Kindle Daily Deals 4/8/14: Four Kindle series that you can get lost in

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I love a good series, and Kindle always has so many to offer.  Today’s deals include not one but FOUR book series that you can lose yourself in until Spring (finally!) decides to show up.  Three of the series are virtually complete on today’s Daily Deals, and one is here to whet your appetite.  So what are you waiting for?  Dive right in!  “Seriesly”!

The Potbellied Pig Caper (A Jennifer Gray Veterinarian Mystery)

  The “pig” mystery in Georgette Livingston’s delightful series about the adventures of Jennifer Grey, small-town veterinarian.  Jennifer finds herself feeling sorry for Julia Mock, a mysterious widow who has just come to town.  When Julia dies in a freak car accident, Jennifer feels even more sorry for her.  And when it becomes apparent that it wasn’t an accident, Jennifer finds herself in the middle of the mystery once again.  A delightful read with no language or sexual content–just good clean fun.

Sanctum (Guards of the Shadowlands, Book One)

  The first of three (one yet to be published) in the Guards of the Shadowlands series, Sanctum is a dark fantasy about the power of friendship and determination.  Lela Santo’s best friend Nadia has accidentally killed herself, and she is now in the “dark city”–hell.  Lela is determined to get her out, but Malachi, the captain of the guards, seems determined to thwart her plans.  Is he trying to keep her from getting out–or is he trying to save her from being trapped there?  A dark, complex book that will leave the reader anxious for the next book.

Fractured (Guards of the Shadowlands, Book Two)

  Book Two in the Guards of the Shadowlands series.  Lela finds herself, along with Malachi, back among the land of the living.  It soon becomes apparent that everything is not as it seems.  Human-like creatures, known as Mazikin, have arrived in Rhode Island, and Lela must stop them from taking over before it is too late.  This second installment has some strong language and descriptive violence, so it’s best left to older teens and adults.  No word on the third book yet, but we will let you know when we see it!

The Cowboy Takes a Bride (Jubilee, Texas)

  Everyone loves a good romance.  Especially a good cowboy romance!  In this first of the Jubilee, Texas series, Joe Daniels wakes up in a horse trough to find a very citified woman staring down at him.  His goal?  To get rid of her ASAP!  That is, until he finds himself fighting his attraction to her!  A delightful tale of love, loss and cowboy hijinks that will make you laugh, cry and want the next book!

The Cowboy and the Princess (Jubilee, Texas)

  Brady Talmadge is footloose and fancy free, and the last thing he needs is a princess, right?  Annie Costa (Princess Anabella) is on the run from an arranged marriage, trying to experience everything she’s ever wanted in life before she is married and it all goes away.  When the two meet, and share a wild, breathless kiss, Annie realizes that Brady is everything she’s ever wanted.  But how can they make a life together with the palace guards on their trail?  This second book in the Jubilee, Texas series is every bit as much fun as the first.  Now where did I put that third book?

A Cowboy for Christmas: A Jubilee, Texas Novel

  Lissette Moncrief has just smashed her car into Rafferty Jones’s pickup truck.  She is determined not to be swayed by his “whole lot of handsome”, but what she doesn’t know is that he is there in town specifically to meet her.  His less-than-honorable intentions are soon turned on their ear by Lissy’s beautiful green eyes…and he is determined to make this a Christmas to remember.  This third and final (dare we hope for more) book in the Jubliee, Texas series is delightful and will leave the reader hoping that there is a fourth book out there somewhere!

Hidden (A Bone Secrets Novel)

  Our last series for the day takes us deep into the world of Lacey Campbell, a forensic odontologist for the state Medical Examiner…and serial killer survivor.  When she arrives at a crime scene and identifies the remains as those of her college best friend, she soon finds herself in a race against time to catch the killer as all of the prosecution witnesses from her ordeal 10 years ago are murdered one-by-one.  This first installment of the Bone Secrets series takes the reader deep inside the mind of a serial killer…but will you be able to get back out?

Buried (A Bone Secrets Novel)

  Chris Jacobs is the lone survivor of a school bus full of children that vanished 20 years ago.  His terror at being found by his kidnapper has driven him into hiding, but when the remains of the children are discovered–minus one–people are suddenly searching for him.  Michael Brody’s brother is the one child who has never been found, and he is hoping that Chris might be able to help.  The only link to Chris is his sister Jamie, and together she and Michael set out to find Chris before it’s too late.  Book two in the Bone Secrets series is every bit as chilling as the first…you might want to leave the lights on!

Chilled (A Bone Secrets Novel)

Brynn Nealy is a forensic nurse on a search and rescue team.  Alex Kinton is a former US marshal with self-destructive tendencies who is searching for the man who killed his brother.  When a plane carrying the suspect crashes in the Cascade Mountains, Brynn and Alex find themselves working together to find the man who apparently escaped the crash, and Alex soon discovers that his feeling for Brynn threaten his vigilante justice intentions.  Book Three in the Bone Secrets series is a “chilling” read.

Alone (A Bone Secrets Novel)

  Dr. Victoria Peres is called to a disturbing crime scene, where six young girls have been perfectly arranged in a circle, wearing beautiful white dresses, and left for dead.  Only one of them survives, and she is fighting for her life.  When Victoria discovers that the perfect arrangement of the crime scene is a mirror for a decades old cold case, she finds herself racing against the clock to figure out the connection…and stop the killer before he strikes again.  This fourth installment of the Bone Secrets series is a creepy, fantastic read that will leave you hoping that there is a fifth book in the works!

That’s all for today, friends!  We hope that at least one of these series caught your eye and gave you some good reading today!  Tell us in the comments below–what is your favorite Kindle series (either profiled here or elsewhere) and why?  Maybe we will feature it here on our blog in the future!

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