Your Kindle Paperwhite How to Use Guide and Manual

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Now that you’ve figured out the basics of your new Kindle Paperwhite, it’s time to start discovering what else you can do with your new device.  It’s great for reading books, magazines and newspapers, and if all you ever do with it is read those things you’ll have gotten your money’s worth.  You can do a LOT more with it, if you just take the time to learn a few tips and tricks.  We’ll try to cover some of the features that make your Paperwhite unique and give you some ideas for getting started.

How to adjust the brightness

Your device is designed for optimum reading in all kinds of light settings, and is designed to reduce or eliminate eye-strain.  With a built in front light system that guides light toward the display, you can safely read even in very low light settings without hurting your eyes.  To adjust the brightness on your Paperwhite, simply tap the small light bulb symbol located on the Home screen.  This will bring up the light bar and allow you to adjust your settings for your particular needs. 

Higher settings are recommended for brightly lit rooms, while lower settings allow you to read well in dark rooms.  Once you have determined the perfect setting for your current location, simply tap the light bulb again to close the light bar.

Watch this Paperwhite Tricks and Tips Tutorial.

How to access the menu

At the top right side of the Home screen is a small icon with three horizontal lines.  Tapping on this icon will bring up the menu and allow you to shop the Kindle store, utilize Kindle Free Time, access the Vocabulary Builder, change the view on your screen, sync your device and create collections.  You can also go into Settings from the menu and switch your device to airplane mode, join Wi-Fi networks and register your device. 

The Device Options setting allows you to put a passcode on your device, enable parental controls, change the language on your Kindle and personalize your device.  Reading Options include language learning, social network management and notes and highlights management.  To exit, simply tap the Home icon at the top left of the page to return to your home page.

How to add a PDF

You can easily send documents to your Kindle, and have them at your fingertips when you need them.  Under the Settings tab on the menu (three-line icon at the top right of your homepage), you can tap on Personalize your Kindle.  At the bottom of the page you will see “Send-to-Kindle email”.  Your Kindle email is listed there.  Documents can be sent and retrieved from this email address and downloaded to your device.

How to add books

There are a couple of ways to add books to your Kindle Paperwhite.  The first is also the easiest.  Simply go to, choose the book that you’re looking for, click the “Deliver to” icon to the right of your screen and select your Kindle, and the click “Buy With 1-Click”.  When you go back to your Kindle, your book will be there waiting for you. 

You can also add books directly from your device.  If you have a Goodreads profile, and have a “Want to Read” list, you can click on any of the books on your list and it will give you the option to “view in store”.  Click on this, and it will take you straight to a page where you can buy the book. 

How to archive books

Depending on the storage size of your Paperwhite, it may not be wise (or even possible) to keep all of the books in your collection on your device.  The solution to this is to archive the books that you are not currently reading.  Doing so places them in the Cloud, and when you want to read one you simply find it in the Cloud and download it to your device.  Archiving a book is quite simple.  Hold your finger directly on the book that you want to place in the Cloud for about five seconds.  A screen with several options will pop up.  One of the options is “remove from device”.  Click on this and your book will transfer to the Cloud, where it will remain until you want to read it.  As long as you have purchased the book (Kindle Unlimited books do not apply here) your book is yours to keep and remains in your Cloud. 

How to use the dictionary

Your Kindle Paperwhite comes equipped with a built-in dictionary feature.  To activate it, hold your finger on the word that you’re looking to define for a couple of seconds.  The dictionary will open automatically.  To close, just tap anywhere outside of the box.  The dictionary feature also includes a link to the Wikipedia definition for the word that you’re looking for as well.  You must be connected to Wi-Fi in order to access both of these features. 

What is the x-ray feature?

When you are reading a book, if you tap the screen near the top of the page, a toolbar will come up.  One of the options on the toolbar is “x-ray”.  Tapping on this will bring up an “inside look” at the chapter of the book that you’re reading.  Notable passages, character profiles, unfamiliar terms and images (if the book is illustrated) are available in this feature. 

How to bookmark a passage or page

In the before-mentioned toolbar is a tab to the right of the page for bookmarking a particular passage or page.  Tap on the bookmark image and it will turn dark, indicating that you’ve marked that page.  If you have done so in error, simply tap it again and it will clear the bookmark. 

How to remove ads from your Kindle Paperwhite

Depending on the unit that you’ve purchased, your device may come with an ad feature.  This can be removed, but there is a cost.  Go to the “manage your devices” page in your Amazon account and click on your device.  An options box will open and you can click on the “+” sign for more information.  Click “edit” and follow the instructions to unsubscribe from the ads.  You will see a one-time payment for this service, and will be allowed to either confirm or cancel this transaction. 

If you choose to confirm it, then your credit card will be charged, and the next time you open your device in a Wi-Fi zone, the process of unsubscribing will be completed.  The cost is relatively minimal–for my device it was $20, which is worth the price of not dealing with the ads on your homepage.

Your new Kindle Paperwhite is a marvelous device, allowing you to carry an entire library in your purse or backpack, connect to Facebook and email, and manage and store documents for further use.  While we have highlighted some of the major features here today, there are certainly more and we will continue to update this site, in order to help you get the most out of your new device.  In the meantime…Happy Reading!

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