Kindle Voyage 2014 Review: The Best eReader All Time

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In the modern world many individuals require an electronic device that they can take around with them and that they can use whilst on the go. The mobile device is capable of many things but the screen is often too small for reading and writing on.

Kindle Voygage is the latest from Amazon and most advanced kindle reader so far. The device was initially named the kindle as it suggested a metaphor for lighting a fire in the mind and sparking creativity. Nowadays many individuals rely on the kindle device to help them with reading and writing, as the device is extremely transportable and can be easily placed within the bag or pocket. In this article we will take a look at the new kindle Paperwhite 3 (Voyage) and will outline its main benefits and features. We shall also take a look at the specifications of the device and will give you a summary of its qualities.

Voyage Benefits

The Amazon Kindle was first released in 2007 and was a basic reading device which was electronic and was far simpler than it is now. The device sold out within a couple of hours and was not restocked until five months later. This initial response showed the popularity of the kindle and gave a hint at what how popular it would become in the future. Now the kindle is one of the most popular ereader in the world and is used on a regular basis for a wide range of different tools. It has also been developed considerably since its first design and now features a far more powerful set of hardware and a much clearer interface.

Voygage Highlighted Features

The first thing that one will noticed about the Kindle Voyage is that it has a very smooth design and feels extremely nice to hold. When it rests in your hand you will instantly want to start using it. The design of the product is extremely simple on the outside and there is only the on switch and a single button which will light up the screen. There is also a USB slot in which to connect it to a computer device.

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  • Brilliantly Crisp Display
  • Effortless Page Turns
  • Light that Adjusts with You
  • Remarkably Thin Design
  • Reads Like a Real Book

The Voyage’s brilliantly crisp display makes it feel as if you are reading a real book. It has the look and feel of real paper. The high-resolution display is 300 ppi and features sharp easy to read dark text that reads even more like the printed page. The best part is the micro-etched glass screen is smartly crafted to eliminate any glare while you’re outside and it feels like paper to the touch.

  • No Touch Page Turns

To turn the page effortlessly you simply apply pressure on the bezel and the PagePress technology provides a silent sense of touch that instantly responds by turning the page for you. In other words, you don’t have to lift a finger to turn the page if your finger is on the bezel.

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  • No Need to Adjust the Reading Panel

The light adjusts with you as you travel through your world. The amazing Kindle Paperwhite 3rd gen can be read in total darkness so you don’t wake your partner by turning on a light, and if you go outside, it reads just as well in the glaring sun. The beauty of this technology is that it makes the Voyage smart enough to sense when you’re outside or inside and it instantly responds by changing the setting to the ideal reading brightness.

  • Thin and Easy to Hold in One Hand

The remarkably thin design measures only 7.6 millimeters and it is almost weightless. It is lighter than most paperbacks and it fits just as comfortably in one hand. This is the perfect weight for long reading sessions in a lazy weekend or a 2 or 3 hour drive.

  • More Storage and Cloud

The device also features 4 GB of storage within its hardware and there is no connector to any external storage which is interesting considering that all its competitors have this feature enabled. However, Amazon is a firm believer in the cloud and the ability to use the cloud in which to store data.

  • Greyscale and e-Ink Technology

After turning the device on the first thing you’ll notice is the 16 different shades of grey which make up the image. This is a nice format to look at and is called greyscale. What you are seeing is effectively 16 shades that are placed between black and white. The next thing you will notice is the screen which replicates paper and is also lit up. This is known as e-paper technology and is exclusive to Amazon. They have developed this technology so that it looks incredibly like real paper. The backlit screen is also well developed and has been designed to give no eyestrain to the user when they are looking at the screen for extended periods of time.

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  • Fast and Responsive

Another great thing about the Voyage is that it works incredibly quickly. When you switch it on it will load within a matter of seconds and then the performance throughout the reading experience will continue to be of a high speed. One will also feel this higher level of speed when they are navigating through the menu system of the kindle. This all works incredibly well and gives the user a very enjoyable experience time and time again. The touchscreen of kindle paperwhite 3 is also incredibly efficient and will react to your presses quickly and effectively.

Below is an overview of the kindle Voyage and the features that it contains.

