Kindle Labor Day Sale and Deals – Fire Sale on Labor Day Weekends

Fire HD 8: Under $60 only and Fire HD 10 (the Tablet of 2018) with $30 off Deals Today!

If you’re in the market for a great ebook reader or tablet, the Kindle Labor Day Sale offers discounts just for you.

Enjoying Kindle Paperwhite

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What is Kindle?

Kindle is’s trademark for a series of electronic devices that display the contents of a book on a screen. The most recognizable version of “the Kindle” is a stand-alone electronic reader and tablet-type computer. There are also Kindle software, compatible with other computers, and Kindle apps for mobile phones.

For a low monthly fee, using a Kindle is like having access to a library with more than three million books. The titles of your choice are always on the shelves; you can check out up to ten at a time, and there are no late fees. The virtual library gets new books, sometimes even before they’ve been printed, and places them at your fingertips even if you’re exploring the real Amazon rain forests. Kindle devices resist mildew and contain their own battery-powered light.

What’s a Labor Day sale?

Traditionally Labor Day was the end of the summer vacation, for those who had one, and the guaranteed day off work for those who worked during the summer. Labor Day discounts were devised for people who wanted to use Labor Day to shop for school and business supplies…such as computers. Amazon will be offering some Labor Day deals on Kindle accessories.

Five Kindle Devices You Should Know About

All-New Kindle Paperwhite in 300 ppi

About three out of four customers give the Kindle Paperwhite five out of five stars. Amazon’s best selling computer tablet features higher resolution (300 pixels) and lower glare than earlier computer tablets had. The six-inch screen fits into a backpack or coat pocket like a “pocket book” and is even lighter–designed to be held in one hand. If you use it only to read e-books, with the wireless connection turned off, the battery should work for twenty hours between charges.Amazon is especially proud of the “Bookerly” type font used in the display; it looks like the fonts used in real books and displays in eight different sizes.

Kindle Paperwhites are dedicated readers that don’t accept incoming messages to distract you from reading. They offer access to the most relevant sites in the “cloud”, including a free online dictionary, Wikipedia, and foreign language dictionaries. They connect to your Amazon account so you can see what your friends, or others with similar interests, are reading (maybe you’ll download that next). They even include book-specific reference software that can flip back to the first time a character appeared in a novel, summarize the earlier volumes in a series, or notify parents or teachers when a child has read a book. They are PTA-recommended for young students.

Fire Tablet with 8 GB (Our Best Seller 2016)

Amazon Fire 2015

Kindle Fire tablets are designed to do everything other tablets do. Let’s just say that Fires don’t win PTA awards for helping kids concentrate on one book at a time. This tablet was meant to “kindle a fire” of excitement about all the fun users can have with it. Kindle Fires support games, work as snap pictures, display videos, even display song lyrics with music videos.

The HD 7 has a seven-inch screen that supports built-in speakers, microphone, and camera. Batteries typically last up to eight hours between charges. User ratings average only four out of five stars…not bad when you consider how long these tablets have been on the market, how many people have bought them, and how many different kinds of expectations they meet.

Kindle Voyage, 6″ High-Resolution Reader

The Kindle Voyage comes with almost the same User interface as the Paperwhite, but they’re designed to look and feel different. The Voyage is meant to feel like a memo pad in the hand; it also has a fold-out support that lets it stand on a desk like a picture frame, a finely textured screen, and a built-in “adaptive” light that gradually reduces brightness if you’re reading while the sun is going down. Both Voyage and Paperwhite allow users to take notes and copy quotes.

Kindle Fire 6″ (30% off this Labor Day)

Fire HD 6 Review

Amazon describes the HD tablets as their “most powerful tablet ever.” “Designed to do it all,” the HD costs almost twice as much as the more book-specific Kindle tablets. That price includes up to $10,000 worth of downloadable free games and entertainment.

The tablet can be used for games, phone calls, photos, videos, music recordings, Internet surfing, chat, text, research, (some say) even writing, and also, of course, for reading books.

Check out how to save $40 on this Fire Premium Tablet.

If you get tired of looking at the screen, Fire tablets will read most English books aloud to you. Batteries typically last up to eleven hours between charges. You can get up to 64G of storage for your own documents, pictures, etc.; all your Amazon contents and products are stored in the cloud, free of charge. The HDX comes with a fold-out stand and a pull-out keyboard.

Fire 10 Display with 16 GB

For e-book readers’ purposes, the main difference between earlier Fire computers and the HD 10.1 is size; the Fire 10 has an 10.1-inch screen. Batteries typically last up to twelve hours between charges. The HD 10 still weighs less than fourteen ounces, so it’s smaller and lighter than some books. In addition to Amazon and e-books, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, the Weather Channel, and the Washington Post are some of the non-game features that come with the tablet.

For e-book readers’ purposes, the main advantage of the HD 10 may be that that relatively big screen offers the highest resolution of all the tablets compared here — 339 pixels per inch for lifelike pictures and clear print.

Fire HD 10 tablets get 4 stars+ overall, but only about two out of three users give them full marks.

Lower ratings may be due to the fact that the HDX invites comparison with a desktop computer. It’s powerful, but it’s still a tablet. People who are familiar with tablet computers seem satisfied with Fires. One customer even says she finds it easier to read e-books on a Fire tablet than on the book-specific models.

What are the differences among Kindles, and which one is for me?

The big difference among the products discussed here is that the Fire models do at least some of everything a personal computer can do, while the Voyage and Paperwhite are dedicated to e-books.

* If you already have a desktop computer and want to read undisturbed on a plane, or want to encourage children to read during a vacation trip, the smaller, dedicated Kindles might be better bargains. They can be set to filter out everything but one book and the reading support software.

* If you want one computer that can do everything your friends’ computers do, your best choice among the Fire tablets might be determined by how they fit your hands and backpack. A bigger keyboard may make typing term papers easier. A smaller tablet can ride around in your pocket.

Three Benefits of Owning a Kindle

1. The obvious benefit of owning a Kindle is instant access to millions of books and, with the Fire tablets, additional millions of audio-books, movies, games, and music recordings. Portable. Wireless. Mildew-resistant.

2. Virtual newspaper and magazine subscriptions let you keep up with news around the world. Kindle users can read today’s Wall Street Journal in Tokyo.

3. Kindle users can share most e-books free of charge.

School schedules affect most businesses. Even if school schedules have no effect on your business, you can find substantial discounts on Kindle tablets on a Labor Day sale.

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