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The Best Streaming Device and Media Player Out There: Should You Pick Amazon Fire TV?

In today’s technological era, we look to our technology devices to do practically everything for us. No matter the situation- we know that we can come home, stretch out on the couch, and catch up on our favorite television shows whenever and wherever we want, and now we can fit our favorite shows into our own time schedule. Why should you invest in something like Amazon Fire TV? In our search to find the absolute best streaming device & media player, we’re going to delve into some of the reasons that the Fire TV device is revolutionizing the way people are watching television, through one of everyone’s favorite companies- Amazon and their Prime services.

Do you play video games? Do you want to spend a large quantity of money on a device that you’re probably too busy to play? Or maybe you’re simply a mature, working class adult that works a full-time job and doesn’t have time to do much else with your day when you get home than simply kick back in your easy chair and watch a few of your favorite shows before you go to bed. Or maybe you have a full house and enjoy all the channels that Amazon offers– without the hassle of cable or satellite- which makes it one of the perfect gifts this year.


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Kindle Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her: Light Her Fire This Valentine with Kindle

I find myself fighting the whole idea of Valentine’s Day. A whole day, dedicated to cherishing your loved one, but shouldn’t you be doing this the whole year anyways? Plus, it’s very stressful. You never know what you should buy- should you settle with a typical gift for your lover like flowers or chocolate, or should you go for something unique, personalized, and sent with style and sensibility- which we’ll discuss more in depth later on- maybe indulging your special someone with these very personalized and important gifts is a little difficult after a busy holiday season. It’s important in these types of situations to provide the most thoughtful and unique gift to really provide the absolute best gesture to show her that you really, genuinely care.

Kindle Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day for Her

It’s hard to find a really sensational gift- but in the end it’s about gauging a person’s needs, and finding just the right approach to really bring her something she’ll love and cherish for years to come. It’s all about winning her heart, and bringing her something that really captures exactly how she feels, or what she enjoys. You never know exactly how she’s going to react, but we have a good idea of how her face is going to light up when you surprise her with these awesome Kindle valentine gift ideas for her!


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Kindle Valentine Gifts For Him: Make Him Feel As Special As He Makes You Feel

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your love for that special guy in your life and nothing says love like Amazon’s line of Kindle devices and accessories. They combine innovative, edgy technology with the ability to personalize and customize every device, making the entire line one big I Love You. Best of all, these are gifts he can actually use for years to come. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you have been together for years or are celebrating your first (of many)Valentine’s Days together there is something for every guy. If your looking for the perfect present to show how you feel then we have some great Kindle Valentine gift ideas for him.

kindle valentines day gift ideas for him - show him how much you love

Amazon’s Kindle Line: The Ultimate Expression of Love

When it comes to buying a Valentine’s Day gift for your husband or boyfriend it can often feel like an impossible task. It can be hard to strike a balance between meaningful and mushy, leaving many women feeling frustrated and anxious. You don’t want to be too traditional (cologne) or come off as too aloof (MP3 player) which is why Amazon’s Kindle eReaders, tablets, subscriptions and more are such a life saver. From their sophisticated line of Fire tablets to their vast library of movies and newspaper subscriptions, Amazon makes it easy to show your man just how much he means to you. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer:


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Special 1-Day Amazon Prime Membership Discount: Hurry Before It’s Too Late

Amazon Prime Discount and Deals

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and $69 for First Year Today ONLY

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for an Amazon Prime account now is the time to do it thanks to a 1 day Amazon Prime Discount. Today only (Friday, Sept 25) consumers can sign up and get a 1-year Amazon Prime membership for just $69 and they can also view their original series “Transparent” for free. “Transparent” recently won 2 awards at the 72nd Annual Golden Globes (including Best Comedy Series) which is why Amazon is offering this “prime” deal. This special offer, while enticing, is just one reason to become a Prime member. There are a lot of other perks to signing up , including expedited shipping, thousands of books and movies and of course, lots of great shows you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s see what Amazon has to offer.

Transparent – Amazon Prime’s Featured TV Programming

“Transparent”, starring Jeffrey Tambour (who won a Golden Globe for Best Actor) as a father who is trans-gender is just one of many shows available with a Prime membership. Amazon has created several new shows this past year and they can all be found exclusively on Amazon. You can also find many of the hottest shows on cable and network TV available for streaming as well, such as “Downtown Abbey”, “Justified”, “Pretty Little Liars” and more. These shows can be viewed on a per episode basis or by buying a season TV pass at a reduced price.


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Take Advantage of The Kindle New Year Sales – Conquer Your New Year Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and so are all the excuses not to keep them- unless you own an Amazon Kindle device. Amazon’s line of eReaders and tablets make even the toughest resolutions easier to conquer thanks to their affordability and versatility. They have everything you need to succeed right at your fingertips, from exercise apps to programs to organize and finish your business or school documents. If you don’t own one now is the perfect time to invest in one thanks to all the kindle new year sales that are available. Here’s how the Kindle line can keep you focused on your goals and make this the year you achieve success:

The Amazon Kindle PaperWhite

Looking to expand your knowledge and learn new things? Then the PaperWhite is the perfect tool for you. While this eReader does have internet surfing capabilities it’s focus is on reading thanks to a glare free screen no matter where you are. You can be riding in a car or out to sea on a boat with the sun glaring down and you will have no problems reading what’s on the screen, something no other device can give you.

There are also great features like a built-in dictionary to help you learn as you read and GoodReader, which can suggest books to you and tell you what your friends are reading.

That means you can read about foreign lands, learn new recipes or catch up on current events all from your PaperWhite. Plus, it has an extended battery that lasts for weeks and is paper thin, making it easy to just put it in your bag and go.


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