Compare Kindle Fire HD vs NOOK HD 7″ Tablet

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Many consumers are understandably getting interested in what the Kindle Fire HD has to offer. This is one of the most popular new handheld devices, since it has a wide range of functionality within it. Many consumers will want to research some specifics before they choose between Kindle Fire HD vs Nook HD 7. There are a few different options that are available to people who want to buy one of these devices as well. They should be ready to customize their device to get the perfect experience that they want to find.

Compare Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD


Most users will immediately be drawn in to the different types of designs that are available for these tablets. The Kindle Fire HD has its own distinctive design, which features some sharp lines and a sleek appearance. The Nook HD 7 also has a great look to it, though some users may want to get a cover for their model. Deciding between these factors may come down to a matter of personal preference.


Both of these tablets will be relatively evenly matched in this department. It will be hard to decide between the Kindle Fire HD vs Nook HD 7 when it comes to their screens. Both will feature a stunning display on their 7″ screen, which will be appealing to readers out there. This will help people get a clear look at the book that they want to read on their particular device.

NOOK HD 7: 1440 x 900 pixel resolution – 243 ppi (NOOK HD is a winner here.)


Kindle Fire HD: 1280 x 800 pixel only – 216 ppi


The Kindle has a surprisingly simple method of navigating through the screen, which will make it appealing to many people out there. Users can feel free to check out the wide range of functions that are available to them as well.

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When reading through these devices, most users don’t want to have to be plugged in to a charger. Some users will want to check out how much they can get out of the Kindle Fire HD when it is unplugged. It has a surprising 10 hours of battery life to it. This will help many users take their Kindle out on to trips and get the most amount of enjoyment out of it.


Both of these devices will have an impressive amount of applications that they can access. The Kindle Fire HD will have full access to a wide range of different products through Amazon, including thousands of streaming videos that will be available for free. Meanwhile, the Nook HD offers access to Google Play, which will include a full range of Android entertainment options.


Both of these different models will be comparably priced. The Nook will start at $129, but there are several other features that can be included within it. The Kindle Fire HD has more price options, but the basic price will start at $139. It will be up to users to decide what kind of upgrades they may want to get in its place. Users may want to get a side by side comparison of the specs to decide between the Kindle Fire HD vs Nook HD 7 values.


Many people will be glad to know that the Amazon Kindle Fire HD offers a surprising amount of memory space (8gb or 16gb) within its drive. This will help people store hundreds of different books that they may want to read soon. The Nook HD offers the same storage capacity option like 8 or 16gb, and its micro SD drive can be upgraded to a larger size if necessary.


When users pick up the Kindle Fire HD, they may just be surprised by how lightweight it is. The device is only 12.2 ounces, which will make it easy for just about anyone to use. The Nook HD is actually even lighter, weighing in at just 11.1 ounces.

Kindle Fire HD: 7.5″ (height) x 5.0″ (width) x 0.42″ (depth) – Kindle Fire HD is a winner in the size.

Nook HD: 7.65″ (height) x 5.0″ (width) x 0.43″ (depth)


The Kindle Fire HD has one of the fastest processor speeds of any device out on the market, clocking in at 1.5 GHz. This makes it very appealing to users out there who simply want to access books or other documents at a rapid pace. The Nook has a slower processor, since it will only run at 1.3 GHz. But this will still offer a respectable amount of speed, which can allow it to handle just about any digital book out there.


– Access to many high quality applications reviewed by Amazon
– Simple to use interface
– Surprisingly fast processor speed
– Ample amount of storage space for its purpose
Other Exclusive Features and Special Offers


– May need to upgrade to HDX to get all functions
– Doesn’t have access to Google Play
– Sound quality not always up to par

7/18/2004: As a side note, NOOK HD is discontinued and you will not get the Superb support As Kindle Fire from Amazon Customer Service Team. You may consider this too.

In all, users can expect to get a great experience when they test out the Kindle Fire HD. They may be able to get a Kindle discount if they buy through Amazon soon. There are also comparably priced options for a Nook HD discount as well. There are a few features that will set the Kindle Fire HD apart from many other models out there, so it is worthwhile to check it out.

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