Compare Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle 6 TouchScreen 2014: Which Kindle Reader is Better?

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Tablets and ereaders come with diverse specifications these days as both types of technology evolve. A tablet isn’t the tool most serious readers prefer since they tend to engineered for other forms of media rather than reading. A good e-reader is every literature lover’s best friend which is why I’ve decided to compare Kindle readers so you’re informed about the Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Touchscreen debate.

The Kindle Paperwhite warrants Amazon’s current standing as one of the best providers of ereaders and tablets. The Paperwhite gets a lot of praise for its display, which is optimal for book lovers since it can be read at any time of day. This is due to its Carta e-paper technology and 212 pixel screen. The six inch screen provides the familiarity of reading a small paperback, but it’s actually lighter than most books. Aside from enjoying a good book it also has features that improve literacy by helping readers save new vocabulary words for easy access and review.

Much of the same can be said about the Kindle Touchscreen, which has been updated with a faster processor than previous versions and has similar features as the Paperwhite at a lower cost to the consumer. This reader is also lighter than most paperbacks, with dictionary capabilities to increase literacy and a quality screen. It’s the most Affordable Touch Kindle Ever.

Either one of these products is perfect for readers, and most people love the same things about both devices. Each device can carry a small library without using any sort of cloud storage device with 4 gb local storage (10,000 books), which is great for avid readers. Wifi capabilities make the Paperwhite and Touchscreen optimal for downloading new content, too. They share the same processor, so if speed is important to you then you’ll have to find a new deciding factor when choosing between the two.

Of course these two Kindle ereaders do differ in a few categories.

Battery Life

Both devices don’t require energy to stay on a page so their battery lives are very impressive. The Paperwhite is better in this category because it lasts about twice as long as the Touchscreen. The Paperwhite can run from 3 to 8 weeks on one charge, while the Touchscreen runs for about 2 to 4 weeks.


The Paperwhite takes the gold here once again. It’s a more expensive device so it has better specifications for the screen like the Carta e-paper technology and a frontlight. These specifications make the reading experience better for the user, and makes it more capable in different types of lighting. It can even be read in the dark.

The Paperwhite screen displays 212 ppi where the Touchscreen displays 167 ppi. Paperwhite screen is outstanding.


The Touchscreen is nice because it’s about $40 cheaper than the Paperwhite. Despite better specifications, you can read a Touchscreen under the same conditions you’d read a normal book. So if the extra amenities don’t mean much to you save your cash.


These devices share the same operating system, software and operate smoothly.

The main benefits of the Paperwhite is its capabilities of being read in various types of lighting. If you’re someone who travels on the bus where lighting isn’t always optimal this is the product for you. Travelers in general would benefit from the long lasting battery. If you took a month long trip out of state or out of the country you could potentially not even bring a charger. Also Paperwhite is slightly thinner.

Once again, the touchscreen is beneficial if you’re on a budget and don’t anticipate running into issues with lighting.

Common Features – Kindle Touchscreen and Kindle Paperwhite

– Design
The Paperwhite and Touchscreen have similar designs with a black frame and a screen.. The Touchscreen actually has a larger screen at 6.7” by 4.7” by .40”. The Paperwhite is 6.7” by 4.6” by 0.36”.

The Touchscreen is also lighter, weighing in at 6.7 ounces compared to the Paperwhite’s 7.3 ounces.

– Screen
Both offer 6″ touch screen. There are a few more specifications to note about these screens that the resolution is slightly different.

– Navigation
Users have found navigation easy on both devices. With the same software these devices both operate smoothly.

– Battery
Both support recharge battery with USB connection. It depends how you use them. One charge the Touchscreen will last 2-4 weeks and the Paperwhite will last 3-8 weeks.

– Price
Paperwhite: $119.00 versus Touchscreen: $79.00

– Storage
Both devices have 4GB of storage with unlimited cloud back up.

Pros and Cons of Paperwhite and TouchScreen

Paperwhite Pros:

-Front light installed for better lighting
-Great resolution
-Extra features that make its dictionary function superior
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Paperwhite cons:

– No page-turn buttons as Voyage
– No audio for audio books

Touchscreen Pros

– Low price for a lot of storage
– Great software
– Touchscreen
– Dictionary capabilities

Touchscreen cons:

– No front light installed
– No buttons
– No audio for audio books

Bought Customers’ Feedback

The Touchscreen has gotten mixed reviews, but customers are happy with it. The most common recurring negative feedback for this device is its lack of buttons for turning pages and activating its menu. Some customers feel as though the previous generations (Kindle 5) are superior for this reason. Overall, people are very happy with the product and recommend it for its superior storage and portability.

The Paperwhite has oddly similar complaints. Users of both device haven’t taken much notice of the differences between older models. However, its positive reviews are higher in volume than its negative reviews. People are huge fans of its interface and even more appreciative of its settings for different shades of light. Its adaptability to its surroundings coupled with its portability make it one of the best ereaders you can come by that isn’t also a tablet.

In the end I think I’d spend the extra $40 dollars on the Paperwhite. Despite these products being so similar, and the Touchscreen being cheaper, I think the amenities of the Paperwhite are well worth the extra cash. It has one of the best dictionary functions on any tablet which is really important to me as someone reads often. Plus it can be read at anytime in any light. The extra $40 really is worth it in the end. I have to say, comparing the Kindle Touchscreen vs Kindle Paperwhite, it is a close call. The Paperwhite would be my personal choice for an ereader, even compared to some of Amazon’s high-power tablets. While you’re shopping keep an ear to the ground for a Kindle Discount. Amazon is always offering promotions for their devices, so you’re likely to run into a great deal sooner or later.

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