Best Kindle Fire HD 2013 Model Review

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Is the New Kindle Fire HD Worth the Money?

The New and Improved Kindle Fire HD is back with a vengeance.

The New Amazon Kindle Fire HD certainly brings some fantastic perks to the market. The features offered are definitely a way to make this device worth every dollar. In this Kindle Fire HD review I am going to go over all the things the tablet offers and why I personally think it is a great choice. Though there are some really good advantages to the device, there are also some downsides. So let’s get straight to the point shall we.


Kindle Fire HD 2013 Review


Features Highlights

  • 7 inch HD (1280×800) Anti-glare LCD Screen
  • Speedy 1.5GHz dual-core CPU – Launch App faster
  • Dual Speakers with Dolby Audio
  • 8 and 16 Gb available
  • 12.2 ounces light only
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Lasting 10-hour mix use
  • Cons: No cameras
  • Starting from $139 Outstanding Price

What does this device offer that others lack?

You can use the New Kindle Fire HD for many different things besides Kindle FreeTime. For instance, it is one of the best e-readers available in the market right now. This is all due to the 7-inch HD screen with advanced polarizing filters and anti-glare technologies. This means that the display will be crisp and clear even when looking at it from odd angles and this is definitely a good thing in my book. Due to this screen being so great, this device is also perfect for streaming videos.

However, it is not just the screen that makes watching videos on this device favorable. The quality of sound from the dual speakers and Dolby Audio offered on this device enhances the experience greatly. If reading or watching videos is not your thing, then the New Kindle Fire HD offers plenty of alternatives in the Amazon store. These apps range from music and games. The Amazon store also offers books and movies.

Will the battery life stand up to the challenge?

You can count on the battery if you want to read a complete novel in one sitting, watch an entire series of your beloved shows on Amazon Prime, or play your favorite video game all day. This is because this device offers up to ten hours of battery life and only takes six hours to charge it up back up completely.

Is the New Kindle Fire HD more of a tablet or an e-reader?

The New Kindle Fire HD is more of a Color e-reader with some tablet abilities. However, if you want to use the device as a tablet, then you are in luck with the fresh new upgrades the Kindle Fire HD offers. Checking your email has never been easier on a Kindle and Amazon has also made improvements to the calendar app.

Kindle Fire HD Apps

This device, in addition, makes browsing the Internet super easy which was not the case in the past. The New Kindle Fire HD has a Dual-Core Processor. This means it is fast, and the operating system offered is fantastic. These nice new upgrades make this an affordable competitor in the tablet market.

Is the New Kindle Fire HD kid friendly?

First, I would like to say that this is truly a kid-friendly tablet, and it is the perfect price for those worried about spending a lot of money on something that might get broke. It is light, weighing only 12.2 ounces, and the new design makes it easy to hold and carry around for all ages. The device offers Kindle FreeTime for parents to create individualized profiles for their children. It is the perfect way to manage what your child does on the device while you are not looking.

What is Kindle FreeTime all about?

You can manage things like customizing your child’s profile with kid friendly text, colors and content. You can also set daily limits on the time total your child spends on the device. As if this was not enough Amazon takes this a step further by allowing you to choose which books, apps, and games your child can use and even set individual time limits for each activity. This is truly a remarkable way to give your child freedom on the device while allowing you the parent peace of mind at the same time.


This is all sounding too good to be true: What is the catch?

There are some downsides to the device. Storage is an issue because you can only buy one with 8GB of storage space or a 16GB of storage space. I would recommend buying the 16GB because you get much more storage and for me that is important. Nevertheless, if you do not care about storage space, then by all means go for the 8GB. Just remember, if you plan on downloading movies, games, and music, then the 8GB may not be the best option for you.

Furthermore, there are a few items the tablet does not come with. It does not offer a camera, HDMI port, or a microphone. This is something that some would be okay with, but personally, I truly wish that it had a camera. Even so, when weighing the pros and cons of the device, I would say that it is a tablet still worth the money you pay for it.

Comparing previous generation Kindle Fire HD 2012 vs the New Kindle Fire HD 2013

It is hard to compare this device with the previous generation Kindle Fire HD. The New Kindle Fire HD, as we have already gone over, offers a lot in terms of price. The previous generation Kindle Fire HD offers all of what the New Kindle Fire HD offers and a little more on the technical side of things such as;

o It has a 7-inch screen display with advanced polarized filters and anti-glare technologies.
o The 2012 Model comes with 16 GB storage as default, although it also offers 32GB unlike the New Kindle Fire HD.
o Its battery life is 11 hours instead of 10.
o It’s charging time is 4 hours instead of 6.
o It offers a front-facing camera whereas the New Kindle Fire HD offers no camera at all.
o It has a micro HDMI port.
o It also has a microphone.
o It was $199 when Kindle Fire HD 7″ introduced in 2012.

Why should I buy the New Kindle Fire HD versus the Previous Generation Kindle Fire HD if I am getting less?

I believe the difference in the devices truly comes in with the screen, design, speed, and sound. The New Kindle Fire HD offers better quality in all these aspects. The new operating system brings some serious speed to the scene, and the design is absolutely gorgeous making handling easy and comfortable. The screen quality is beautiful, crisp, and clear so reading or playing games are easy on the eyes.

And we must not forget the incredible sound that is offered on the New Kindle Fire HD. You cannot get these things with the previous generation 2012 Model. There are some great benefits to buying the New Kindle Fire Hd. The most important reason to buy the device in my personal opinion is what you get for your money. Sure you can buy the previous generation for slightly cheaper and you gain a few extras in the process. But you definitely get what you pay for in this case and I personally would not want to pay for outdated processors and operating systems. I definitely would not want to take a hit on screen quality and sound quality either.

Let’s sum it all up

In this Kindle Fire HD review I have gone over the good sides of the device as well as the bad sides. I have compared the device to the previous generation Kindle Fire HD all in hopes of offering insight to the advantages of owning the New Kindle Fire HD. What I can say is the Kindle Fire HD discount pricing is an extreme benefit for the things it has to offer. I think it is best suited for individuals who want to get things accomplished with speed, see things on the screen clearly, and want optimal sound quality, but is not extremely worried about storage space. So if you are someone who loves to surf the World Wide Web, watch television and movies, play games, or read then this is definitely the perfect tablet for you.


This is an excellent choice for parents with children. Whether you are buying it for you and know that your children will eventually play on it, or you are buying it specifically for your child it should be your first choice in tablets that are available. Though the New Kindle Fire HD differs negatively in some ways from that of the previous generation, it also offers some perks that the previous generation does not. All in all, the New Kindle Fire HD is a really great device for the price and for what it offers.

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