’s show can far exceed that cost.  For the price of this tablet, they would get a year’s worth of access to thousands of children’s shows, along with a seemingly unlimited listing of books, apps, movies, and games.

Amazon FreeTime Reception

Parents have been generally enthusiastic on the subject on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. Some parents have had a problem blocking the content that they did not want their children to see, but other parents didn’t seem to be experiencing the same problems. Parents were generally thrilled to have access to so much entertainment for their children, and have been pleased with the selection available on the Amazon FreeTime Program.

FAQ Information

Q: How much would it be for Prime Members?

Potential customers should know that Amazon Prime members will only pay $2.99/month vs. $4.99 for those without Prime.  Up to four children may be on the subscription at a reduced rate of $6.99/month, while the cost without Prime for those same four children would be $9.99/month.


Q: Can I limit my kids screen time or encourage more?

They can set reading goals for their children within the program, thus encouraging their children to read more.

Q: Is there any Trial period?

There is a one-month free trial period that can allow parents to get the feel of the program, before they decide to join.


Parents and children will both love the FreeTime Program. They will get even more entertainment than they ever thought that they could want at an unbelievably reasonable price.  We encourage you to try the service for yourself, as even the most detailed Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Review can’t possibly tell you all that you need to know.

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