The Trendy Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-Inch Tablet Review

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S wit a 10.5″ inch display is an amazing gadget with incredible features. The gadget has been updated with the latest technological advances that makes its users enjoy the experience of using it. Looking at a glance some of the features it has include a super AMOLED 10.5″ display that displays bright and vivid graphics. The multi-window feature enables two apps to be used at the same time. The front and rear camera have made video chatting and photo taking an enjoyable experience. The high level of security has been enhanced by the fingerprint scanner is an incredible feature.It is lightweight and the slim-design offers portability.

Among the several advantages the tablet has, the following are the key advantages:

Intensive entertainment

The super AMOLED display is a guarantee for vivid graphics. It enables you to enjoy quality graphics and text while you play games, watch movies, or reading books on the 10-inch wide screen. The screen offer a resolution twice that of an HDTV hence producing clear image and an extra-crisp contrast.

The multi-window features offers you a chance of executing more than one task at the same time. It allows you to conveniently use two apps either side-by-side or be able to drag content to another window. This makes tasks such as listening to music as you browse the lyrics, typing emails as you reference other texts, or do comparison of contents on two websites comfortably easy.

The built-in cameras with a 8 megapixels rear camera and a front camera with a 2.1 megapixels enables you to take high quality photos and enjoy video chatting with your friends and family.

Portability and expandable memory

The tablet has a lightweight size that is easy to carry. The tablet is Samsung’s lightest and thinnest tablet yet. It weighs only 1 pound and measures 0.26 inches thin which allows you to carry and hold as you enjoy your games or movies.

The tablet has an on board memory of up to 16 GB and includes a slot for a microSD card that allows addition of up to 128GB of memory. This makes it easier in storing large files such as videos, songs, photos, and games.

Galaxy Tab S Innovative technology

The fingerprint scanner for security enables you to secure your content and tablet by a swipe of a finger. The fingerprint scanner, functions by capturing and storing your fingerprint for easy unlocking and preventing unwanted access. It the tablet is shared, it will unlock the multi-user profile automatically.

The ability to share the tablet with your family members and friends offers addition of up to eight profiles yours included. This enables each user to log in differently and access their own apps, emails, and backgrounds. There is a kid’s interface which can be customized with kid’s apps and time limit.

The ultra power saving mode technology transforms your screen to black and white and closes nonessential apps so as to prolong the battery life and use it when you need it most.

Tab S Extra features

With the SideSync feature, you can be able to text, make and receive calls, and view your tablet controls easily. Hancom office allows you to edit, and save your documents effortlessly. MilkMusic also offers you the chance to listen to Ad-free radio.

Tablet Comparisons

When compared with Apple’s iPad Air, the Samsung tablet beat iPad Air by mere pixels range on the screen resolution.However, the elegant apple iPad Air design was much better when compared to the Samsung’s tablet. On the battery life, Samsung had worked hard to beat Apples 10 hours with a 11 hours battery. With the in-built cameras, the Samsung tablet has more to deliver than Apple’s iPad.

Another comparison is with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10″. For the design and display, the Tab S beats Tab 4. The screen is of course slightly wider than Tab 4, and Tab 4 is much heavier than Tab S. Tab S is also equipped with a high processor and cameras with higher megapixels than that of Tab 4. Tab S outsmarts Tab 4 in every way.

Questions and Answers – Do you have any Questions for this S Tablet?

Q. What? When was this released? I knew Pro was the latest Samsung gadget and now the Pro line is “old Version”.

A. Try to keep up with technology.Stay informed of latest smartphones/tablets by visiting various informative site.

Q. Does it use a 3G, 4G or just wifi?

A. Wi-Fi

Q. Where can i find the 32GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ Tablet?

A. It is exclusive, which does not make sense. The price for it is $550, not bad considering its features.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch Tabletis a trendy gadget to own. With all the cool features it has, it will totally introduce a new experience in the way of doing things. For those people who like the best things in the market, this should be one of them.

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