Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK Review: Sinking or Swimming – Tablet Extraordinaire or Just a Budget-Buy

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With a 7-inch slate tablet that boasts the latest and greatest from the Samsung’s Tab 4 technology, $200 of free content, a seamless integration with the B&N stores and many exciting features, is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook a price steal or a tablet lemon?

Find out here in our in-depth product review where we talk about all its myriad features, benefits, drawbacks and more!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

Barnes & Noble still seems to be in the race – the race of tablets and e-readers, that is. To compete with Amazon, Barnes & Noble have released another NOOK tablet in collaboration with one of the bigwigs of the tablet franchise – Samsung. We bring to you the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK review – in vivid descriptive detail.

You can either buy it online or from Barnes & Noble retail stores. It has apparently been introduced as the first android tablet that has been optimized for reading.

Barnes & Noble, the largest retailer of books in the US, has always been one of great significance and a name synonymous with browser-friendly casual bookstores, even outside of the states. But due to the rise of book-lovers choosing to buy books online, and even downloading them, Barnes & Noble was fast losing footing in the books market.

So, to get their reader traffic back and to drive more sales to their books, they decided to, instead of making their own tablets, team up with a third-party company for higher profits. And they scored big with the technology giant Samsung.

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder – The Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

In the looks department, the tablet doesn’t seem to differ much from the existing Galaxy Tab 4 7.0. True to the spirit of all the other Samsung tabs, this too is available in a shale-like black and pearly white colors. Chrome plated, with curved edges, it has firm home and back buttons set onto its front panel and the faux-leather casing adds a certain sophistication to it. Also, we have to remember, this is the first Nook that has two cameras, the rear camera with 3 MP and the front with 1.3 MP.

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NOOK Special Features & Functions

1. A Bookworm’s Dream Come True: Okay, so if you love to read books, this is a gadget that might be of interest to you. On purchasing the NOOK you end up getting many best-selling books and magazines for FREE. This device will change your entire reading experience with its cutting-edge technology. You even end up getting customized recommendations with access to reading exclusive collections. They also provide a wonderful number of interesting books for kids.

2. Technical “Marvels”: The Samsung tab boasts of a sharp 7-inch TFT touch screen, a quad-core 1.2 GHz Marvell processor and a whooping 1.5 GB of RAM. It also offers 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also has a built-in GPS which enables all the location based apps to help you with a host of practical functions.

3. Multi-Tasking: The multi-window feature in this tab, like in the rest of the Samsung tablets, is immensely helpful and using two apps at once was never easier.

4. To Each His Own: If under any circumstances, you have to share your tablet with your family, don’t fret, there will be no invasion of privacy – neither on their part nor yours. This slick tablet from B&N and Samsung lets you and each of the members of your family create their own profiles, where they get to personalize the items they want to keep aside for themselves and away from prying eyes.

5. Nook This, Nook That: To give the user a true Nook-like experience, the tablet includes 3 Nook apps: Nook Search, Nook Shop and Nook Today. Nook reader however has been added onto the firmware itself. Nook Search helps you look into your Nook cloud; Nook store used to buy all sorts of books, magazines, games and apps; and Nook Today lists the latest Barnes & Noble bestsellers and provides various periodicals for preview.
Quite intriguing, we say!

Loving it! – The Best Features of this Stunning B&N NOOK tablet that You Will Love:

1. The design is beautiful with a bright screen to compliment it. It is sleek and the resolution is not too shabby at all at 1280 x 800, that yields a picture of 216 ppi.

2. The Nook app on this device is much better than the regular Nook app for android.

3. And who can say no to free books, magazines, apps and games?

4. For its size, it is pretty light to hold, which is a relief when compared to the other bulkier Samsung devices.

5. It also provides full access to the Google Play Store -all your favorite apps and games can be yours with the latest Samsung NOOK tab.

6. Unbeatable Discount Online.

Not Loving it That Much – The Cons:

1. The storage space is an issue. With only 8 GB of internal storage and an expandable memory of 32 GB, it barely does justice to the awesome features and apps of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK.

2. The cameras aren’t too great either. Despite the fact that the resolution is really good, the camera fails to impress, both the front-facing 1.3 MP and the 5 MP rear one.

3. For a latest app-savvy reading device like this, with heavy configurations, the battery life doesn’t help – drains out a bit too quick and the tab tends to get sluggish at times.

