Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 Tablet Rumors: What to Expect in New Tablets

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Mobile World Congress 2014, the world’s largest mobile device show, is about to launch in Barcelona, Spain and this year promises to be very exciting and many fine tech brands will be showing their best new tablets.

There are many rumors about tablets to be announced at Mobile World Congress 2014, here are some of the great devices that are expected from major brands, such as, Nokia, Sony, LG, Google, Samsung and the smaller up and coming company Huawei.

MWC 2014 Tablet Rumor News
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Interesting, according to Android Pit, Nokia will present a couple of new devices. The Lumia 1020 and 2520 tablets. Both devices will run Android. One device is said to have an 8″ screen, time will tell.

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There are also rumors that Samsung will announce a new operating system as an alternative to Android, called Tizen. This new OS is backed by Intel and other big names in the tech world and supposedly it will be part open source and part owned by owned by Samsung.

As you may know, Galaxy NotePro 12.2 has been announced at CES 2014 and available today.

Don’t expect you will see any new Samsung Tablet announcement at MWC 2014 this year.


Great news for Sony Xperia lovers! At last year’s MWC Zony announced the Xperia Tablet Z, which impressed the pros because it was innovative for an Android tablet and was well made with a sleek design. This year its rumored that Sony will release an updated version that might be caled the Xperia Tablet Z2 at the 2014 MWC. leaks about the release abound the web, and some of the likely features will be a nice 10.1″ high res screen, 800 quad core processor, Snapdragon OS and two cameras.

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LG is rumored to release a new 2014 version of the Nexus 10 tablet that was created in partnership with Google. There is also talk that LG might launch a competing product to Google Glass, called Glasstic.


Little details are available, but Google just might reveal a new version of its Nexus 10 tablet.


Huawei went a different way and decided to release a teaser video that discusses a new tablet that will have a super battery that will have a very long battery life they are talking days, not hours! Along with several smartphones, the company plans to launch a new Android tablet with 4G support.

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Ubergizmo reported what to expect from Samsung MWC 2014, at least as per the rumors, the Korean juggernaut

may release its next generation flagship… This week we also heard a rumor claim that Samsung has

three new tablets up its sleeve, all of which make up the Galaxy Tab 4 lineup. All of these products are now

expected to be unveiled alongside each other at Unpacked 5, this according to a new report in a major Korean publication.


MWC 2014: What to Expect From Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG And

Mobile World Congress 2014 is shaping up to be a massive show this year with plenty of huge news from major

phone makers – we break it all down. Sony  Xperia Z2 and Xperia Tablet Z2 Possible. Sony is also

holding a press The company has hinted support for rumors that the phone will be called the Nokia X,

and we expect to hear a lot about the strategy behind why it chose Android instead of Windows Phone and what

Microsoft’s reactions to the move are.


I am very excited about MWC as CES 2014 this year. There were not many impressive tablets announced at CES except the Samsung Galaxy NotePro. Probably the tablet market is pretty saturating. If you wanna get one, you probably bought 1 or 2 last few years.

The Tablet market growth will be limited and slow-down this year, unless there are any technology break-throughs. Everyone has been talking about Wearable and Internet-Things as Next Big Things.

MWC 2014 Digital Tablet Rumors that there are some 4K LCD screen tablets announced at MWC. I’m not surprised as it’s way-to-go as Hardware upgrade this year. The Tablet Competition is even firing up this year.


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