The Hottest Kindle of New Year 2015: Get The Best Amazon Has To Offer

Fire HD 8: Under $60 only and Fire HD 10 (the Tablet of 2018) with $30 off Deals Today!

It seems like everyone these days has a tablet or a smartphone, and if you don’t, you’re severely limited on your communication abilities. Virtually no one is limited by desktops or land-line phones; and with all of the new technology at the great prices you can find easily on Amazon, you’re seriously missing out on a ton of options and features that become more and more useful in every day applications – who doesn’t want to read great books on-the-go, take pictures, watch movies, check your e-mail, store all kinds of information, listen to music, and stay connected with everything you want to- Facebook, Microsoft Office, Gmail, Outlook, Calendar functions and much, much more. Plus, Hottest Kindle eReaders and Fire Tablets are becoming more and more powerful.

Even within Amazon products, there are a wide variety of options. You could purchase a basic e-ink Kindle Paperweight or Voyage, if you’re just looking for basic functions or if you want to read or take notes, and these high resolution, super thin readers are perfect for some; but if you want a little more power and versatility, you could go for the higher specs tablets that Amazon offers that rival the power of Samsung and Apple. All of these devices are super light, and they’ll never slow you down. They have exceptional battery lives and have superior resolution and clean, small bezels; most with optimized button layouts and charger port placements. With quality tablets, you want them to disappear in your hands, not be exceptionally bulky; and this is where Amazon excels.

Hottest Kindle for 2014 that You Can’t Miss

Kindle Paperwhite with 4gb (Our Best Seller 2014)

Hottest Kindle of The Year

The Kindle Paperwhite is thinner than a pencil and half the weight of a paperback; and almost half the weight of the smallest iPad, meaning you’ll feel comfortable holding it in any situation. The Paperwhite has sharp, dark text that reads exactly like the printed page with double the comfort, plus all the fonts have been hand-tuned by designers to maximize your readability and comfort on your eyes, even at the pixel level.

Plus, on all Kindle devices you can write in the margins and take notes on all your favorite parts – or if you’ve got a long assignment you can mark important spots in the text; plus you can even export data from your device to your computer, sharing highlighted sections and meaningful quotes easier than ever before, as well as share passages with other Kindle readers and look up difficult words instantly! Technically speaking, the Paperwhite is 6.7″ by 4.6″ and is less than a half an inch thick, weighing less than 8 ounces, and it holds over a thousand books and has completely free storage for all Amazon content on the Amazon network. All of this, for about a-hundred dollars, it’s one of the best Reading Investment. Buy Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Voyage 6″ High Def – Paperwhite 3rd Gen (New in 2014)

Kindle Voyage - Best eInk Reader

The Kindle Voyage is step up from the Paperwhite, with over 300 ppi display and completely re-imagined page turns and completely adaptive front light. It is even thinner than the Paperwhite, and comes with Kindle Unlimited completely free for 30 days. With laser-quality text, and PagePress sensors you can turn the page without actually having to turn the page. It has absolutely no moving parts- so no distractions.

Read even more comfortably than with the Paperwhite; plus the Kindle Voyage comes free with Wi-Fi access and AT&T hotspots all across the globe, plus you can lend your books to other Kindle app users for up to two weeks, and borrow books from your local public library. The Voyage even has enough power to completely download a title in under 60 seconds, with no computer required. At a full inch smaller, the Kindle Voyage clocks in at 6.4″ by 4.5″ and is even thinner than the Paperwhite, with over 4 GB of storage, which translates to thousands and thousands of books.

Buy Kindle Voyage

Now, we’ll scratch the surface on the tablets that Amazon has to Offer:

Fire HD 7 2014 Model (Best Fire Discount 2015 )

Fire HD Free Shipping Day Sale

With a beautiful 7″ HD display, you can watch crisp, vivid HD display on over a million pixels, making it perfect for apps, movies, TV, games, photos- anything and everything you can imagine. It’s also complete with front and rear cameras and you never have to worry about storage space with the unlimited cloud storage available on Amazon. With an impressive 1.5 GHz processor, this inexpensive tablet will give you the load balancing you need with power efficiency you crave, with 2X’s the speed and 3X’s the graphics of previous generations of Fire HD products and virtual Dolby Audio Surround sound, and all the reliably you expect from an Amazon product. It also comes in a wide variety of colors to match any and all styles. The HD 7″ starts at $119 and measures 7.5″x 5″ and is a mere half inch thick, and can store either 8 G or 16 G, depending on your needs.

Fire HD Tablets for Your Kids

With a Kid-Proof case, over 5,000 kid-friendly titles, and a worry-free guarantee, this awesome Fire HD comes in a great kids edition that won’t make you pull your hair out for around $150. This is a real tablet, not a simple toy, but it’s built for even the toughest kids, and it comes with a 2-year worry free guarantee that you won’t find on any other tablet product.

