Fire HD 6 (2014 Model) Review: Is This Budget Tablet on Fire?

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This Fire HD 6 review is asking only one question…is this Fire tablet worthy of your attention? The HD 6 is Amazon’s most affordable tablet to date, and is a powerful and well designed piece of technology, boasting an incredible selection of digital content, but is this enough to justify an upgrade or making a purchase?

Fire HD 6 Key Features

Most of the front of the device is taken up by a gorgeous 6” HD display (252 ppi / 1280 x 800), made up of over one million pixels, which makes it perfect for viewing movies, TV shows and apps in crisp and beautiful high definition. The technology allows for more vibrant colors and whiter whites than ever before. The IPS (in-plane switching) technology coupled with the advance polarizing filter and anti-glare feature means you will always get the best viewing angle regardless of how you are viewing the screen. Furthermore the display is made of Gorilla Glass, providing an unprecedented level of strength and reliability not found in rival tablets.

Fire Power and Portability

The tablets quad-core processor consists of two high-performance 1.5 GHz cores and two 1.2 GHz cores. All processors run at the same to allow for optimal power efficiency, ensuring that the device runs up to twice as fast and with three times the graphics performance of the previous generation Fire HD. This allows apps to load faster than ever before, as well as providing smoother games and videos and better performance in general. The Fire 6 is a very small tablet, weighing in at 10.1 ounces (290 grams), so it is the lightest and most portable Fire tablet to date.

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This Fire HD has a 2 megapixel rear-facing camera which allows for high resolution photos and videos to be shown and recorded in HD, while the front-facing camera is perfect for all your Skype and selfie taking needs. The Amazon Fire HD 6 also gives you unlimited cloud storage, providing you with as much space as you need to store all your photos and Amazon content.

Family is the reason to have it

This tablet has an unprecedented amount of family friendly features, such as Profiles, which allows unique profiles for each member of the family (two adults, four children) to exist on the same device. Each profile will have their own personalized settings, home screen and social media accounts. Revolutionary parental controls allow parents to limit what their children are able to access as well as set daily tablet usage limits, making sure they don’t use the tablet more than they should.

Kindle Apps and Content

Fire tablets give you access to thousands of popular Android apps, from Temple Run and Twitter to Minecraft and Skype, so you’ll never be bored. Unique features include ASAP (Advance Streaming and Prediction) which tracks you’re favorite shows and movies and gets them ready for viewing at any time. X-Ray is no longer just available for Kindle books, it can now display lyrics line-by-line as you listen to music and instantly show actors currently on screen thanks to integration with IMDb – these features all come in surprisingly handy.

HD 6 Pros and Cons

  • – Fast quad-core processor provides double the speed and three times the graphics quality of the previous model.
  • – Crisp and vivid 6” HD display, with over one million pixels.
  • – Two cameras – one on the front, one on the rear.
  • – Huge selection of digital content, from apps, games, TV shows, movies and music.
  • – Fantastic family features.
  • – Choice of five stunning colors.
  • Cheapest Kindle Fire Price!


– 8gb ($99) may not be enough storage, depending on your needs.
– Largest storage size is 16GB.
– No support for 4G.

Product Comparison: Fire HD 6 vs Fire HD 7

This Fire HD 6 Review will now look at how the product compares to a different tablet–the Fire HD 7.   The Fire HD 6 is the most affordable Fire HD model, with it’s big brother the Fire HD 7 being a more up-market alternative. Compared to the $99 price tag of the HD 6, the HD 7 starts at $139, and for this extra $40 you get a 7” screen, compared to the 6” of the  HD 6. Although this might seem like an improvement, the HD 7’s screen has the same resolution as the HD 6’s but with a lower pixel density (aka PPI – pixels per inch) of 216, compared to the 252 ppi of the HD 6 model.

The HD 7 has a larger screen but the higher pixel density of the HD 6 means that it will actually have a sharper screen resolution than the more expensive model. In contrast to this, the dual stereo speakers of the Fire HD 7 are unmistakably superior to the mono speaker of the HD 6, however unless you are an audiophile or simply want a larger tablet and screen there is really not much reason to purchase the HD 7 over the HD 6, especially when the latter is priced so well, and includes options for numerous Fire HD tablet discounts available online.


Q: What is included in the box?

In the box you will find your Fire HD 6 tablet, a USB 2.0 cable, a 5W power adapter and a quick start guide.

Q: Does the tablet have 3G/4G?

The Fire HD 6 and HD 7 do not come with 4G capabilities.

Q: How long does the tablet take to charge?

The device will charge in under six hours using the provided micro-USB power cable.  Third party power cables may increase charging time.

Q: What colors are available?

The tablet comes in five colors: black, white, citron, cobalt and magenta.

Can I buy a case for my tablet?

Amazon has designed a number of beautiful, form fitting cases which will protect your tablet while keeping it protected and  looking great. Third party options are also available.


This Fire HD 6 Review has attempted to determine whether or not the tablet is worth purchasing, and it should be clear by now that – yes – it absolutely is. If you couple the tablets’ advanced features, especially the crisp and stunning HD display, with the easily affordable price tag it becomes clear this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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