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Kindle Gift Ideas for Husband on Valentine's DayWith Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you might feel pressured to find a great kindle gift idea for your husband but you’d like to eschew traditional gift ideas in favor of something give him years of pleasure. Why not go the unconventional route and surprise him with a Kindle e-reader? E-readers have never been more popular than they are right now and with most Kindle models doubling as fully functioning tablet; they make the perfect gift.

The Kindle e-readers from online retailer- Amazon are a cut above traditional e-readers – they simply steal the show! With several models to choose from, selecting the right one for your husband can be a daunting task. Here’s a list of Kindle gift ideas for your husband, along with their basic features and a few ways you can make it a truly spectacular, romantic gift.

The Kindle Paperwhite Wifi E-reader

First up is the Kindle Paperwhite. This model is pretty basic but it’s perfect for the voracious reader. Its 6”, high resolution screen with its patented built-in lighting system allows for reading in bright sunlight as well as cozy evenings together in a dimly lit room. The Paperwhite is compact, lightweight, and its free built-in connectivity to 3G networks allows him to access Wikipedia or the Amazon Kindle store from anywhere. It’s great to bring along on a relaxing getaway for two or just a lazy day at the beach.

This Kindle is Wi-Fi enabled for connectivity at home or on the road and comes equipped with a battery that can last up to eight weeks on one charge. Inside the reader, there are many customizable options such as fully adjustable fonts, an “X-ray” feature which allows him to easily explore and dissect a book by specific keywords or phrases and the reading background is adjustable as well. With its 2 GB on-device storage, he can bring along as many books as he’d like. It’s a perfect gift for the avid reader.

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Next, we have the Kindle Fire HD 10. Got a media hound for a husband? The Kindle Fire is perfect because of its versatile, high-resolution screen which makes snuggling and watching movies together a pleasure. This e-reader is also a fully functioning, Android-based tablet, which allows him to add apps, music, videos, and photos. The lists of apps available on Amazon’s app store are endless.

Your husband can find gaming apps like Angry Birds, productivity apps like Cozy Calendar as well as most social media. Another great feature of the Kindle Fire HD is the forward-facing camera for video chat. Even when you are miles apart, you can enjoy time with each other, making it seem as though he’s right there with you. This Kindle model is so versatile; it’s perfect for everyone.

The Fire HD 8″ Display Tablet with Alexa is the Best to Show your Love

Last but certainly not least, we have the Kindle HD 8. The Fire HD can do everything the Fire can do and so much more! Are you in love with a gamer? With its powerful 2.2 GHz, quad core processor, he will enjoy seamless game play while the screen’s exceptional pixel density will seem to transport him into the game, letting him wind down after a tough day.

With its great portability and productivity apps like built-in Office Suite, email and Gmail calendar support, you can keep him on the couch snuggled close to you, instead of chained to his PC. When he’s done, cozy up for a movie, this Kindle has it all.

Show your care by Protecting Your Investment and Gift

Once you’ve chosen the right Kindle for your husband, you’ll want to protest this investment by purchasing a stylish case. Choose one in his favorite color and texture for an added sentimental touch.

He’ll know you had him in mind and that pleasing him with this gift was your top priority.

Making it Special and surprise

Giving a Kindle as a Valentine’s Day gift for your husband may not be your conventional, romantic Valentine’s Day gift but there are a few special touches you can add to make it so.

Add pictures and video of the two of you to the gallery but shhh, don’t tell. Let him find them as he explores his new device, you both can spend a little time reliving treasured memories.

Download some of his favorite games from the Amazon app store. This will show him you pay attention to the things he enjoys.

While on the subject of apps-download a few travel apps so you can plan a romantic trip for two of you together.
Download his favorite books so he doesn’t have to go searching for them. Its thoughtful touches like this that make Valentine’s Day a day we look forward to.

With Kindle’s easy set up, you can add those little touches to make his gift even more special. He will love that you took the time to customize his new Kindle with him in mind. It will be ready to use, right from the box. That’s the best Kindle Gift Ideas for your Hubby on Valentine’s.

Make his Valentine’s Day special with the gift of productivity, organization and entertainment with your personal touch-all from one easily portable, convenient device and with our Kindle Valentine Discount, it’s never been more affordable! He’ll love you for it!

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