Get that Ideal Kindle during the Kindle Free Shipping Day Sale and Deals 2014

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There is nothing like sitting down to read and relax with your favorite book. Technology has made this pleasure easier and more interactive than ever before. There is no shortage of eReaders and tablets on the market. Without a doubt Amazon’s Kindle lineup leads the pack when it comes to eReaders and functional tablets. As holiday shopping moves into full swing, there are a number of Kindle specials that will allow you to find the Kindle that is perfect for your loved one.


Because of the highly functional capacity and multiple features of Kindle devices, users will be able to do much more than simply read a book. It is this versatility that continues to make them one of the top gifts for Christmas each year. Using the Kindle Free Shipping Day Discount will allow you to enjoy considerable savings, while getting a significant part of your Holiday shopping out of the way.

Fire HD 7 2014 Model (Best Fire Discount 2014 )

Fire HD Free Shipping Day Sale

There is so much to love about this device. The term “highly functional” would be an understatement. This tablet has a front and rear camera to ensure that you will be able to capture all of those important moments. The HD7 gives you access to more than 33 million movies, songs, TV shows, books and Android apps. To help with the enjoyment process the tablet has a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, meaning that speed is not an issue. This tablet’s versatility makes it perfect for family enjoyment.

Kindle Paperwhite with 4gb (Our Best Seller 2014)

Like the Voyage, the Paperwhite is front-lit, making it easy to adjust the lighting and brightness of the reader. The exceptional design ensures that there will be no screen glare in bright sunlight, so the user can enjoy outdoor reading without many of the headaches associated with other readers. This eReader is very useful for that bookworm who is not comfortable unless they have a book nearby. This will allow them to have hundreds of books within reach.

The Paperwhite makes it easy to download books in the blink of an eye, and its front-lit design ensures that you will be able to read in any lighting condition. It is perfect for the avid reader.

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Kindle Voyage 6″ High Def eReader(New in 2014)

For the person who is looking for a pure eReader, the Kindle Voyage sits on top of the hill. Although it does not have the multimedia capacity of Fire models, it provides a pure reading experience. The intuitive design of its user interface makes it easy to navigate and enjoy. One of the features that make it stand out is the fact that it is front-lit, allowing for the easy adjustment of the screen brightness. What is even better is the automatic adjustment feature which allows the Voyage to adjust the brightness for you based on your environment, providing the perfect reading experience every time. The size and ease of use make this ideal for the person who enjoys the simplicity of being able to just sit back and enjoy a book.

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Kindle 2014 (Original and Basic)

Despite all of the great new Kindle models that Amazon has produced, the original Kindle still holds its place on the list of top selling eReaders. In fact, it still ranks very high. The most notable asset of this Kindle eReader is its affordability. With all of the savings associated with the Kindle Free Shipping Day Sale, the savings on this practical eReader are even greater.

The older versions of the eReader were ages apart from the current technologically of advanced eReaders and tablets; however, this version of the original boasts a number of great improvements that make it highly comparable to the Voyage and Paperwhite. This will make a great gift for the casual reader.

Kindle Fire HDX 7″ (High-end Fire Tablet 2014)

The Fire HDX is generally less expensive than the vast majority of tablets on the market; however, it still packs a powerful punch while offering a pleasurable reading and web experience. Although it does not have the front-lit design like the Voyage and the Paperwhite, limiting the ability to enjoy outdoor reading experiences, the HDX screen is still able to reduce glare more effectively than to other tablets. With the Fire HDX, you will be able to enjoy all of the functionality of a tablet, while still having the ability to read a book from your device. This will make a great gift for the person who likes to have everything all in one place.

Fire HD 6 – $99 Color Tablet

With the HD6, you give up a little bit in screen size; however, the sacrifice is reflected in the significantly lower price. The smaller screen definitely does not equate to a decrease in functionality. The HD6 has the same processor as the HD7, and like all of the other HD tablets, it has the capacity to access the full range of media and apps. You will still be able to read eBooks, online magazines and newspapers. The size of the HD6 makes it the ideal fit for the person who is always on the go, and refuses to be bogged down by bulky items.

Fire HD Tablets for Your Kids

First of all, let’s get it straight; this is a real tablet. This is not a toy. The tablet has been optimized for child use. This device is designed for the even the toughest kid. It comes with a two-year warranty. If your kid breaks it, they will replace it. This is a great device for the parent who has a kid who is consistently hijacking their device. The parental controls are also a great asset to ensure that a parent has the capacity to protect their child from the dangers of the internet. This is perfect for anyone with a child over the age of three.

HDX 8.9 Fire Tablet – Large Screen as iPad

Okay, short of taking out the garbage and washing the dishes, the HDX 8.9 does it all. It is the most comprehensive and functional tablet in the Kindle lineup. The price is reflective of its capacity, but you will not have any problem finding the value in this device. When you consider that this tablet has 30 percent more pixels than its leading competitor, you will immediately see the value. Whether you wish to sit back, relax and read a book or surf the web, you will be able to do it with speed and ease. This is, by far, the best Kindle tablet on the market, and it will make a great gift for the person who is serious about getting their media fix.

The Kindle lineup provides a little something for everyone, covering the entire spectrum of eReaders and tablets. The Kindle Free Shipping Day Sale is the perfect opportunity to put an exceptional device in the hands of those whom you love. You can be sure that this will not be one of those gifts that you find being used as a paperweight or shoved underneath the bed. When making your purchase decision, be sure to consider the person you are gifting the tablet to; that will help you make the right decision on which one will be best.

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