Sony Tablet Z4 and Xperia M4 Aqua Hands On Review: Sony’s Stunning Addition to MWC 2015

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It’s hard to find a mobile or tablet device that REALLY fits your needs. At the same time, new devices are coming out all the time that offer amazing things, and special features that the designers hope will meet your every whim.

Meet the Sony Z4 and Xperia M4 Aqua

This makes it difficult to make an informed decision about a product. The Mobile World Congress exists to give us all a taste of what different corporations have to offer, and in Sony’s case, they’re no different. Sony is famous for releasing a new device every six months or so, and realistically, we expect a lot from an established household name: the highest specs, the best graphics, space, and design, as well as a bunch of features that dazzle our senses and ensnare our attention.

At MWC, we found that it was the tablet that’s actually more revolutionary than the phone, with an amazing 2,560 pixels by 1,600 pixels– giving the viewer an amazing 300 pixels per inch. The Z4 is lighter than the iPad Air, and runs off of Android Lollipop, and offers “a premium laptop experience” for your tablet device. Even more, it has an amazing 7,000 mAu battery capacity, so your battery lasts a long, long time.

Sony Tablet Z4- High-End, Great Build Quality

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With a 10.1 inch display and a design that’s so thin that it’s slightly bendable, the Z4 leaves nothing to the imagination as Sony bares it’s tablet at the world, displaying a large variety of features that tablet officiants and those in the business world are sure to take note of. The back-light and overall clarity of the device are impressive too- you can see virtually everything on the screen from any angle that you look from, and there’s no light quality leak- it’s all very clean, self-contained, and well-designed.

These products were dreamed up with a large amount of available accessories that you’ll absolutely love- like the waterproof silicone Bluetooth headset SBH70 to enrich your viewing and listening experiences, and an awesome keyboard, complete with touch-pad mouse so that you can utilize your tablet more like a laptop to get more done. The Android 5.0 operating system is easy to use, and streamlined to make your experience more enjoyable without a lot of bloatware, which is definitely an important feature.

Completely Waterproof, Plus The Thinnest and Lightest on the Market – The M4 Aqua

One of the absolute coolest features about the Xperia M4 is that it IS completely waterproof- so you don’t have to worry about ruining it as easy. Plus, it’s powerful- equipped with a 13 MP camera with 2.0 aperture and Sony OmniBalance design to make it easy on the eyes and sleek in your hands. It’s got cap-less charging, and several different color options as well as a powerful qualcomm snapdragon processor with lots of power to spare for a wide variety of intensive apps and games.

Is it a time to upgrade your Android smart-phone too?

The M4 was designed to represent Sony’s dedication to quality without compromise, and the features that it provides show the merits of this dedication- the two day battery life is superb, the design is flawless, and the price is relatively affordable, which is nearly as important as the device itself. The designers developed it to be as subtle with the hardware that it contains as possible, as well as giving users the freedom to use their phone how they want, with ingenious features configured to manipulate battery life.

Xperia STAMINA Mode Optimizes Your power Usage – On Your Tablet and Your Phone

Sony understands the need to live life uncharged, so they provide programs to maximize your battery- even up to a week without a charge- eliminating everything but the most core functions. These specific features are only made possible because of the powerful processor that divides the processing of your central CPU into eight octa-cores to give your phone the boost of speed that it needs to seamlessly access videos, downloads, maps, emails. pictures, social media and music in a way that is as lag free as possible.

We really like the Sony Tablet Z4 as a personal tablet and fashion gadget.


Both of these products have exceptional build design, and they set the highest standards out there for quality design. You can’t leave anything up to the imagination- and we feel like Sony has done excellently with these durable, well thought out products: Sony Z4 and Xperia M4. This attention to detail put them at the top of our list at WMC 2015.

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