Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70 and Tab 2 A8 at MWC 2015- Viva the Sound Revolution

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By this point we’ve all bought a cheap tablet and been depressed with the quality we received, from lackluster specs to lifeless, tiny and less than enjoyable sound. Luckily for buyers, Lenovo is releasing a model that might very well change the way we look at Lenovo devices for years to come. Sunday, at the world conference, Lenovo showed it’s two new devices, the Tab 2 A8 starting out at a hundred and thirty dollars, and the higher specs Tab 2 A10-70 for a mere two hundred dollars.

Lenovo TAB 2 A10

Credit by Lenovo Press.


If you like to listen to music on your tablet like we do, you’ll be truly impressed by the Dolby Atmos 3D sound technology- especially if you’re using ear buds or headphones when you’re in between business meetings, killing time before your next flight, or just lounging around the house.

You’ll hear the sounds with live action- from the front, from the left and right sides, and even above behind and ahead to give you an amazing experience that you can’t forget- especially when you’re used to inferior sound.

Plenty of Resolution and Power to Meet Your Needs

If you’re worried about sacrificing power for sound, you can rest easy knowing that both of these models have impressive resolutions (the Tab 2 A10 tops out at around 1920 x 1200 pixels). What’s even cooler is that the Tab 8 LTE version even includes two SIM slots for GSM or 4G LTE, so you could even convert your highly functioning, easy to operate and afford, high quality tablet as a larger-than-average phablet. It really is a fully functioning device that won’t cost you an arm and a leg when you’re looking to expand your technology collection.

Lenovo TAB Technical Specs

While the camera on these devices is nothing to write home about at 8 mega-pixels, the operating systems run off of the patched and upgraded Android 4.4 KitKat initially, upgrading to the newer Lollipop format later on after release. It’s not too thick, plus it’s light and versatile at around a pound.

The Lenovo packs a decently powered quad-core processor that delivers speed where you need it at 1.5 GHZ with about 10 hours of battery life before the A10 needs to be charged again. You’ll also get 16 GB of space with your purchase, so you can keep any space-consuming files like movies or games without having to worry about cleaning everything out.

What To Look For:

Lenovo TAB 2 A8

  • If you’re looking for a sleek, streamlined tablet, the Lenovo offers smooth performance at a low price
  • When you’re looking for excellent sound quality, the new Tab 2 8 and 10 inch models bring advanced Dolby Atmos sound without a high price tag, so you’ll get surround sound without spending hundreds more
  • Fully operable with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor that meets your needs while providing power you can count on to run dedicated apps and movies
  • 10 hour battery life to fit into your busy lifestyle
  • Light and versatile
  • 16 Gigabytes of information to store everything you’d ever need
  • Can be used like a phablet, making it a cheaper upgrade than most phones on the market
  • Relatively inexpensive for the specs- even the LTE version is less than $200.

Why You Should Consider the Lenovo Tab 2 A10 or Tab 2 A8″

When you don’t really care about specifics and you need something as a second device or for your family, the Lenovo is perfect.


With an HD display, crisp sound and a quad-core processor, you’re really not missing out on anything. You’ll have a hard time finding a better starting model than this one- and if you’re joining the phablet revolution, this tablet provides an excellent, cheap alternative to other, exuberantly more expensive models.

It’s going to be available in a wide variety of color options too:

-Pearl White
-Midnight Blue
-Neon Pink

So it’s as customizable as you are. Comparatively speaking, the Lenovo Tab A10-70 has a massive 7000 mAh battery, so it’ll stay alive for over 15.5 hours so that you can enjoy everything that you new tab has to offer as well as a shiny new operating system in Lollipop 5.0. You’ll love this model- you just have to wait until June to get your hands on it. You’re going to love the way it operates and feels in your hand, how it operates, and more importantly you’re bound to love the price tag.

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