4. Cold-booting takes about 25 seconds while both the NOOK and Samsung screens show up.

NOOK or Fire HD? – The Comparison Section – Read, Think Before You Buy

When compared to the Amazon Fire HD 7 (2014 model), the Samsung Nook tablet falls short in some places and then rises in some.

1. The Fire HD 7 boasts of a quad-core processor of 1.5 GHz while the Samsung Nook falls a little short at 1.2 GHz

2. Where the Samsung tab has an issue with the storage, with only 8 GB internal and 32 GB extendable memory, the Fire HD 7 provides with an unlimited cloud storage space for all Amazon content and photos taken.

3. Where both the devices provide the facility for the users to create different profiles, the Fire HD 7 takes it to another level whereby it lets two profiles share content with each other.

4. The Fire HD tab has kids books from Amazon but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK has zillions of interactive kids books – straight from your trusted Barnes & Noble store.

5. It provides for a MUCH better reading experience with its brilliant resolution and display.

Ask, and You Shall Receive – FAQ

So, obviously you must have typical buyer’s questions you’re dying to ask before you make a choice. Let’s make it easy for you – here are a few questions that will resolve your queries:

1. What should I do if I think there is an issue with the NOOK’s battery?

The battery of any device is essential to having all the fun with it, no doubt. You have to remember that under no circumstances are you supposed to even attempt to access or replace the battery on your own. If you think there is an issue with the battery, then you can call customer service at 1800-843-2665. You need not worry as the battery of the device is covered under the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

2. I have a lot of Bluetooth accessories that I usually pair with my phone and my other tab; will I be able to pair them with the NOOK device?

The NOOK device supports Bluetooth so that you have no difficulties pairing any Bluetooth device with it – including but not restricted to keyboards and speakers. If you are looking for a list of Bluetooth devices that are compatible with the NOOK, you can contact your local Barnes & Noble Store.

3. How should I clean the colored touch-screen of my NOOK device?

To clean your touch-screen using a lint-free micro-fibre cleaning cloth is your best bet. Using any kind of cleaning agents or even letting your screen come in contact with moisture might end up damaging it.

4. Can anyone access my NOOK or is it password protected?

The NOOK device does not have password-protection enabled by default but you can always add a PIN, gesture or password to protect your profile from getting accessed by anyone.

To add a password, PIN or gesture Open your Settings app, and go under the Device tab. On the left hand column of your screen select “Lock Screen” and then on the right hand column select the “Screen Lock” option.

Now select whichever screen lock control you want to se and just follow the instruction the screen enable password protection on you NOOK.

5. I accidentally purchased the wrong book and I wanted to know if there are any refunds for books, periodicals or apps?

You should call customer service at 1 800-843-2665 and ask them what can be done about it.

Our Thoughts About This Popular NOOK Tablet – Less Grump, More Glee!

There are mixed reviews about the product – though most NOOK-lovers seem to be on the positive side. Even though the resolution might not be as sharp as some would have preferred, they still love the device. Also, unlike other devices, this tab does not get hot to touch when it’s working. The fact that it is almost the size of an average book is very endearing to most book lovers and reading enthusiasts.

Agreeably people have a little issue with the storage capacity of the device as there are more tabs available in the market with a lesser price (check for Galaxy Tab NOOK discounts online to get some rebate on the $179 price quote) and more storage capacity. Some folks seem to have a clash of interest when it comes to the battery life of the device. Some say that the battery drains quickly, but others seem to disagree and swear by its unending supply – intriguing!

For some Samsung and NOOK tablet users, utilizing the tab for just reading purposes is working out really well -what with $200 of free content in the form of many downloadable magazines, ebooks and apps.

Our Final Thoughts – Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK Review – To Buy or Not to Buy – That is The Question

If you do decide to purchase this versatile NOOK tablet, you should prepare yourself to be blown away. This lightweight reading device is a joy to behold. The camera might be a little off the mark, but nonetheless, its one wonderful device with all its myriad features and functions. Reading books on it is a pleasure that is not usually experienced in the usual eBook readers, with its dazzling display that is bright and crisp. Watching movies and playing your favorites games is also really enjoyable.

The speakers need a little work, but then again if you plug-in your headphones you’ll barely notice that. And of course, not to forget the $200 of free books, magazines, apps and games that Barnes & Noble offers all its faithful customers.

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