The Kid’s Edition comes with exclusive FreeTime Unlimited services for a year for completely free so your children can access all the books, educational apps, movies, shows, games and more- and it’s built from the ground up with any background color imaginable and fonts that change to a kid-friendly design; making it easy for kids to navigate visually through content based on any amount of characters or topics- and parents can even play with their children’s tablet by exiting FreeTime mode with a pass code- accessing everything else Amazon has to offer!

HDX 8.9 Fire Tablet – Large Screen as iPad

This top of the line tablet starts off around $300, but has an impressive 8.9″ screen at over 339 ppi, with a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor that provides blazing speed for any application you might have- plus the battery lasts over 12 hours, blowing most other tablets out of the water. The Fire HDX comes with dual stereo speakers and a built in microphone to give you all the sound you could want, plus complete 4G technology, built right in. With a huge storage capacity of 64 GB on the most advanced model, you’ll never run out of space, and you’ll have over 33 million shows and movies at your fingertips. Measuring in at 9.1″ by 6.2″; the Fire HDX boasts thicknesses comparing to that of a Kindle product, plus it has Amazon’s signature “Mayday” button so you never have to worry about getting lost and help on your tablet device.

Kindle Trend and Latest Technology

There are ton of choices as far as tablets go, you could get an Android or an iPad, but then you have to wonder about quality. Buying a Kindle tablet gives you the chance to scan thousands of reviews and easily access all the features you want or are excited about simply by scrolling the information on the internet, instead of worrying about buying a tablet and never really knowing what it can do and about all the technical specifications that make the tablet so useful.

While there are a ton of options out there; we’ve provided a few of the very best deals with the most power to get you started on your quest to joining technology- or maybe just picking up a great new tablet that you won’t spend an arm and a leg on. Plus, the newest models of tablet that Amazon has to offer have a service called MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) to pump your mobile wireless needs to the max with over 802.11 ac technology- allowing it to peak at bandwidths around 600 Megabytes per second- a blazing 4 times faster than previous generations, and faster than most other tablets on the market, with additional Verizon 4G coverage right from your device, making them more affordable than ever for you.

Let’s Start Off With a Few E-Readers that Amazon Has That Are Far More Superior Than Competitors:

When you’re looking to read, a tablet simply cannot compete with the options that superior reading e-books provide:

No Glare, Even in Bright, Direct Sunlight

Unlike your basic reflective tablet scree, Kindle e-ink Readers have absolutely no glare like reading on paper books, so if you’re on vacation, sitting by the pool, you can read; if you’re on the road, and you’re reading from the back or passenger seats, you never have to worry about not being able to see your screen or even have to worry about adjusting it in an awkward position to see the screen any time you want to read – definitely a positive.

Wont Tire Your Eyes in Dark Situations

Another cool feature for these Kindle products is that they are front-lit screens instead of simply being back-lit like other tablet models so you don’t have to strain your eyes to read at night, or worry about doing damage if you’re spending long amounts of time, immersed in your favorite book. Plus, the excellent screen is matched with complete brightness control so you can modify it in any light.

Don’t Get Distracted

Spend all your time immersed in your favorite book, indulging your love of reading instead of getting interrupted by annoying alerts or notifications. This is great because when the focus is on simply reading, battery life is unmatched by any other type of technology that you might want to read on, because the battery can last up to eight weeks, even if your brightness is up to the highest setting, so you don’t have to charge it every night, and it will be great to use any time, anywhere – no other tablet can compare with that much versatility and freedom from plug-ins.

Did I Mention The Incredible Battery Life?

Kindle Readers are incredibly efficient and bring you a multitude of options with unbelievable battery times. Not only do they last forever when you’re not on WI-fi; but they also won’t leave to tethered to your power cord in the wall. There’s no need to charge these beauties every night, not even every week! On average the battery life for these products will last approximately 8 weeks, so you just have to charge it every month. What other electronic device has a battery capacity and life that compares while providing a power consuming task like an e-reader? On mobile devices, reading a book can drain your battery within hours- not on these devices. If you plan on reading a lot you’ll definitely need a Kindle.

Awesome Features

Kindle products offer Amazon’s exclusive X-Ray for books that lets you see the backbone of the books, relevant ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places, and even topics of interest. You never have to struggle through your books to remind yourself what happened and it’s extremely easy to learn about books before you start them. You can further enhance your vocabulary, and even share your library with friends! Kindle products are far more versatile than people give them credit for.

With the prices you find here; this will become your go to site to find the best deals imaginable. Don’t search any further than here to find anything you could imagine when purchasing the hottest kindle or Amazon Fire tablet this year. These tablets are perfect for every single member of your family with all kinds of unique profile options and set screen time limits for kids with Amazon’s FreeTime application – so you don’t have to worry about your children getting to delved into the screens of their technology. It’s perfect for husbands, wives, kids & grandparents; even lovers with these great deals and all the things you can do – if you have several devices you can even share the books, movies, and content across every single device in your household so everyone is as connected to the world as you are.

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