Best Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 Covers: Protecting your Tab PRO tablet – A “case” study.

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Now that you’ve done your homework, read all of the reviews and made the decision to purchase your Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4, the next step it to protect it.  Tablets are sturdy but not indestructible, and it is important that you choose a case that will meet your needs while still providing the maximum amount of protection.

What is a Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 Tablet Case?

Simply put, it’s a case designed specifically for your Tab PRO 8.4 tablet.  While there are generic cases on the market, they are not designed to protect any one specific tablet, and so there are invariably protection issues that can fall through the cracks and leave you with a broken screen, or worse.  Choosing a cover that is made specifically for your model tablet will ensure the best possible protection from damage and the elements.

What should I consider when buying one?”

Only you can determine your particular needs.  Factors such as your lifestyle, how much you use your tablet, WHO is using your tablet (three-year-old, anyone?) and what specific features are important to you should be considered.  Some key things to look for when purchasing protection for your tablet include:

  • Design: Are the features of the tablet easily accessible?
  • Material: Is it light-weight enough to be easily portable and sturdy enough to protect your tablet?
  • Price: Can I afford this investment to protect my loved gadget?
  • Construction: What is it made of and will it last for the life of my tablet?
  • Extras“: including a stylus/stylus holder, credit card slot, magnetic or other closure and adjustable stand for viewing.

These are just a few of the things that need to be considered when purchasing your protection device.  Make sure that you carefully examine the options to find the one that is right for you.

What are my options?

It’s your lucky day.  We’ve taken the time to review six of the top Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 Tablet Covers available, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase one.  All of them are available on Amazon, and all are competitively priced.  Take the time to read over each review carefully and decide which option is right for you.

(OUR Best Seller – Pellem 2014SC Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Case – Ultra Slim Lightweight SmartCover Stand Case for SM-T320 / T321 / T325 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet (With Smart Cover Auto Wake/Sleep)

Key Features: 

  • Flip stand allows for landscape, typing and portrait position
  • Full-access design
  • Padded front cover and plastic back

Pros:This economical case is available in 10 different colors.  It is sturdy enough for the casual user, and the PU leather prevents fingerprints, dirt and scratches from marring your tablet.  It has an ultralight slim design that is easy to tuck away in a purse, backpack or briefcase.

Cons: The charging port is only available when the cover is open, and the small cutouts for the buttons make it difficult to access for those with larger fingers.  The construction is a bit flimsy according to reviewers, making it not the best choice for heavy users.

Verdict: A good basic case for casual or light use.

i-BLASON Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Case – Leather Book (Elastic Hand Strap, Multi-Angle, Card Holder) for SM-T320/325 With Bonus Stylus

Key Features:

  • Dual typing/viewing positions
  • Cut-outs for camera, controls, buttons and ports
  • ID/credit care slot
  • Embedded stylus loop/free stylus included

Pros: The thicker, heavy duty construction is perfect for people on the go.  It features an elastic band for “hand holding” during use, and is available in three different colors.  It has a magnetic easy open/close feature and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Cons: Reviewers noted that the case was awkward to use, especially the piece of leather that sits on the “home” button.  It is slightly more expensive than the previous case, but provides about the same quality/level of protection.

Verdict: A good case for the money.

SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Case – Premium Slim Hard Shell Leather Case Cover SM-T320/325 (Black),


Key Features:

  • High grade vegan leather
  • Micro-suede interior
  • Multi-angle viewing
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Pros:  Reviewers are pleased with the micro-suede interior that provides a softer level of protection for the screen, and the overall quality of the construction.

Cons:  The viewing angles are awkward, as they place the screen straight up, making it difficult to see.  The cover that folds over the screen has raised stitching that leaves an indentation in the screen protector.

Verdict:  At almost the same price as the two previously reviewed products, this one has a key design flaw (the raised stitching) that makes the others a better choice.  Not the worst, but definitely not the best.

Best To Buy®Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Case – DETACHABLE Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case / Cover and 1pcs stylus pen + 1pcs Best To Buy® cleaning cloth free as the gift

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth V3.0 keyboard
  • Premium carrying case
  • 60-hour uninterrupted working time on fully charged battery
  • Two (2) free stylus pens included with purchase

Pros:  The Bluetooth V3.0 keyboard is fully detachable, and made of premium PU leather for rugged durability.  It is easy to carry, and the slim design fits easily into a purse, briefcase or backpack.  The 60-hour work-time on a fully charged battery means that you will never be caught with a dead battery in a meeting or class.

Cons:  None.  Not a one.

Verdict:  Priced significantly higher than the other cases, however the cost is fully justifiable with the added features.  Perfect for students and businesspeople.

ProCase Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet Case with bonus stylus pen – Tri-Fold Smart Cover Case for TabPRO 8.4 inch (SM-T320) (Green)

Key Features:

  • Support auto sleep/wake function
  • Built in tri-fold front for multiple viewing angles
  • Built in elastic hand strap and stylus holder
  • Bonus stylus pen included

This inexpensive option is perfect for the casual user. It’s lightweight design and portability make it easy to pop into a backpack, diaper bag or purse.  It has a magnetic case closure and auto wake/sleep feature.


No cons, however the construction is not very rugged, and the case will not withstand heavy usage.


For the occasional or light user, this case is a viable option.

Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Slim Shell Case Cover – Ultra Slim Lightweight Stand for TabPro 8.4-inch Tablet with Auto Sleep/Wake Feature, Black

Key Features:

  • Magnetic closure
  • Available in multiple colors/designs
  • One-piece construction with flip-open cover for multiple viewing angles

Pros:  This is the most inexpensive of our review choices.  It is lightweight and comes in many different style/color options.

Cons:  The construction is basic, and the fit is not exact, leaving a small bit of “wiggle room”.  Due to a design flaw, the cover presses on the “home” button when the case is closed, which can result in a dead battery if you don’t catch it right away.

Verdict:  Probably not the best option.  At only $2 less than some of the others, this really is not that much less expensive, and for the extra couple of dollars you get better construction and features.

“Why do I need one?”

Well, you’ve just spent all of that money on your tablet, and it would be a waste if it got broken or damaged, right?  Some of the reasons to protect your tablet include:

  • Droppage.  Even the most coordinated of folks have their days.  Dropping your tablet can crack the screen or damage the works, leaving you with a very expensive, very useless paperweight.
  • Small children.  The electronic babysitter is a marvelous thing, but small children are small children.
  • Pets.  Electronic devices emit a high-pitched frequency that dogs can hear.  They don’t like it.  They will chew up whatever is making the sound in order to get it to stop.  You will have to buy a new tablet.
  • The elements, particularly water.  Dropping your tablet in the bathtub or leaving it out in the rain is a surefire way to guarantee that you’ll need to purchase another one.

There are other things that can damage your tablet as well, but we’ve covered the most basic ones.  The point is, your device is expensive, and just like you protect your house or your car or you laptop, you need to protect your tablet as well.

The winner overall for the best Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 Tablet Case is the Keyboard Portfolio Case.  It is rugged, comes with a Bluetooth keyboard, provides maximum usage from a fully charged battery, and is the best option for students, businesspeople and people on the go.  Although the cost is higher, the extra features and durability more than make up for spending the extra money.

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