Best Kindle Green Monday and Free Shipping Day Sale 2015: Great Time to Show your Love

Fire HD 8: Under $60 only and Fire HD 10 (the Tablet of 2018) with $30 off Deals Today!

It’s Christmas time again and we are all looking to buy something really good that our family or friends will appreciate. This is where the Kindle Green Monday deals come in as a Kindle is a very popular seller at Christmas. With the Kindle you can read whenever and wherever you want. It has a large screen display and you can get the best reading experience ever. No matter what other gadgets others come up with the Kindle will always be the market leader for eBook reading.

You can zoom in and out when you read any documents and you can read even in a dark room as it has a built in light. At present Amazon has over 500,000 books that are available to download so you will never ever be bored. It also lets you download apps so you can play games as well whenever you want. It is like having a mini computer with you all the time and with the Kindle Free Shipping Day Sales you need never pay the full amount for your Kindle again.

If your friends or family love a good read or to play games then this really is the ideal present to give them. It has a storage capacity of 3500 books and you can rotate it either vertically or horizontally on the large i display. If you decide to purchase a Kindle for Christmas then you will have made a very wise choice.

Below i have listed the 8 most popular Kindles on Kindle Green Monday Deals:

Kindle Paperwhite (300 dpi, 4gb) 2015 (Only $99 – Our Best Seller 2015)

* This has a Paperwhite display with high contrast, high resolution and build in light.
* The Page Flip feature will let you skim through and page and scan or skip without losing your place.
* You can read with just one hand as it is 30% lighter than the iPad mini.
* Battery is very good and lasts for weeks not just for hours.
* You can read without straining your eyes and also adjust the screen’s brightness for reading in any light.

Fire HD 8″ – 8gb Tablet

Fire HD 8 Review

* A 8″ display with perfect color accuracy and produces lifelike images.
* It has an ultra fast 1.5 Ghz quad-core processor so you can play fast gaming and videos.
* There are over 100,000 games and apps in the Amazon Appstore.
* It displays perfect colour, displays images and videos as they were intended.

It’s a solid 8″ Fire Tablet – well better than Apple iPad Mini with $20 off this Christmas. Sure that your loved one will appreciate it. It can access all Amazon AppStore Apps, Prime Movies, and thousands of Kindle Books.

Fire HD 10″ 2015 Model ($50 off)

Fire HD 10 Review

* It has a front and rear facing camera and a beautiful 10″ display (149 ppi / 1280 x 800) which has vivid HD display.
* The best choice of 33 millions movies, songs, books, TV shows, games, apps and access to Facebook.
* Fast quad-core processor for great graphics performance and smoother videos and quicker apps.
* You get unlimited free cloud storage for all the Amazon content and any photos you take with the device.
* The Fire HD 10 is very affordable and makes the tablet easily shareable for everyone.

Kindle Voyage 6″ High Def eReader

* The Kindle Voyage has a great paper white display with high resolution and contrast.
* The re imagined page turns enables you to turn over the page without using your fingers.
* It has a new adaptive light at the front with gives you ideal light for day or night.
* It is one of the thinnest Kindles ever and the battery lasts for weeks not hours like ordinary tablets.
* This Kindle is the most advanced e-reader. Kindle Voyage will make you totally absorbed in your story.

Kindle with Touch Screen ($59 only this Green Monday)

* This kindle has a touchscreen display along with exclusive kindle software.
* The touchscreen display has no glare and holds thousands of books.
* It encourages your kids to read more with Kindle FreeTime.
* You can download books in under a minute and has a 20% faster processor.
* It has hand-built fonts that give you crisp text like a paper book.

Most Affordable Kindle Reader in 2015!

Fire HD 6 – Amazon $79 Tablet

* A beautiful 6″ HD display that has over a million pixels which is perfect for movies apps and games.
* It is a great Kindle for all the family as you can set time limits for children on Amazon Freetime.
* It has fast web browsing, calender support and email including Outlook and Gmail plus Office documents.
* You can try Kindle unlimited for free for just $9.99 a month and also try it free for 30 days.
* You can share books, games, apps and moves and has durable Gorilla Glass with excellent reliability.

>> More Affordable Kindle Tablet in 2014! <<

Fire Kids Editions 2015

* This Kindle is for the kids but is still a real tablet and not a toy. It has a 2 year guarantee.
* You can change the background to a kids friendly design and it has parental controls.
* You can take and then edit your photos in Amazon FreeTime with the front and rear cameras.
* You get a year of Amazon Freetime Unlimited so that your kids can get unlimited access at no cost.
* The editing tools lets the kids explore their creative side and they can add stickers or draw pictures.

Fire HDX 8.9 2014

* This has an exclusive 8.9″ HDX display and has vivid and lifelike images that make it a joy to play.
* It is lighter than the iPad Air 2 so easy to carry around.
* The sound is very crisp and clear with no distortion and Dolby Atmos makes for a great experience
* Ultra fast processor with 2GB Ram and Adreno 420 GPU makes for quicker gaming and smoother videos.
* It’s one of the lightest and slimmest tablets around.

The differences between these Kindles are the price, the size of the screen, the pixels, the amount of storage and the lightness of the tablet. Depending on your budget and what you are looking for, then there is bound to be one that is just right for what you.

So if you take a look at the above most popular Kindles then why not buy them on the Kindle Green Monday deals. There really is a Kindle to suit everyone from 5 to 85. This is the ideal gift for all the family and will take all the stress out of buying different things for different people and if you can purchase them on the Kindle Green Monday Deals they you will have bagged yourself a bargain!

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