Kindle Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: Show Dad You Love Him with the Perfect Present

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Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your dad how much you love him and what he means to you. That means buying him a gift that expresses those feelings, so no ties or socks! Before you panic trying to think of the perfect surprise let us help you by suggesting the ideal present: a Kindle. Guys love tech gadgets and a Kindle is the cream of the crop when it comes to gadgets. They have several models to choose from and can also be customized to suit your dad’s tastes and needs. To help you decide on a device check out our Kindle for Father’s Day Gift guide to find out everything, from prices to key features.

Kindle Gifts for Father's Day Discount

Why Daddy Needs a Kindle

Amazon’s line of Kindle devices offer something for every dad and make it easy to give him something he will really love. From the Paperwhite for book lovers to the Fire HDX 8.9 for gamers and movie buffs there is something for every dad. These devices let papa enjoy his free time doing what he loves and give him access to the latest technological advances, like glare-free screens, the newest apps and enhanced processing.

Daughters can load the Kindle with sentimental songs or movies they have watched together and sons can put dad’s favorite sports team apps on it and discuss the games. No matter which one you choose dad will know he is loved and appreciated.

Great Kindle Gift Ideas for Dad’s Day

Now that you know why dad needs a Kindle, it’s time to decide which one is the right fit. Let’s take a look at the Kindle line of devices and see what each has to offer:

Kindle Paperwhite – 6″ E-ink Reader

If your papa loves to read, whether it’s books, newspapers or magazines then this is the best choice. The Paperwhite has a 6″ high-resolution screen that is glare-free even in sunlight so dad can read anywhere at any time. It also has a built-in light so he can read at night without disturbing anyone or straining his eyes. It is lightweight so he can hold it with one hand and has a battery that can last for weeks. At just $119 it is a great buy for dads who like to read about the latest events or dads who travel.

Fire HD 7 Color Tablet

The HD7 is a perfect fit for dads who work or dads who enjoy taking pictures and playing games. It has a 1.5 GHz processor, so it won’t slow down when he has multiple screens and apps open and the 7′ screen has no-glare in any light. This is great for shooting off emails or typing up a quick document through Gmail and Outlook, which are both included.

It also boasts a front VGA camera and a rear-facing HD one, for crystal clear pictures every time and high-quality recordings too. Plus, dad’s with Amazon Prime access to thousands of games, songs and shows and can link accounts with their kids or spouse to share content (a great way to bond). It costs just $99 thanks to a great “kindle offer” is a bargain.

Fire HDX 8.9 Display

The HDX 8.9 is the best-of-the best in the Kindle family and a good choice for dads who love to watch movies, TV shows and more. It’s also more affordable and easier to use than an iPad, making it a smart pick. The exclusive 8.9″ screen has over 4 million pixels for stunning picture quality no matter what he’s watching. It is ultra-light and has a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, so he can watch a show or listen to music without the device slowing down.

The HDX offers over 33 million movies, shows, songs, games and books so he will never get bored and it even gives him access to live sporting events. Plus, it has an 8 MP rear-facing camera and front-facing 720p HD camera for sharp, bright pictures in any light. Finally, it comes with 24/7 live support, so whether dad has a problem or just wants to ask a question there is always someone to help. With the “kindle father’s day sale”, it’s a great time to buy for fathers who enjoy a good movie on the go.

Kindle Accessories & Extras

In addition to these great devices there are some great extras you can add to enhance his experience. Here are some great ideas:

Kindle Cover

Kindle’s line of covers are a great way to personalize and protect dad’s new device. They come in a variety of colors so you can choose dad’s favorite or even get his favorite team’s logo on the front. You can also have it engraved with a message on the inside cover if you want to really show daddy how much you care. If papa works or types a lot you could choose a case that comes with an attached keyboard to make sending emails or writing reports easier. Plus, the covers come in strong, durable materials, from leather to hard plastic so he won’t have to worry if he drops his device.

Kindle Apps & Subscriptions

When you buy dad’s Kindle, you can also buy him some apps or subscriptions, so they are already loaded when he turns it on. For example, you could get him an Amazon Prime subscription (only $99 for the year), giving him a full range of songs, videos and more to enjoy. You can also get him a magazine subscription or sign him up for ESPN if he’s into sports.

If dad is into movies you could get him a Netflix subscription ($7.99 a month), or download his favorite movies ahead of time. For those who want to do something extra special, you can load all his favorite songs on his device for him to show him you pay attention and really understand him.

Now that you see all the great Kindle Gift Ideas for Father’s Day, the only decision you need to make is which one to buy and what to load it with for daddy. Kindle’s line of devices are top-quality and cone with every need and want dad could ever hope for. They are also reasonably priced so you can splurge on dad without breaking the bank. Buying daddy a Kindle is the perfect way to tell him I Love You and give him a gift he will enjoy every day. So show dad how you really feel and how much he’s really worth by investing in a Kindle.

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