New Kindle Paperwhite 2015 Review

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Introducing the Kindle Paperwhite 2015 Model, a new device that allows users to experience the best reading clarity technology known versus any other kindle device. With this device users are able to get a clear visual of the screen, even through situations that causes glare. It includes an excessively high contrasting Next-gen built in light and with a battery that lasts up to eight week, so expect long life of high quality resolution production throughout.

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These are just a few important features included with the New Kindle Paperwhite 2015. As this article gets into more of the Paperwhite’s important product features, a list of upgrades of the New Kindle Paperwhite as compared to the previous Kindle will exhibit, along with benefits of the newer version.

Features of the New Kindle Paperwhite

X-Ray: *Exclusive* The bones of the book – explore just the book’s pages that specifies relevant ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places or interested topics.
Adjustable Text Sizes: Reading customization – adjust text sizes to fit your reading preference. There are eight sizes in total to choose from.
Hand-Tuned Fonts: Style customization – adjust text’s style with high quality text lettering that fits your preferred easy on the eye type of style. Six font styles in total.
Bookmarks and Annotations: Study time – type in any type of note(s) throughout the text that you think is important to mark. This way you cannot only study but create a memory marker for easy returning to marked location.
Notes and Sharing: Study Groups – highlight key sections of reading and share them on social media networking site as Facebook and Twitter, directly from Kindle Paperwhite.and much, much more….
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Upgrade technology features of Kindle Paperwhite from previous Kindle technology

  • Newer Display Technology – higher contrast and a more clarified screen
  • Next Generation built-in-light – a much more comfortable lighting on the eyes especially during times of long reading schedules
  • Faster Processor – pages turn much faster
  • More Storage – 4GB – Thousands of Books are stored.
  • Better touch technology – much more accurate responses to a more sensitive touch
  • Kindle Page Flip – ability to skip page by page, by chapter or directly to the end without losing your current reading spot.
  • Smart Lookup – a full dictionary with Wikipedia
  • Vocabulary Builder – Any words that user looks up on Kindle Paperwhite will be automatically added to an access list which can be used to quiz the user.
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A few key benefits of the Kindle Paperwhite

No glare during bright sunlight experiences – an advantage feature compared to your typical smartphones and tablet devices.
• Makes viewing its screen in the dark less stressing on the eyes – instead of using a backlit light that shines light directly towards the eyes, it uses a next-gen front light that directs the light to the front of the screen. Much easier on the eyes.
• Battery – one battery charge lasts up to eight weeks, based on a half and an hour reading time schedule per day.and more…

New Kindle Paperwhite 2015 model Review

The New Kindle Paperwhite is filled with great features and benefits and an absolute convenience to own. If you are a reader, you would definitely benefit from this device. If you have owned the first version of the kindle Paperwhite, you would absolutely love the upgrades that has been done, and will feel absolutely comfortable when reading for any situation, whether for a school assignment, for fun or just to kill time.

The Kindle Paperwhiteis definitely a reading technology device that was thoughtfully produced with the consumer in mind.

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Take advantage of one of the newest and most improved reading technologies (I’d claim this is the best e-ink ebook reader in the market 2015) to hit the market – the New Kindle Paperwhite 2015. Convenient reading capabilities that consumers can appreciate and love for every reading situation that must present itself. A definite enjoyable and effective reading device that will light up the scoreboard against any of its known competitors.

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