Kindle for Kids Bundle 2015 Review: An A+ Investment For Parents

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If your kids love to read (or you want them to love it) then getting them a Kindle for Kids Bundle is a great idea. Kindles are the perfect instrument to get any kid, from toddlers to teens, excited abut reading, since they are pure a pure e-Reader and not a tablet. The device is one of the best on the market and the bundle pack gives a lot of extras parents will appreciate, like a durable cover and 2-year, kid-friendly warranty. As you will see from our Kindle for Kids Bundle Review, this package is the best option for any parent who wants to invest in an e-Reader for their kid. Read on to find out everything, from what the Kindle can do to what it comes with.

Kindle for Kids Bundle - best Kindle for Kids

Kindle for Kids Bundle: What Makes it So Great

This bundle pack has everything a parent needs to give their child the quintessential reading experience. Before we get into all the great features the device has to offer, lets look at what you get with the bundle:

2-year warranty from SquareTrade: This warranty was designed with children in mind. Kids of all ages are prone to accidents, but with the Kindle you don’t have to worry about it. Whether your child spills a drink on it or drops it on the floor you are covered- no questions asked. SquareTrade will replace the Kindle free of charge, so you can relax and let your kids enjoy their new e-Reader without constantly looking over their shoulder.

Sturdy, durable cover: Their are a wide variety of colors to choose from for the Kindle, so kids will never get bored. Each cover was specifically designed to add protection without adding weight. The cover fits snugly, with a textured back for a better grip and has a screen protector that doesn’t interfere with the Touchscreen. It is also quite durable and made to withstand bumps and bruises (and even an occasional drop). Many Colors are Available.

No Sponsored Screensavers: This Kindle does not have sponsored ads, so kids can have the screensaver of their choosing. They also won’t be bombarded with offers for books ad other items.

The Kid’s Kindle Features – Sure that Your Child can enjoy

Now that you know what comes with the bundle lets look at the star of the bundle: the Kindle Device and see what it has to offer:

• Slim Design: The Kindle is thin and weighs less than a book, so kids can carry it around in their book bag without getting weighed down. The slim design also makes it easier for little hands to hold it easily and feel comfortable.

Crystal Clear Display: The screen has a 167 dpi resolution, so the words are clear and sharp on the screen. The screen also eliminates glare, so your child can read in any light anywhere they are. The high resolution makes it feel as if you are reading an actual page put of a book and not a digital copy.

• E-Reader Only: Unlike tablets, this device is for reading only. That means your kid can get immersed in a good book with no distractions from the internet or games. This encourages creativity as they build images and pictures in their head of what they’re reading.

• Thousands of Titles: There are over 250,000 children’s books available and you also have the option of borrowing books from the Public Library, so your child has an unlimited supply of reading materials.

• Parental Controls: Kindle Free Time gives parents peace of mind because it blocks internet access so they can’t go on inappropriate sites or share on social media. It also prevents kids from making purchases in the Kindle app store, so no surprise charges. Plus, you can choose specific books from Kindle Free Time, giving you a say in what they read.

Track Achievements & Earn Badges: With the Kindle parents can not only see what their child is reading, but other important information, like how long it takes them to read a book or what words they look up. Kids can also set goals and earn badges when they reach them. like reading a book in a certain amount of time or learning 5 new definitions.

• Affordable: At just $99 this package is a great value for your money, especially with all the extras. The device by itself would normally cost over $100 so this is a true bargain.

The Benefits of the Best Kindle for Your Kids

Kids Enjoy Reading on Kindle

As you can see from our Kindle Kids Package Review this package gives your kids the necessary tools to really enjoy reading. Here are the numerous benefits to buying this package:

Encourages Reading Without Worry

Thanks to its lightweight design and easy use kids can take it everywhere, so they have a book available anytime they want. They can read during lunch, between classes or even on the bus. It makes reading more accessible and since the internet is blocked parents know their kids are reading in a protected environment.

Improves Kids Reading Abilities

With a built-in dictionary, Word Wise and the Vocabulary Builder kids can learn the definitions of new words as they read. This helps sharpen their vocabulary and allows them to read more challenging books with less struggling, so they enjoy it more and want to read.

Makes Reading Fun

By earning badges and tracking achievements your child will feel good about themselves when they reach a goal and want to do more. The badges are fun and they can engage in friendly competitions with family and friends, making them more inclined to keep reading.

• Helps Them Learn More

With over 250,000 titles your kid can read up on any subject, from science to art. They can learn about places and people they never would have heard of, broadening their horizons. It can also help them with their homework assignments, as it gives them access to tons of sources for reports.

Our Kindle for Kids Bundle Review shows why shoppers love it and is the ideal choice for parents. Not only is it affordable, but it is full of extras that protect your investment. From the 2-year warranty to the cases it has everything you, and your child need to read in comfort and style.

This device is of the highest quality and delivers tons of features to enhance your kids reading experience. Your child can read in a safe environment, allowing them to keep their focus on what matters: the books and allowing you to rest easy knowing they are not at risk. The Kindle will help them love reading and you will love investing in it. It is the gift that keeps on giving and will grow with your child.

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