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A Fire HD 8 (5 Gen 2015 Model) Review on the Fundamentals of this Exciting New Device

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The Fire HD 8 is truly a device that epitomizes all of the trends that have been influencing the development of tablets. Tablets keep on getting smaller and thinner. Their storage capacity keeps increasing. Their displays are becoming more accurate and stunning all the time. There are more free apps and other types of media available for free for the people who purchase a given tablet. As a Fire HD 8 review will demonstrate, the Fire HD 8 has all of these features and more. This is the tablet that the tablets of the past have all aspired to be, which seems to place it in a category of its own. It has its costs and benefits like all other devices, but it certainly has plenty of benefits.

Fire HD 8 Review

Characteristics of the Fire HD 8

  • Durability: The Fire HD 8 is estimated to be twice as durable as the most recent iPad Air.
  • Storage space: It also has between 8 and 16 GB of internal storage, along with unlimited cloud storage. 3. Content: People will get access to more media and apps than most people will probably even use thanks to this tablet.
  • Style: It’s hard to get more stylish than the Fire HD 8. This is one of the thinnest tablets that people will be able to find.
  • Detailed display: Its display has over a million pixels, allowing people to get beautiful images whenever they use this tablet.
  • High-quality camera: People will be able to take truly fantastic pictures using the 5 MP rear-facing camera.
  • Battery life: The battery life of this tablet is eight hours.
  • Good performance: It’s also a tablet that will respond more quickly than most others at almost any stage in its battery life usage, thanks to the high-performance cores.
  • Affordability: Amazon has created a very affordable tablet with the Fire HD 8 as well, making this one of the best choices for people who want an economical tablet which is going to give them all of the same functions that they have come to expect from devices like this.
Fire HD 8 has a beautiful screen

Fire HD 8 Pros

The Fire HD 8 is affordable. The Fire HD discounts and Fire coupons should only reduce the low price further, making this a great economical tablet. This tablet is very thin, which makes it more stylish, easier to store, and more durable due to its more compact arrangement of electrical components. Few tablets have performed as well as this one in tumble tests.

The battery life for the Fire HD 8 is long, and it uses that power very efficiently. A lot of the activities that people are going to want to perform with their tablets are going to be energy-intensive, and having a tablet that uses energy efficiently and stays fully-powered for long periods of time can make a huge difference.

Customers get plenty of storage space with the Fire HD 8 even before they add a microSD card, which could provide 128 GB of extra storage capacity. Otherwise, people will get up to 16 GB of internal storage. The 1.5 GHz high-performance cores should make all the difference in terms of the processing speed of this device as well, which will make this device that much easier and smoother to use.


The resolution of the screen is good, but it isn’t the best that people are going to get by a wide margin. Similarly, the performance of the device is good, but people will certainly be able to find better devices on the market in that respect. A Fire HD 8 review should indicate that it also isn’t the best when it comes to multi-tasking. However, you can’t beat the price as a 8″ screen tablet. It’s a better device for the people who want to set aside time for certain tasks, rather than the people who want to be able to do everything at once.

There are plenty of options for apps on this device, but it isn’t the best choice for the technology enthusiasts who want the latest of everything. While the Fire HD 8 is stylish in many ways, its form and hardware isn’t especially impressive. It’s also prone to experiencing slowdown in a way that would be uncommon for many other tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Versus Fire HD 8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab manages to stand out from the Fire HD 8 in that it is much better for the people who want to multitask a lot when they use their tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also not as long or narrow as the Fire HD 8. People will also get a much better performance with the Samsung Galaxy Tab than they will with the Fire HD 8, although the performance of both is still good.

Customer Responses to the Fire HD 8

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a fairly new device, but it has still managed to attract plenty of positive consumer feedback. People have praised it for the sheer variety of media that they can get through this device. They have overall found its performance and capabilities satisfying for the value that they managed to get for the device. Most people didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that this is not a device that has sophisticated hardware or the latest apps, since it is not aimed at the people for whom those characteristics are priorities. This is a tablet for the people who want something that is both good and affordable, and they seem to have found it.

FAQ – Frequent Customer Questions

Q: How is the performance of this device?

A: The Fire HD 8 has an above average performance, but it is not top-of-the-line by that measure.

Q: How is the storage capacity of the Fire HD 8, relatively speaking?

A: The Fire HD 8 is almost unparalleled when it comes to its fantastic storage capacity, especially since it also has a microSD slot.

Q: How much content will people get with this device?

A: This is an Amazon tablet, and people will get most of what Amazon itself has to offer. People will get access to millions of books, movies, apps, games, and other types of materials through this portal.


Any Fire HD 8 review should demonstrate that this is a great tablet for its intended audience. It demonstrates a step forward for new tablets in many ways, even if it hasn’t managed to outshine all other devices on the market according to every single metric. People will still get all the media they want in a compact and stylish package that will work well, charge well, and last a long time.

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