Amazing Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Rumors in 2014: Meet Latest Fire HD 6 and 7 (4th Gen Fire Tablet)

Fire HD 8: Under $60 only and Fire HD 10 (the Tablet of 2018) with $30 off Deals Today!

Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the world most coveted and favorite tablet computers. Amazon has released several versions since it launched its first color tablet in 2011. The Kindle Fire rumors for 2014 are that the newest models will have mobile chipsets made by MediaTek. If, this indeed turns out to be true, this will be a big coup for the small Taiwan based company to break into the US market, since for now they are a big name but, only in Asia.

It’s also interesting to note that LG, Acer and Sony are also considering using MediaTek for their products as well.

9/17/2014 Update: Fire HDX 8.9 2014 Model is out. 2560×1600 (339 ppi) is totally killing!

It’s by far the best Kindle Fire Experience!

There is no new Fire HDX 7″ for 2014, but the price is cut $30 to $199 Only.

Another interesting Kindle rumor for 2014 was reported by the Economic Daily in Taiwan and claims that a new low cost model of the Kindle Fire maybe released later this year.

9/17/2014: That’s also accurate. $99 Kindle Fire HD becomes a truth! It’s 6″ instead of 8″ though.

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Also, it seems that there may be an updated version of the 7″ inch Kindle Fire HD coming soon because Amazon suddenly cut the cost of the current model by $40. This type of activity usually means that old inventory is being cleared out for new.

9/17/2014: It’s a real deal. There is Kindle Fire HD 7″ Refresh in 2014. It’s faster comparing to 2013 model.

Fire HD 7 is Faster with quad-core processor up to 1.5 GHz in 1280×800 (216 ppi) HD Screen.

My own wish list for a new model of Kindle Fire is (I’m disappointed that they didn’t come up with HDX 8″ in $200 price range in 2014 – We are still stuck with 7 inch screen HDX this year.)

  • A standard USB port would be nice, this way I can plug in my memory sticks and transfer my music over.
  • An attachable keyboard would be great.
  • Higher Resolution Screen is expected, the best reason to upgrade
  • How about a connection to a printer? That would be cool for those of us that use the Kindle as a work tablet.
  • HDMI port would be great because then I can hook it up to my HDTV and watch movies on the big screen.
  • Also, a port to plugin gaming joy sticks or controllers for online gaming, like for MMO games, such as, World of Warcraft.
  • Price is $10 or $20 lower than the current model

I would like to be able to have a better way to save passwords. On my computers, both desktop and laptop, I use LastPass. When I got my Kindle the instructions to install LastPass were horrible, it was like being asked to program a computer without a degree. I wish for an easier way.


Also, I don’t like the power button at all, it’s too flush to the frame, and there are three other buttons that look the same, so unless you use your tablet every day, it’s easy to forget and then you wind up having to look for the button and it’s hard to see because it camouflages with the casing.

More Kindle Rumors From The Blogosphere

Amazon May Launch Low-Cost Kindle Fire in Q1 2014 | TechnoBuffalo

A new report from the Economic Daily in Taiwan claims that Amazon is developing a low-cost quad-core Kindle Fire tablet which it hopes to release in 2014.

The chipset is composed of two dual-core processors, an A15 and an A7 which will work simultaneously. It also allegedly packs a powerVR Series 6 GPU.

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This is interesting, according to Techno Bufallo, the rumors regarding MediaTek processors is that these will be quad core models, unlike the chipset that it uses now.

Kindle Fire Tablets Rumored To Come With MediaTek Chips In 2014

It seems that the entry-level Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon will be easy on the pockets and bank balances as well, as those are rumored to arrive with MediaTek-made mobile chipsets from next year onwards. If this particular Read more …

Personally, I would expect that Kindle Fire HD price may go even lower closed to $99 price-point as Chipset, storage, and Screen cost keeps going down these years. There are many Low-budget Android tablets less than $100 being hot sale. Also Kindle Fire HDX (2013 model) would go down the price with the same spec eventually. Other than that, Kindle Fire Rumors suspect that will have even higher resolution screen with faster chip-set for the high-end model (replacing HDX) this Fall 2014.

9/14/2014 Update: $99 Kindle Fire is a real deal and finally happening!. Only 6″ HD Display is a little bit disappointing though.

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  1. Corbin February 27, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Wow, a quad processor? The Fire is going to pack a punch when it comes out with that new processor. With that GPU, this tablet might actually be used for playing some modern day games. Pretty cool.

    • Ken May 28, 2014 at 10:24 am

      Yes, the upcoming Kindle Fire HDX would be even better for mobile gaming. Looking forward!

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    You mean “coup”, not “coo”. They are pronounced the same, however.

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