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Kindle Christmas Sale and Deals 2018: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Kindle Christmas and New Year Sale

During the holiday season electronics gifts are usually the hottest selling and most sought-after items and that’s definitely true this year as the Kindle, by Amazon tops almost every consumers wishlist. Kindle is an e-reader & tablet all-in-one, giving consumers young and old everything they need all in one device. It comes in various makes and models, which means there is one to fit the needs of anyone and everyone on your Christmas list.

This device is truly one-of-a-kind thanks to it’s dual purpose design: it has a specially made screen that eliminates glare and reads like actual paper while also giving users crystal clear full color images. Other devices either do one or the other, not both, which is why you should take advantage of the many Kindle Christmas sales and deals and buy one. Kids can use it to learn the alphabet, numbers and other educational games and teens and adults can use it to download their favorite books or stay in touch through social media.

Right now there are a lot of Kindle Christmas sales and deals, so we’ve written a review of each of the different models to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Fire Tablet 2018 (Best Budget Color eReader and Tablet)

The Fire Tablet makes a great gift for anyone, but it is especially perfect for the teen in your life thanks to great features like a powerful stereo system, front and rear cameras and 5 different color options to choose from. Teens will love how pictures and videos look, which is important in this age of the selfie.

Plus, there is free, unlimited cloud storage, so they can store all their music and picture without having to worry about running out of space. Parents and adults will love that it can be linked to another Amazon device and screen time can be monitored using Amazon Free time, so you know what your teen is doing. A state-of-the-art device that meets every young-adults needs.

Kindle Paperwhite with 4gb (Our Best Seller 2018)

They call it the Paperwhite for a reason: when your reading it truly feels like your reading a newspaper. There is no glare so your eyes wont get irritated or tired. Also, with this Kindle readers will be in heaven thanks to how light it is- over 30% lighter thin an iPad mini. This means you can hold it for hours without feeling weighed down- which is great when your immersed in a good book.

Plus, it has internet capabilities and thanks to all the Kindle holiday sales you can get great extras. Check out this $20 off Deal before it expires.


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Tablet vs eReader Comparison : A Buyers Guide to Two Life Changing Devices

eReaders and tablets have rightly assumed a place of importance in homes all around the planet. They are convenient, intuitive, and useful in more ways than most people would even be able to guess.

There is, however, a common misconception today that the devices are synonymous with one another. In other words, if you need an eReader, you will be fine with a tablet, or vice versa.

tablet or ereader comparison

While the two devices do certainly share some common features and technologies, each is ultimately unique in the way it addresses its owners needs. Read on for your eReader VS tablet guide!


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Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (2017) Review: Performance and Budget 2-in-1

The all-new Fire HD 10 has been announced and is available for pre-orders! This outstanding development has us excited to check out a new e-rearder and we know you will be, too. The new Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is loaded with features that are sure to impress and provide a ton of value to you as a reader and tablet owner. This versatile product is an e-reader by roots and a tablet my name so let’s dive into what makes this piece of tech so outstanding.

Benefits of Having a Tablet

But before we get into the heart of what makes the new Fire Tablet so amazing, it would be smart to take a moment to appreciate the benefits of what tablets in general do for you. There are a lot of savvy reasons to own a tablet in the first place so let’s go over a few right here.


Possibly the greatest thing about having a tablet is the maneuverability that they offer. They are uniquely designed to be thin, small, and lightweight so that they can be a go-anywhere, do-anything piece of your technology collection.


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The Best Tablets and Laptops at CES 2018

At the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s always out with the old and in with the new and that’s what we have seen in 2018. The best tablets and laptops at CES 2018 were much different than you have seen in years past. Why? Because they aren’t a laptop or a tablet – they’re both. We’re talking about personal computing devices that have a touchscreen but also a keyboard so that you can use them either way when folded the appropriate direction. Let’s check out some of our favorites from this year’s CES.

best tablet and laptop

What is CES?

Hold everything! We forgot to mention what CES even is. CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show like we said above. This is a yearly convention where every big name and plenty of small ones show up to show off their newest innovations that are meant for the public.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best tablets and laptops at CES 2018 that came from some big electronics names.


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Top Cheap Tablets for Sale Under $50: Best Affordable Android Tablets

Top Cheap Tablets for Sale under 50

Not everyone feels the need to buy tablets with high-end specifications. Tablets have many functions for modern consumers, and finding quality devices under $50 is difficult. However, price is no guarantee of satisfaction. Many people are dissatisfied after buying expensive tablets because the hit their checking account takes is often not worth what the tablet provides. People who won’t be using tablets regularly should consider these cheaper tablets which have plenty of features with less subtraction from their savings. Here, we’ve compiled what we think are the best cheap Android tablet reviews.

What are Tablet Computers?

Tablets are very convenient devices to have for multiple reasons. Entertainment is much simpler with a tablet that has specifications for streaming your favorite shows and movies. Android tablets tend to have great screens for media platforms, even considering the less expensive prices. You’ll usually want a screen with at least 800 x 400 resolution if you plan on watching videos.

Great hardware is another essential quality when you’re considering purchasing a tablet. You’ll want at least a quad-core processor to run apps more efficiently. There are plenty of amazing 8 GB Android Tablets for sale right now, which is the minimum you’ll want for applications, movies and TV.


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