The Kindle Oasis 2016 Review: Premium Quality and High Demand

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As the owner of a Kindle- several, to be precise, I thought I’d seen it all, but boy, was I wrong. Amazon unveiled it’s newest Kindle today and from the jaw-dropping design to the jaw-dropping price, it definitely surprised and impressed me. Called the Oasis, it’s sporting a funky new design and packed with enhancements and improvements that readers everywhere will love and appreciate.

To give you a sense of what it has, what is does and what it can do for you, check out my Kindle Oasis Review. I’ll breakdown the features and explain why it’s worth that $250+ price tag- because it definitely is!

The Benefits of Owning A Kindle

Kindle Oasis front home page

If you never owned a Kindle, or an e-Reader of any kind, it’s important to understand why and how they can improve your life. E-readers in general are great because they make reading accessible and easy anywhere. Here are some benefits to owning one:

Easier Reading: They have specialized screens to make reading in any light- dim or bright- easy and gentle on the eyes. For those with eye problems, or elderly users, this is a big bonus as it makes the whole reading experience smoother.

Also, for those who spend a lot of time outdoors- the glare free screens make it a snap to read in the brightest daylight.

Easy Access:You can read the day’s paper or catch up on your favorite novel instantly, right through your device. Just download and read- no stopping at the store or library to get what you need.

Kindle Oasis reading at cafe

Everything in One Place: Instead of carrying multiple sources of reading material, all you need is your Kindle. Your paper, magazines and books are all right their- just touch the screen and you are immersed in a whole new world.

Damage Free Materials: Mo more worrying about ripping or wrinkling pages- or losing a book or page. The Kindle even backs up your materials and keeps track of where you left off.

Convenient to Carry & Use: You can slide it in your bag or jacket pocket- no having to squeeze or roll up your paper or magazine to fit it in your bag.

You can hold them with one hand- pull them out on a crowded train or airport and read without hassle and without bumping anyone.

Plus, they have wifi internet access, so you can download and buy Kindle Books anywhere. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member you have access to thousands of free books, magazines and papers.

The Key Features/Benefits of the Kindle Oasis

Now that you see how an e-Reader can make your life better, let’s look at what the new Oasis can do for you by examining its key features and benefits:

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Ergonomic Design

20% lighter than any other Kindle, and 30% lighter, the Oasis is a dream to hold. It has an ergonomic, tapered handle that mimics a book spine, so it fits naturally in your hand, for an easy, secure grip that makes reading anywhere a snap.

It also uses a sturdy frame and glass so it can takes bumps and bruises without breaking or weighing you down.

Charging Cover – Innovative and Premium Kindle Cover

Kindle Oasis with Leather Charging Cover

The Oasis comes with a premium leather charging cover – so you are powered up anytime. You can charge the cover and tablet together, then when you head out the cover will kick in and automatically charge your device when it starts to run low. So no more worrying about losing power right in the middle of that exciting chapter.

High Resolution & Premiere Lighting

Featuring a 300 ppi latest e-ink display and equipped with 10 LED lights, the Oasis provides you with a crisp, clear reading surface that transcends any other device. The added LED lights give a more even reading surface and eliminates glare and strain on your eyes.

Unlimited Book Access – You have a Library in Hand

A Woman Reading a Kindle Oasis

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You can download books in under a minute on the Oasis, no waiting. Also, if you don’t have an amazon Prime account you can still download for free using the Public Library app or through the Kindle book sharing app.

Extended Battery – No charge for a month

The addition of the charging cover takes this device to the next level, giving you months of uninterrupted battery life. So read until your hearts content- there’s nothing to stop you.

Customized Touchscreen

The 6″ touchscreen can turn pages with a simple press of a physical button or by using the touchscreen- whatever is easier for you.

The Kindle Oasis Review: Pros & Cons

To help you decide how the Oasis fits in your life, let’s examine the pros and cons of owning one.

Oasis Pros

There are a lot of positives to owning a Kindle Oasis. To start, it has an improved screen, so it’s easy on the eyes whether you have 20/20 vision or not. Bright sunlight or an overcast day, either way you can see easily and clearly. A great selling point for the elderly or those who wear glasses.

It also has a slim, book-style design that makes it convenient to hold in any setting. So you can read while standing on the bus or laying in bed. The screen can swivel to any angle, so you can read where you want.

Plus, it has a extra long battery life, so you don’t need to worry about having to recharge while your out.


The one down side to the Oasis is the price tag. At $289 it is pricier than any other e-Reader, but with all the advances and improvements, it is money well spent. Plus with the current Kindle Oasis Discounts available, it is more affordable.

The Kindle Oasis vs The Kindle Voyage

The Oasis shares a lot of similar features with the Voyage, but it is their differences that highlight why the Oasis is the better choice. Both devices have a 300 ppi display, 6″ touchscreen and glare free screen for easy and convenient reading.

However, the Oasis also has 10 LED lights, as opposed to the Voyage’s 6, for enhanced visuals and clarity throughout the page. It keeps the lighting consistent, so you don’t need to shift or adjust to see any part of the page.

In addition, the Oasis also comes with a charging cover, so you can travel to work or go on vacation without having to recharge. Take your Kindle from the plane to the hotel- no interruptions.

Finally, the Oasis has an inventive design that is lighter and more compact than the Voyage. Smaller and more lightweight, it is easier to travel with and hold with one hand. So while both the Voyage and the Oasis are considered top-notch devices, it is the Oasis that has the clear edge.

Kindle Oasis Infographic To Share

Kindle Oasis Full Spec Infographic

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Customer Q & A

Here are some of the top questions people want to know about the new Oasis:

Q. How many books can the Oasis store?

A. The Oasis can hole thousands of books, so you never have to worry about being without something to read.

Q. Where can I buy the Oasis from Kindle?

A. Right now the Oasis is available only through Amazon for pre-orders. It will be available to ship to customers on April 27.

Q. Do the additional LED lights really improve reading?

A. Yes. The added lights make the screen easier to see and also keep it lit evenly from top to bottom. There is no variance in brightness.

Kindle Customer Reviews

Early screenings from customers show that they love the new Oasis and are okay with the price tag. Calling it “innovative” and “smart” they are raving over how easy it is to navigate and use. Many are thrilled with how light it feels in their hand and how clear the screen is. Everyone who used it gave it 5 stars and would recommend it to friends and family due to it’s quality design and function.

As my Kindle Oasis review shows, this new device has a lot of features lovers of the printed word will appreciate- at any price point. Thanks to its ingenious design it truly transforms when, where and how you read. No more juggling books with 2 hands or looking for the right light to see clearly.

Now, you can read for hours without strain, enjoying books, magazines and more- anywhere you go. The Oasis provides you with your own little reading oasis, so you can get lost in a good book or catch up on your favorite team. It puts the focus on reading– and that is worth any price tag.

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