The Perks Having Of A Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet For Your Everyday Needs

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How technology has advanced is way beyond what we, especially I, have imagined it to be. From the very first computer to the mobile phones, computer games and even the tablet, innovative machines just won’t stop popping up like mushrooms. I basically have had my share of of good and bad gadgets over the years. And I admit that every time a new model, brand or even version comes out in the market, it excites me like a little child on a Christmas day. Well, get to think of it, even children nowadays are more adept in the world of technology compared to us “older” peeps. One very good example of a gadget that I am very much excited to boast about is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet. Hope this Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet Review can tempt you to grab one.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet: Your All-in-One Buddy

Amazon is yest again taking part in sharing this amazing tablet form Samsung. Every Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4-Inch Tab Review everywhere would justify that this tablet is one that you should purchase right away without hesitations. And believe me when I say that the Samsung Pro 8.4 Tablet could just beat the iPad mini in all possible ways there may be.

At  $369.00, you won’t go wrong. For you to be able to make a decision on whether to get one for yourself or not, below are a few things that might make it easier for you.

Your Very Own Portable Hand-Held Computer

In this ever evolving world we have plus the technology that comes along with it, it is truly very convenient to have something very close to a desktop computer or laptop. If you are usually in a rush to edit a document or go through some files or unread emails and if you are one of those (I am guilty of this), who is more of a mini gadget-bringing geek, then the Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet is meant for you. Everything is literally accessible and doable from the tip of your fingers

A Quick Look Into Pro 8.4’s Package

To sum up the Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet has an awesome high-resolution, 8.4-inch display for vivid detail. It houses an Android 4.4, KitKat OS and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor for undeniably great performance and packed with a 16 GB on-board memory. You can even add up to 64 GB memory with its microSD slot. The battery life can reach up to 6 hours on a single charge. And if you are the busy-bee type, it has a Multi Window feature that allows you to view two apps at the same time. Taking photos and videos would be easy since it has Rear (8MP) and front (2MP) cameras for photos

You Multi-Tasking Collaborating Neighborhood Tablet

Whether you are a simple home body or a on-the-go professional, the Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet has everything that you need to deal with your technological need. The following are just a few of what you can take advantage of with this tablet:

  • Multi Window View for Two Apps at Once: Having two applications side by side at the same time on your tablet is not very possible with Samsung’s Multi Window feature. the coolest thing is you can use the same app and open it twice. You can work on two email, check two different websites and the works. With just one swipe of your thumb, you can access all your Multi Window apps and jump to your favorites without releasing your grip.
  • Multi User Mode That Allows You To Share Your Tablet: This really come shandy if you love to share your tablet with everyone. Its multi user mode lets different users log in separate which allows you to each see only your own apps, backgrounds, and even email.
  • The Universal Remote Control Function: I think this by far is the coolest thing a tablet has. The Galaxy Tab Pro has a built-in IR blaster. It allows the tablet to be a universal remote control. The Samsung WatchON feature enables you type in your zip code and cable provider. This in turn allows you to browse and search current TV listings. It can get more personalized through recommendations based on your viewing history.
  • Business Apps For A Productive Output: Samsung e-Meeting and Hancom Office Suite are just two of the amazing apps you can make use of for your business needs. Even without Wi-Fi the Samsung e-Meeting lets you share your screen with coworkers. These are powerful apps for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations with support for common file types for people who are on the go. And with the Samsung Mobile print app, wireless printing is built right into each app and an optional keyboard dock.
  • Built-In Cameras for Photos and Video Chats: Whether its for a selfie or a meeting, this tablet is equipped with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera., the Galaxy Tab Pro lets you take photos and video chat with friends and family members and even co-workers.
  • Read Books, Magazines, Textbooks, and Enjoy Hulu Plus, Google Play Credit, and Dropbox Space: Continue reading your favorite books and magazines with this 359 pixels per inch, the Galaxy Tab Pro. This handy tablet is so light that you won’t even consider putting it down to stop reading. Aside from those you can also enjoy different Galaxy Perks such as free content and services, including a $25 Google Play credit, three months of Hulu Plus*, 50GB of Dropbox space, GoGo In-Flight internet access, and many more.

The Final Verdict

It is a given fact that not everything is perfect. Surely, every machine would have some flaws that eventually paves way to the development of better machines or gadgets. This Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Tablet Review does not emphasize that this tablet is perfect but it does express a wider perspective of what this table is all about and why it should be one of your best choices.

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