Understanding Why Reading Books for Kids is Good For Today and Tomorrow

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Educators have been telling parents for years about the importance of getting children to read, especially when they’re very young. However, far too many people are still skeptical about it. They may not always make the connection between the early reading habits of their children and the academic problems that their children may experience later during their school careers. When parents know why reading books for kids is good in advance, they can completely change the course of their children’s lives.

Reading and Kids Intellectual Development

Many people are skeptical of signs of intellectualism today. However, it should be noted that reading isn’t just about absorbing information. The act of reading, especially for the very young, helps develop one’s memory, verbal ability, and even self-esteem.

  • The United States Department of Education has indicated that there is a correlation between being a voracious reader early in life and becoming a good student later, which is one of the main reasons why reading is good.
  • Voracious readers are also more likely to get into the careers that they want, with high incomes and stable job situations. They have a greater chance of earning more than eight hundred fifty dollars weekly by a factor of 2.5.
  • Voracious readers have an easier time developing new skills than people that aren’t voracious readers, and weren’t big readers early in life.

Reading to Children Before School

Parents ought to be involved with reading to their children before they enter kindergarten in order to ensure that their children receive all the reading benefits. Interactive reading between parents and children can augment the intelligence of children by as many as six IQ points, which is two fifths of a standard deviation. Parents that read to their children daily will ensure that their children will be at least one year more advanced than students that haven’t received the same advantages. Reading to children before they even start school reduces their chances of becoming dropouts by one third or one quarter.

Why Reading Books for Kids is Good

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Reading and Standardized Tests

The kids that score in the top two percent on standardized tests have read three thousand words daily on average, while their counterparts in the bottom two percent will have read around twenty words daily. Three thousand words really only equates to around six pages, so a little bit goes a long way. Success with standardized tests is an important part of succeeding at school in general.

The Information Age and Reading for Kids

It has been difficult for people that are illiterate or barely literate to get by for a long time. In the Information Age, trying to cope with having a very low reading level is going to be that much more difficult. It is true that videos and Infographics are very popular online. However, even accessing those videos and interpreting those infographics is difficult for people with a sufficiently low reading level.

Infographics and Reading

Infographics are exceedingly popular today like the one here. They are being used for the sake of public relations, reporting data, showing sustainability analyses, the results of marketing research, and a lot more. Displaying information in this highly visual manner automatically makes it more appealing to a lot of people. However, infographics really only enhance readability, allowing the viewer to absorb the information more effectively and more quickly. They got their start in academia.

Infographics are useful for people that are already skilled at reading and who simply want a way to memorize and absorb information faster, because they have a lot to read. The people that didn’t get a good head-start when it came to reading will still be at a disadvantage.


Parents must place a great deal of emphasis on reading to their children. If they wait too long, it will be too late for their children. Instilling good reading habits early in life can make all the difference for their children as soon as they start school and for the rest of their lives.

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