Kindle Paperwhite (3rd Gen) 2015 Review: Fall In Love With Reading Again

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Just when you thought Amazon’s line of Kindle devices couldn’t get any better comes the release of the all-new Kindle Paperwhite 2015. This edition of the classic Paperwhite takes all the great features of the first model and adds to them to create a truly superior e-Reader that takes reading to the next level. From improved clarity to a special new font developed just for Kindle the all-new Paperwhite is a must have for anyone who loves to read. We’ll take you through all the great features of this new model and show you how the Paperwhite 2015 will take your reading experience to the next level.

kindle paperwhite 2015

The Kindle Paperwhite 2015: New & Exciting Features

What makes this version of the Kindle so special? Plenty, thanks to new features that make reading a book, magazine or newspaper more enjoyable and easier to do. Let’s take a look at each new feature and explain how it helps you when you read:

•Improved Display With a Higher Resolution

The all-new Paperwhite has a 300 ppi display, which means pages are sharp and crystal clear. The 300 ppi is double the original to give you the best display possible to read without eye strain. No other e-Reader has as high a resolution and comes close to delivering the laser sharp text that this device does. This is a big plus because you can read any text in any light easily and comfortably.

•Exclusive Bookerly Font

Amazon created the Bookerly font exclusively for the new Kindle Paperwhite so users can see the words on the screen more clearly. This font was specifically designed for digital screens and is just the right size and boldness for easier reading. It is modeled after the fonts used in written books, but is completely original and was built stroke by stroke to best suit the e-Reader format. With this font words flow better on the pages, making for more fluid reading experience. This means you can read more pages in less time and your eyes won’t get tired.

The All-New Paperwhite’s Other Key Features

In addition to the new font and improved resolution the Kindle has a few additional features that really make it stand out from other e-Readers. These include:

Lightweight Design: This device is ultra thin and weighs less than a paperback book, so you can hold it comfortably in one hand for easy reading. This is great for those who read while commuting by bus or train or likes to jot down notes while reading. You can even sit back with a nice cup of coffee without having to put your book down. Convenience and style all in one.

Ready to Go In Any Light: With it’s glare free screen and built-in front light you can use the new Paperwhite anywhere. You can sit on the beach with it without having to fight the glare of the sun or read in bed without waking your partner. The front light is adjustable and unlike traditional back-lit readers it wont shine directly in your eyes, giving you a well-lit, but soft light that won’t hurt your eyes.

Tons of Reading Materials at your Fingertips: With this Kindle you have access to hundreds of thousands of books, magazines and newspapers. Some are free, many are lower than $2.99 and over 2 million are less than $9.99, which are great prices for today’s hottest books. Plus, you can try Kindle Unlimited free for 30-days, giving you access to over 800,000 titles for free. Finally, your device can store thousands of books without slowing it down, so you have instant access at anytime.

Smart Look-up Helps You Read Better: With this feature your device uses the built-in New Oxford American Dictionary, along with Wikipedia and the X-ray function to help you look up information about what your reading without losing your page. You can hover over a word or phrase to find out what it means or where it originated from. If you hover over a character name you can access it’s backstory or how they connect to other characters. A great way to truly understand what your reading and follow plot lines more easily.

Share With Family and Others: You can jot down notes in the margins of the Kindle as you read, then share them, or passages you select, on social media with others. With Goodreads you can connect with people from all over and and learn their book recommendations, exposing you to a whole new world of titles. You can also share what books you are reading and suggest titles to family and friends.

Extended Battery Life: The Paperwhite’s battery can last up to one month on a single charge, so you don’t need to constantly be by an outlet. No worrying about losing power at the best part of a book or it going dead on the train, making it truly portable in every sense.

• Kids Can Enjoy it Too: With Kindle Free time your child can read books in a safe environment and will only have access to appropriate materials. Parents can also keep track of new words they learn and how long they spent on each section of a book to help them improve their reading skills. For just $2.99 parents can have unlimited Kindle Free time for their kids, giving them use of thousands of titles.

The Benefits of The All-New Paper-white

What makes this Kindle a must-have? Well, in addition to all the great features we mentioned, there are lots of benefits to owning one of these devices. Among the many benefits are:

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It Enhances Your Love of Reading

Since you van take your Kindle anywhere with you you have the time to read again. you can use it on your lunch break, between classes or pull it out while the baby is napping and re-discover your love of Since it’s not a tablet you won’t be distracted by email notifications or web surfing. The Paperwhite is all about reading, so you can get lost in a book and concentrate on what you’re reading.

Access to Different Materials

With hundreds of thousands of titles you can learn about new places, teach yourself a language or finally learn to cook. The point is this Kindle gives you access to all sorts of materials from allover the world, so you could find out you love foreign books or share your joy of mysteries with friends. It broadens your horizon’s and those around you.

Stylish Protection

Your device will always be protected if you get one of the stylish, colorful covers. The covers are made of durable, pliable materials and fold back so you can still use it with one hand. Also, when you close the cover your Kindle automatically goes to sleep to conserve battery. they come in lots of colors and can slip on and off easily, but stay in place when on.

The All-New Paperwhite vs The Original Paperwhite

The Original Paperwhite (2013) and the all-new 2015 Paperwhite are similar in many ways, but the new generation has some enhanced capabilities. Both give users an ideal reading environment, with clear screens and an easy to hold design. They also both have access to Kindle’s complete library and let users jot down notes and look up facts. However, the 2015 Paperwhite has a better screen resolution (300 dpi), so words stand out and are even easier to read in any type of lighting. Also, the exclusive Bookerly font makes words just flow across the screen, so reading is easier than ever. This is something you won’t find on the first generation and is why the new Paperwhite is the better choice.

The All-New Paperwhite vs The Voyage

Compared to the Kindle Voyage the all-new Paperwhite is more affordable and offers almost all of the same features. They both have a 300 ppi display and are slim and lightweight. They also each have a front light that is easier on the eyes and eliminates glare. the only function the Voyage has that the Paperwhite doesn’t is PagePress, which lets you turn pages without lifting your finger. However this feature isn’t necessary and not worth the jump in price: the Paperwhite is $119 and the Voyage is $199.

Frequently Asked Questions

to make sure you understand everything the all-new Paperwhite offers, here are some of the most frequently asked consumer questions:

Q. How many books can the device hold?

A. The Kindle can hold thousands of books at the same time without affecting performance. You can also store reading materials in The Cloud, so your storage is unlimited.

Q. What Kinds of Titles are Available?

A. There are an unlimited number of titles on every subject, from romance and mystery to cooking and physics. You can learn about any subject in any language, as your device can convert any text into any language of your choosing.

Q. Can anyone use It?

A. Yes, it is easy to navigate and use, with lots of extras to make your reading experience more pleasurable. You can learn new words or find out what the author’s thought process was, all at the touch of a button.

The all-new Kindle Paperwhite 2015 takes everything users love about the original and builds on it, creating the perfect e-Reader. Kindle understand what readers want, giving them the clearest screen possible so the words stand out while eliminating glare and eyestrain. Consumers will love all the enhanced features that make it easier to understand books and will love how affordable it is. It is truly a one-of-a-kind device and offers so much at such a great price. It will definitely have users falling in love with reading all over again.

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