Amazing Deals on Kindle Prime Day Sale – Best Time to buy Kindle 2016

Fire HD 8: Under $60 only and Fire HD 10 (the Tablet of 2018) with $30 off Deals Today!

Do you enjoy the excitement of shopping? The rush that you get from getting the best deals possible on your favorite products? This year, Amazon Prime Day brings more amazing deals than Black Friday- and if you were wanting to get the absolute best deals possible on your favorite electronic devices, look no further than these amazing Amazon Prime Day Sale deals on your favorite Amazon Kindle and Fire products.

Kindle - Prime Day Deals

If you’re looking for quality this Prime Day, you’ll never find an e-reader as high quality as the Kindle. Check out Fire Tablet $33 only – 1 Day Prime Day Sale. (Buy before it’s out of Stock).

It’s amazing streamlined display and design, seamless cover, and effortless page turning make it a modern marvel

in today’s day in age. Of course, these Amazon Kindle and Fire products aren’t the only things going in this Fire sale- everything is priced to move- everything from electronics, toys, and video games to outdoor items, sports equipment chairs and patios- and everything in between. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your hands on something the whole family will enjoy, and to do it now, before you miss out on the deals.

Introducing the Best-Selling Tablets by Amazon- Collect Your Favorite this Amazon Prime Day Discount on July 12, 2016.

Kindle Paperwhite 300-dpi E-reader($30 off) Prime Day 2016

With a discount of $30 off, the new Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is a smart pick-up this Prime Day. Built to make reading fun and relaxing, this bargain price puts it on the must-have list.

kindle prime day deals
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Among the reasons why it’s a must buy are: better resolution, a longer battery and improved screen. Here are what sets it apart from the other E-readers:

300 ppi high resolution display for a clear, crisp display in any light.
• A built-in adjustable light so you can read anywhere, day or night.
• A glare-free screen, so unlike with a tablet, you can read with no eyestrain no matter what light you’re in.
• A single battery charge can last for weeks, so you never have to worry about your device dying.
• Light and easy to carry, so you can read in comfort.

Check the Latest Price Here

Amazing 7″ Fire Tablet – Prime Price as $33 Only

This highly affordable tablet is perfect for low end applications where you don’t need all the features that come with more expensive tablets. Spend around $33 and get the power you want to do it all, without a lot of the extra costs that are associated with these types of hardware. Browse at home, watch movies, and enjoy your connectivity on all of your favorite customized Amazon applications, but on with this Amazon Prime Day Deal, you might want to spend a little bit more and get the top model.

My Jaw Drops when I learned that Fire is only $33!!! This is the Lowest Fire Tablet Price I have seen these years.

Amazon Fire TV Stick– $15 off Deal Prime Day 2016

One of the best deals available this Prime Day is the discounted Fire TV stick. Amazon’s TV stick gives users access to shows, movies, music and more, all from the comfort of their television. The Fire TV stick drops the price to about $25 TODAY only. That is a steal considering all you get with Fire TV. Among the key benefits of owning a Fire TV stick are:
All of this for around $25makes the Fire TV Stick Prime Day Deal one of the best of the day.

• Access to original Amazon shows, as well as live TV, premium cable and TV channels, like Starz, Showtime, Netflix and others for a small fee. So you could potentially eliminate cable and watch TV using the Fire stick.
• Prime Members have unlimited access to Amazon video and over 1 million Prime songs, giving them thousands of hours of listening and viewing pleasure.
• Built-in apps, like Pandora, and Internet access, so you can watch, listen or surf the web. You can also store photos and videos on the cloud, so literally everything is at your fingertips.
• Portability: You can take your Fire stick with you wherever you go, so you can watch anywhere at any time.

Kindle Unlimited On Sale for Prime Day

kindle unlimited prime day

If you own a Kindle, or plan to buy one this Prime Day, then you need to check out the Kindle Unlimited subscription offer Amazon has available. With the Kindle Unlimited deal, you can save 25-40% off on your subscription, which is great for book lovers. Let’s see how it works and what are the benefits of this offer.

How it Works: with the unlimited offer, you get a percentage off your subscription based on the length of the subscription you choose. Here are the 3 plans you can choose from:

•6 months- $44.95 (save 25%)
•12 months- $80.32 (save 33%)
•24 months- $143.85 (save 40%)

Why it’s a Great Deal for bookworms?

This deal is a smart choice for 2 reasons: it allows you to access many Kindle books unlimited and you can read the books on other devices.

