Kindle 6 (Touchscreen 2014 edition) Review: Is it the Best Budget Kindle Reader?

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Since its launch in 2007, The Amazon Kindle has consistently been rated as the world’s best e-reader, and although it has gone through many transformations and improvements, quality has never been compromised. The Kindle Touchscreen is the newest member of Amazon’s Kindle lineup (6th generation), and will be released on October 2nd, 2014. Features a touch design with no buttons, an easy-to-navigate interface, and options such as highlighting and dictionary, making it easier than ever to look up definitions and mark them for future reference. Even in sunlight, the touchscreen display is glare-free just like a regular paperback, however unlike a typical paperback, the Kindle (2014 edition) is small and light enough to fit in your pocket.

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The Kindle 2014 will retail at $79 without special offers, which include sponsored screensavers and deals for upcoming Kindle titles, or just $99 without special offers. Always running out of space for books on your bookshelf or in your bag?  This tablet is the perfect solution.  It has 4gb of memory and can hold up to 3,000 books.  You can even borrow Kindle books from your local library.

For readers on the go, the battery is fully charged in approximately 4 hours using a USB cord attached to a computer. A fully charged Kindle will last up to one month with the wireless turned off, assuming around 30 minutes of daily reading time. Even with wireless on, the Kindle will remain charged for an impressive 3 weeks.

Kindle Touchscreen Features

1. Design

The Kindle Touchscreen boasts a stylish, thin design with an easy to use touch sense navigation system. You can take notes, highlight important text, and flip pages easily. The 6 inch display with Pearl e-paper technology helps eliminate eye strain, making it a great gift for anyone who enjoys reading anytime, anywhere.  The Kindle 6 also includes an audio feature for those who are visually impaired or enjoy listening to audiobooks.

The new design is wonderful for children too. At about the width of a standard pencil, and weighing only 6 ounces, there are no bulky books to carry! As with all Kindles, the Kindle 6 is a dedicated e-reader, meaning children will stay focused without the distractions of a computer or internet.

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2. Useful Tools and Programs

Define unfamiliar words or concepts instantly using The New Oxford American Dictionary, X-Ray and Wikipedia, and keep the definitions close at hand with the built-in list system.  The Kindle 6 is an excellent study tool as well.  The built in time sensor allows the device to predict how long it will take you to finish a book or chapter.  Your time is personalized based on your reading speed and automatically updates itself as your reading habits change.

Just finished reading a book that you can’t put down? Share what you are reading with friends and other book lovers on Goodreads. You can also rate books you’ve read and look at other users’ recommendations.

Use the X-Ray tool to take a deeper look into the book. Find all relevant passages about a topic or character. X-Ray is also useful for reminding yourself of what has happened in the book if you haven’t read it in a while.

The Kindle 6 is a multilingual device, with instant translation provided by Bing Translator.

3. Affordability and Value

The Amazon Kindle 6 starts at only $79. For this price you can save up to 3,000 books on your device. Consider the cost of 3,000 paperback books, not to mention the storage space required for that many books, and there really is no comparison. It is less expensive than older Kindle editions, such as the Kindle Paperwhite, so if you have been holding off on buying a Kindle due to price, now is your chance!

Compare to Kindle Paperwhite 2014

The Kindle is Amazon’s lowest priced e-reader. The Paperwhite is considered to be a high-end reader because of extras such as 3G and WiFi, and a built in light that aids in nighttime reading. Both the Touch and Paperwhite have the same 6-inch screen, and hold the same amount of books. If you are looking for a great e-reader at an affordable price, the Touch is the obvious choice.

Another tradeoff to consider when debating between the Touch and the Paperwhite is audio. The Touchscreen offers the ability to download audiobooks, while Paperwhite does not. The cost of a Paperwhite with WiFi is $119, while a Paperwhite with WiFi and free 3G is $189. If internet connection is not a concern for you, and you want the option of audiobooks, the new Kindle Touchscreen is decidedly the better value.

The battery life of the Kindle Touchscreen is 4 weeks with wireless off vs. 8 weeks for the Paperwhite. If you keep in mind that most people are typically not very far away from the ability to charge any device for a great length of time, charging time is really not an issue and in any case 4 weeks is still an impressive amount of time for battery life.

Kindle 2014 Pros & Cons


– Price. The Kindle Touch starts at $79.
– The screen size for each is 6 inches, and the battery life is the same, making this a great deal.
– Weight. The weight of a new Kindle Touchscreen is 5.98 ounces compared to 7.5 ounces for the Paperwhite with WiFi only. They are both a similar size, but the Kindle Touchscreen is more portable and fits easier into smaller pockets or crowded purses.
– Sound. You can listen to audiobooks and files on the Kindle 6, however this feature is not available on the Paperwhite.


– The Paperwhite gives you a choice of Wi-Fi or free 3G network, while the Touch only offers Wi-Fi.
– The Paperwhite features a built-in reading light, while the Touch does not.
– The Touchscreen features 167 ppi resolution vs. Paperwhite’s 212 ppi.
– Battery life: The Kindle Touchscreen holds a battery charge for up to 4 weeks with wireless off vs. the Paperwhite, which holds a battery charge for 8 weeks.


Q: What is new about the Kindle 6?

-The Touchscreen display has a new easy to use interface, and makes features like highlighting, dictionary, and notes easier to use. The 4gb storage size is double that of it’s predecessor, and features Kindle exclusives like Kindle FreeTime, Goodreads and X-Ray.

-The new Kindle Touchscreen has slightly bigger dimensions, at 6.7 inches vs. 6.5 inches. The screen has remained at 6 inches.

-There are no buttons, meaning the new Kindle 2014 is entirely touchscreen.

Customer Feedback

Overall, customers are impressed with the current Kindle 6th edition (which is equal to the Kindle Touch 2011 edition). One customer has chosen not to upgrade to the Paperwhite because of the lack of audio. The lack of backlight on the latest Kindle is one reason that some customers prefer the Paperwhite. Depending on your reading habits, the Paperwhite is excellent for reading in bed, but the Kindle 6 is perfect for being on the go. There are pros and cons to both devices, and it depends on your own habits which one is best for you.

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