Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire HD Review; Play It Again

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Have you been dreaming of owning a new Kindle Fire tablet but aren’t quite sold on the price tag? There’s no doubt that Amazon’s e-Reader/tablet is a great buy and worth every penny but sometimes the things we want are just not in our budgets, fortunately Amazon may have a solution in its Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire HD Tablet.

This is the first generation Kindle HD with an amped up makeover to include most of the current generation Kindle’s best features.

What Certified Refurbished Means

A “certified refurbished” Kindle Fire is one that has been previously owned but has been refurbished, tested and certified to run like new.

Amazon puts its previously owned Kindles through full diagnostic testing and replaces any defective parts as well as repackaging it in a new box after being cleaned and having a full software update.

Every certified refurbished Kindle Amazon sells ships with a power adaptor or a USB cable and a one year warranty unless otherwise stated in the product description.

You can buy a certified refurbished Kindle Fire HD with confidence and a reduced price tag making it one of the best and cheapest tablets on the market today.

What’s New?

If you’re already familiar with the first generation Kindle Fire HD, you’re in for a treat. If you aren’t … read on to see just what you get buying certified refurbished:

New UI

UI stands for user interface and a certified refurbished Kindle Fire tablet is updated with the newer user interface which makes looking through your previously purchased content and even suggests content you might be interested in by comparing your previous buys.

It’s smooth and vibrant home screen keeps your most used apps in the foreground and allows you to pin your favorite apps for easy locating.

Your new certified refurbished Fire HD will be forty percent faster thanks to its new 1.2 GHz processor with twice the memory and, a longer battery life than the previous Fire first generation models.

Front-facing HD Camera

The HD camera is a must-have for any tablet in my opinion. The latest Fire HD (2nd gen) is missing it. It’s so much fun for kids to take self-portrait pics or have video calls with family members on Skype.

Ultra-fast Silk Browser

With your purchase you’ll get Amazon’s faster web browser, Amazon Silk. It’s had a makeover of sorts as well and, is now faster and smoother over its built in Wi-Fi than the previous generation model.

It interacts seamlessly with Google mail and calendar apps as well as Yahoo! and other email carriers.

World-class Android Apps

Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire HD TabletYour refurbished Kindle Fire comes with a list of the most popular apps already installed, titles such as:

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Twitter
  • Pandora

You’ll also have access to Amazon’s App Store which carries thousands of titles from games to productivity apps. There’s something for everyone on Amazon’s App Store and all of your purchased content is always securely stored on Amazon’s Cloud Server so you will always have access to your content wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Kindle Freetime

This is a really exciting feature for families. Kindle Freetime allows you to make different user profiles for your children. These profiles include limited access to media you choose and a screen timer for different activities as well as limiting their access to the internet. These days, you never know what content a simple Google search will pull up so any way you can limit their exposure is a benefit.

You can limit their movie and game playing time or increase their reading time using a different sliding bar to adjust the time on each one. Once the timer counts down, they can no longer access the chosen feature until you unlock it.

Kindle Freetime Unlimited

Amazon now offers unlimited access to kid friendly games, books, apps and movies for a small monthly fee. This is perfect for children because their tastes change so quickly; it makes it a more economical choice when exploring media for children.

These titles are all kid friendly so there’s no worry that your children will see something inappropriate because you weren’t able to grab the device quick enough.


Amazon’s newest feature called X-Ray is really something special. X-Ray allows you to dissect a book you’re reading and take it down to the bare bones. You can instantly find locations in the book based on a search of characters, ideas and more. Total immersion is achieved by having background information from Wikipedia and Shelfari available at your fingertips.

X-Ray also works for movies and television programming you stream on your device. By tapping on any scene, Amazon utilizes IMDb to clue you in on which actor is playing your favorite character and, if you like, instantly jumps to other movies they appear in.

Other Features

Of course you will still have access to all that Amazon has to offer … from its massive book and periodicals selections to its thousands of games and apps.

If you take advantage of Amazon Prime, you have access to thousands of movies and television shows you can stream right to your device for a low monthly fee. This monthly fee also includes access to Prime’s lending library and free shipping on orders purchased on Amazon’s website.

Buying a certified refurbished Kindle Fire just makes sense. You get all of the great new features of the Kindle Fire series without the new price tag and you get a well-made device designed to stand the test of time. Take advantage of our refurbished Kindle Fire discounts and order one today!

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