Voyage characteristics

1. Screen
The screen of the Kindle Paperwhite 3 is enjoyable to look at and uses technology that has been developed since the Kindle was first introduced. Users will feel as though they are looking at paper as the e-ink screen is incredibly effective and will make you think that you are actually reading a real book.

Kindle Voyage Innovation Inside

2. Resolution
The device comes with 212 300 PPI resolution and this translates into an incredibly crisp and clear screen that is easy to look at for long periods of time. This crisp graphical interface can also be seen when the device is on standby as images will appear from different book titles and can be seen in the beautiful graphical context that the screen can produce.

3. Size

The size is one of the best things about this device as it is incredibly small and fits comfortably within the palm of the hand. Uses will also enjoy the fact that it is incredibly light and very thin which means it can easily slip into a bag or pocket and can be taken virtually anywhere.

It’s only 6.4″ Long with 4.5″ width in 0.30″ thick!

It’s just 7.6mm thin. The Thinnest eReader you have ever imagined!

4. Battery

The battery life of the Voyage is exceptionally good and from one charge it will last for up to 2 months. However, in order for it to last this long one will need to use the backlight as little as possible. This long battery level is incredibly useful and means that individuals do not have to worry about taking a charger with them when they go on holiday and when they leave their home for extended periods of time.

5. Content

The content that is available on the Kindle ranges from e-books to PDFs and general documents. The e-books are essentially a book that has been created into a digital format and can be read easily across different devices. The e-book was originally designed with Amazon in mind and is now a popular way of reading books digitally via the Internet. They are also cheaper than a physical book to manufacture and they can be downloaded instantly to your reading device.

The books are perfect for the kindle Paperwhite 2014 as they offer a quick and effective way in which to read content. Over 2 million different titles can be instantly downloaded from the Amazon store straight onto the kindle and this means that individuals will never have a problem finding what they need.

Kindle Voyage Adjustable Text Size

6. Navigation and UI

The interface is relatively straightforward and uses have either the option of reading a book or buying a book. The home screen can lead to the Amazon store and one can then search for titles. There isn’t a really much else on the user interface that can be done and users may find this to be a problem. However, the simplicity in this area will come as a blessing to those who find interfaces slightly more difficult to use. There is also a back button which is useful and will take you to the previous page that you were on.

Kindle Voyage Pros and Cons

The good things about this latest Kindle is that it is well designed and powerful to use. It is also relatively light and should last for a long time without any problems. The device also comes with a large amount of storage space but users can also gain access to the cloud if they need even more space on the device.

There are not very many problems with the Voyage, but if one had to choose one it would probably be due to the interface. This may be limiting at first for some individuals who are not used to the kindle interface and may take some to get used to. However, once the user has gotten used to the interface should be able to navigate through the device quickly and easily.

Also the price is some more comparing to Kindle Paperwhite 2013 model – which is a little bit surprising to many of us waiting for its coming.

Kindle Voyage vs Kindle Fire Tablets

With all small screen smartphones, this leaves a Space in the market for tablet devices, which have been becoming more and more popular over the last several years. All of the leading computer manufacturers are now making tablet devices, from Windows to Apple. However, one of the leading companies that is developing tablets is that of Amazon.

Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping platforms that sells everything from physical devices to digital books and music. The Kindle Fire is their tablet invention and has been gaining in popularity over the last several years.

Kindle Fire Tablet can do much more comparing to Voyage. If you are heavy-reader, Voyage definitely is the best choice reading experience – comparing to Paper Books.

Kindle Fire Tablets have various price points in 2014.. $99 to all the way $199 (Kindle Fire HDX). People use it as Kindle Color eReader – you can read all your purchased Kindle Books and Magazine on its beautiful LCDs, and also get all “Android Based” Apps on Amazon Appstore.


The Kindle Voyage is certainly one of the best E-Book Reader currently available for reading whilst on the go. The compact size and lightweight design means that it can easily fit into the pocket or the bag of an individual and can be taken anywhere. With a library of over 2 million different titles to choose from, the Voyage (Paperwhite 3rd 2014) will almost always be useful for those who enjoy reading and wish to read whilst on the go.

Some individuals who are new to the kindle experience may find the home screen menu and the interface slightly limiting when they first begin using the device but they will quickly get used to how it works. People of all ages should have no problems with using the device and should gain much enjoyment from it.

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