Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend: Kindle the Love!

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valentine kindle gift idea for boyfriendLadies, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Have you thought about a gift for your boyfriend yet? Men are not into flowers, candy, or cheesy stuffed animals, so you are going to have to be a little more creative with your gift purchase. Men love their gadgets, so if you really want to win his heart this Valentine’s Day, consider buying him a Kindle: the best Kindle Gift Ideas for Boyfriend. This is the perfect gift that is sure to please him and “kindle” your love!

Once you have decided on this perfect gift, you’ll need to explore your options. There are several different kinds of Kindles to choose from. Each one has specialized features, so read on to determine which Kindle best meets the needs of your lucky man.

Kindle Paperwhite (Perfect Valentine’s Gift 2016)

Kindle Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

The Kindle Paperwhite offers the closest experience to actually reading a book over any other e-reader on the market. While it does offer basic touch screen web browsing, this reader is mainly for the man that truly does enjoy simply reading his books and magazines.

The bright backlighting and black and white pages are perfect for reading in dim-lit places. However, the designers have also made sure this gadget does not glare in the sun, so reading outside on the beach is definitely an option! The settings can easily be adjusted to meet your boyfriend’s needs: light control, back buttons, reading options, font sizes, X-ray feature, and share options. The reader is extremely intuitive, so it is very simple to navigate. If your boyfriend is not into the frills and accessories of some gadgets, this reader is a great Valentine’s gift idea!

Kindle HD 10

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The Kindle HD 10 is the crossover into more of a true touchscreen tablet experience. With fast performance, a long battery life, a light-weight design, and built-in Wi-Fi, this is a great option for the man looking to do more online. The screen is perfect for reading, watching videos, playing games and browsing the web. The colors are vibrant, and the audio is exceptional for tablets of a similar caliber. The home screen is scrollable for easy app and content access.

This Kindle is for the middle of the road type of man who enjoys more content consumption in addition to his reading. This gadget is easy to use and navigate with an average amount of bells and whistles at a great price.

Winning his heart with the Best: Kindle HDX

The Kindle HDX offers the most bang for your buck! If you want to give your man endless options for work and play, this is the best gift you could give him this Valentine’s Day. This tablet has many features:

  • Light & thin frame (374 g, 7.8mm thick)
  • High resolution display (8.9” 2560 x 1600 IPS LCD)
  • Multiple-day battery life
  • Powerful speakers
  • Fastest processor (2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800)
  • Huge storage (64 GB)
  • Camera (720p)
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Wireless: Built-in Wi-Fi or At&t / Verizon capability
  • More Features

This little marvel is perfect for the man who wants it all: gaming, watching movies, taking pictures, web-browsing, using apps, reading, listening to music, and so much more!

kindle gift ideas for boyfriend on Valentine Day

Personalize the new Toy: Kindle Cover

Once you have picked the perfect device for your main squeeze, you will need to purchase a great cover to protect this gift. For the rugged and outdoorsy man, look for hard and durable covers. If your man needs his tablet for the office, there are many that have a more professional appearance in a softer cover style. Whichever one suits your man’s needs, make sure you remember to buy one in his favorite color!

Kindle the Love

For your final act of love, surprise him by personalizing the gadget. Here are some great ideas to win his heart this Valentine’s Day:

  • Preload his favorite ebooks or magazines.
  • Purchase games and apps that he will love.
  • Download your favorite songs that will remind him of you!
  • Take some sexy pictures for a great surprise.
  • Download his favorite movies.
  • Personalize the settings, so whenever he is on his tablet, he will be reminded of you!

Kindle Valentine Discount

Not only is the Kindle the best gift idea for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, it is also a smart purchase. With the Kindle Valentine Discount, this great gadget is even more affordable. You will want to act fast to take advantage of this great savings option by making your purchase before Valentine’s Day. So, don’t delay, February 14th is coming soon!

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