Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review

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If you are looking for an honest Kindle Paperwhite review, then you have just come to the right place. The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the coolest new Kindles to ever become available. It has gained quite a lot of attention since it has a quality touchscreen and a stunning illuminated display

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It truly is one of the best Kindles to become available. This Paperwhite version has a nice light that can enable you to read easily without eye problems. It was said that it has nearly 25% more contrast in its light than the other Kindles.

Kindle Paperwhite Review

Kindle Paperwhite Review

Main features of the Kindle Paperwhite

One of the main features is the 62% higher resolution than the past models like Kindle Touch. This alone makes it worthwhile since the past Kindles are known for ruining the eyes. This alone can be a big problem for most people. With the higher resolution, many people will have easier times using this Kindle rather than the others.

The turning of the pages has become a brand new feature since the pages are able to turn up to 15% faster than the past Kindles. In the past, the Kindle had to have several buttons, but with the Kindle Paperwhite, there are no buttons at all, allowing you to navigate throughout the entire gagdet using the nice touchscreen.

One of the other features that caught others by the throat was the Time to Read feature built into the Kindle Paperwhite. For example, the software will basically understand how you use the Kindle by counting how long it takes for you to read a chapter or how long it takes to finish a complete book. It is quite revolutionary, and only time will tell before everybody grabs one of their own.

Kindle Paperwhite Benefits

The main benefit is the fact that it still offers the same benefits as the original Kindles but with the additional features noted above. At least you can still do what you were already able to do with the others, but you can do everything faster and quicker. The illuminating screen is one of the main benefits for some people because of how tough it can be on the eyes to read a book on the past Kindles.

With the light on this one, you can easily enjoy reading at any time of the day.

In the past, I used to clip my reading light with my Kindle keyboard and Kindle Touch when reading at night.

Here are some other benefits worth looking into

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • No buttons, everything is navigated via touchscreen
  • Brand new lighting system to enjoy reading even at night or with too much sun
  • Not too big and not too thin
  • Priced relatively low for the Wifi version

This has been compared to the Nook Touch with Glowlight. However, it just doesn’t deliver as much quality light as this one. There are definitely benefits to both, but the Paperwhite has already been tested and proven to provide better lighting. The Kindle Touch has also been compared to the Nook Touch. If you want to buy the Kindle Touch, be sure to use a Kindle Paperwhite discount code during checkout.

It is pretty obvious that the Kindle Paperwhite is worth the investment. There are many people who are often shocked at the benefits involved when you get this wonderful Kindle. The new screen is known for truly delivering a paperwhite look onto the screen whenever you are reading. This makes it totally convenient for many out there who love reading at different tiems throughout the day. Hopefully this Kindle Paperwhite review has given you some insight on whether this is worth it for you or not.

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