Kindle Paperwhite: How to use Dictionary and Translating Text

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This is the third installment in our Kindle Paperwhite How-to series.  Here, we will discuss utilizing the built-in dictionary and text-translation features that some standard with your device.

To use the “dictionary” feature, press and hold the word in question, then quickly release.  The definition will pop up at the bottom of the screen.  There are also “x-ray” and “Wikipedia” features available.  To see these, simply tap the appropriate tab.  To close the dictionary window, tap the screen anywhere outside the window and it will disappear.

How to Highlight and Trigger Dictionary

While you are reading, you can highlight a word or portion of text and translate it to a different language.  In order to use this feature, your Kindle device must be connected to a wireless network (if you have 3G capabilities, then this will suffice).  While you are reading, press and drag to highlight the text that you want to translate.  In the pop-up menu, tap “more”, then choose “translation” from the available options. 

Your device will automatically detect the original language, and then select the language that you would like to translate the selection into.  There are approximately 16 different languages available, including Chinese, Dutch, Hindi, Spanish and several others.

Share via GoodReads, Facebook, and Twitter

Within this same set of options there is the option to share a quote or passage via Goodreads.  Simple hold down and highlight the portion of the book that you wish to share and tap “share” on the pop-up.  A link to Goodreads will appear.  There is an option to type a message to your readers, and it will be included with your text. 

At the bottom of the pop-up are options to share your quote to Facebook and Twitter at the same time.  Simply check the appropriate box, and as long as your device has been connected to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your quote will appear.

We hope you are enjoying your new Kindle, and getting the most out of it that you can!  Check back as we continue our Kindle Paperwhite How-to series, bringing you the very best in content and information to help you navigate your new device!  If you have any questions, leave us a comment below and we’ll try to find the answer for you.

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