Amazon Prime users can access one book per month from Amazon’s Kindle Owner Lending Library. But with this deal they now have access to more materials.

Even better, the books in the Unlimited subscription can be read on any device, unlike the Owner Lending Library books, which can only be read on your Kindle.

So if you have the Kindle app for iPad and get the Kindle Unlimited subscription you can access those books on the iPad.

Amazon Prime Day – $80 Off Fire HD 10– Which one fits me better?

The display on the HD simply blows the older model out of the water, has a ton more power, and even more battery life than the HD models did. Here are a few statistics about the HD models:

  • 339 pixels per inch compared to 323 on the HD
  • 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor compared to the HD’s 1.5 GHz processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Over 17 hours of continuous power
  • The HD has an 8 megapixel camera and a front camera, while the HD has absolutely no camera at all.
  • The HD 10″ weighs in around 374g and is only 7.8mm thick, which is awesome considering that the iPad is over 275g more in weight.
  • HD Has a huge screen size – More fun reading and watching your favorite movies.

It really is a huge technological advancement over the other Amazon Fire tablets, because it provides a wide variety of the best features that some Amazon tablets seemed to have missed out on- like excellent battery life, an exceptionally low weight, and an unbelievable amount of pixels per square inch (for unbeatable contrast and resolution). The HDX model is only about $60 more than the HD, so it’s well worth the extra costs in the long run if you’re wanting the best tablet on the market right now.

Amazon Paperwhite vs. Amazon Voyage Deals: Which Amazon Prime Day Discount is Better?

What separates these two designs of reading perfection for the extra cost? As we consider splurging for the more expensive model on this Amazon holiday, we find ourselves wondering what makes the voyage worth the extra $80? We did a little research, dug a little deeper, and found some details:

Different Designs

Weighing in at 180 grams, the Voyage is the lighter of the two devices. It’s completely redesigned in comparison with the Paperwhite. As the E-Reader market gets slimmer and slimmer, so do the Kindle products. The glass is flush against the glass to resist dust, and the easy to use page turner makes flipping the page easier than ever before.

More Sensitive Sensors

The sensors embedded along the Voyage introduces a much more streamlined version of turning pages than the Paperwhite does. This is because the screen that enforces the command to turn pages with a simple touch, and the power button is on the back instead of on the bottom.


Both Kindle models come with an excellent front-light feature, but they don’t work the same. The Kindle Voyage has a distinctive hue effect that makes the display look better in a wider variety of light- as if the Paperweight didn’t look good enough already. These brightness settings vary greatly from unit to unit, and you can completely modify your settings, so this verbal comparison fails to do the Voyage justice.


With a higher resolution and more sheer pixels per square inch, the Voyage has the slightest edge on darker,clearer, and sharper text. Additionally, the display on the Voyage is slightly larger than the screen on the Paperwhite, by approximately 400 x 250 pixels.


The Paperwhite has the decided edge here, as the display takes up less power and provides similar results as the Voyage. The battery life for the Paperwhite is listed at around 8 hours, while the Voyage is rated for around 6.


Obviously, the Voyage carries a bigger cost than the Paperwhite, and you might not be willing to spend more money on these devices. The Voyage screen is definitely brighter and much clearer in darker situations, whereas the Paperweight is uniformly colored for a generally bright screen, while the Voyage is simply clearer. If you decide to go for all the features, you’re going to be spending $70 more, all the way up to 3G without ads.

Why Buying Kindle on Prime Day

The great thing about the Amazon Kindle products is that they stimulate your brain power, literally making you smarter as you read. Plus, you can buy books to share with your lover or your kids- showing everyone just how valuable reading can be. Spend some family time, relaxing and sitting by the pool reading your Kindle in bright sunlight, with absolutely no glare whatsoever. Kick back in your easy chair and relieve stress and anxiety behind, watching movies, playing exclusive games, or reading a novel on one of the highest definition screens out there- with the Fire HDX.

Why Should You Buy a Kindle

Amazon products are extremely high quality, and constantly well-rated on their website from millions of individuals all over the world. Plus, they’re constantly driving down prices and offering specials, like this Kindle Prime Day Deal. You’ll love the features that you’ll get for the low costs, plus all of the other opportunities that you’ll get to save money while doing your favorite things. Purchase a Kindle, and share it with your family while you kick back in your easy chair and watch a movie or enjoy a high-quality gaming experience on your HDX. You’ll love the options that you have, and the power and features of these models will blow you away.

What are you waiting for? Do some research and get a jump on the competition for this Great Amazon Prime Day Deal.

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