Best Kindle Fire HD 7″ 2013 Model Covers and Cases

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Congrats on having your new Kindle Fire HD! This is truly a great gadget, that offers E reader and tablet capabilities. But there is also another purchase that needs to be considered and made, and that is a protective case! You will want and need to protect that great screen to lessen chances of it being scratched, and added protection in the unfortunate event it is dropped. This is necessary in increasing the life and functionality of your Kindle, and they also can make use easier, as most of them come with built in stands for some hands free use.

Best Kindle Fire HD 2013 Cases

For covering a Fire HD 7 Tablet (2014 Model One), refer to Top-Notch Fire HD 7 Covers Here.

Benefits of a Case

  • Protection of the screen
  • Protection of the device
  • Increases life time of device
  • Protects from natural elements (sun, rain)
  • Ease of use with kick stand
  • added storage inside case


** For 2012 Model Previous Generation Covers, please refer to Kindle Fire HD 2012 Previous Gen Cases

i will give you a short summary of five cases, in order to help you see the options and know more of what you are wanting.

1. Amazon Kindle Fire HD Standing Leather Origami Case, Blue

The Amazon standing leather case is one of the best options. This is the lightest and thinnest case available, and also has the feature of being able to wake and put to sleep your device simply by opening and closing the lid. It has a magnetic front, allowing the device to be more secure without strapping it in. It also has a kick stand option for easy viewing and standing.

2. rooCASE Case for the new Kindle Fire HD 7 – Origami Leather Folio (Our BEST seller with 1500+ Reviews

This is the Best Deal premium Leather cover inside microfiber as it’s only less than $15. It stands in portrait, landscape, and type mode.

It comes with a bonus stylus pen that is a must-have for HDX users. Check out other Standout Colors like Purple, Red, and Navy.

3. Marware Vibe Standing Case for Kindle Fire HD

The Marware Vibe standing case is another option. It is made specifically for Kindle, and includes a non slip pad for ease of movement as the device will not slip out. It contains a strap to hold the device in place, and also has a on/off option for the device upon opening and closing the lid.

4. MoKo Amazon All-New Kindle Fire HD 7 Case – Slim Folding Case for All-New Fire HD 7.0 Inch 2013 Gen Tablet, INDIGO (With Smart Cover Auto Wake / Sleep)

The Moko Amazon Kindle case is slim and protective while allowing access to all button features. The device wakes and sleeps on the lid (Smart Cover) being opened or closed as well. It has a leather exterior and a microfiber interior, allowing for amazing protection. It has a hand strap for stress free handle and comes with a great warranty as well.

5. i-Blason All New Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch Tablet ArmorBox 2 Layer Convertible [Hybrid]

Lastly, the i-Blason Kindle case has a built in screen protector to prevent scratching. It is very light weight and also has the kickstand option. It also comes with a warranty in case of damages.

Various Colors are available.


6. Belkin Chambray Cover for All New Kindle Fire HD, Blacktop

The Belkin classic case is pretty standard. It is light and thin,and is made just for Kindle. It is a lower cost model as well. The stand is adjustable, so you could adjust your preferred viewing angle.

Kindle Fire HD 7″ Covers are highly beneficial for protecting your Kindle from all types of external damages such as dust, water, sweat, scratch, etc. After becoming a proud owner of a Kindle, you will realize that you cannot live without your Kindle. It will be in your life like your best friend. Many people prefer to use it every day and they never leave home without it.

*** 2013/11/14 Update ***: For Kindle Fire HD 2013 model covers, refer to Best Seller Kindle Fire HD 2013 Model Covers and Cases Discounts

*** Below only fit with Kindle Fire HD 7″ Previous Generation 2012 Model ***

Frequent and continuous use of Kindle without the cover may affect its appearance and performance. Therefore, Kindle Fire HD 7″ cover helps you to preserve the appearance and performance of your Kindle as long as possible. The cover also protects your Kindle from potential drops, scratches, and bumps due to frequent use.

Kindle Fire HD 7 Covers and Cases

Kindle Fire HD 7 Covers and Cases

Things to Consider While Buying a Cover for your Kindle

* Select the most suitable one
* Think about the price
* Design and appearance
* Buy stylish yet high quality
* Color
* Dimensions

Top Kindle Fire HD 7″ cover Models

You can find a number of Kindle cover brands in the market. So, it is essential to select the right one for protecting your device. Here is an evaluation of some of the top brands.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ Standing Leather Case

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 Standing Leather Case

This is a Standing Leather Case which only fit for Kindle Fire HD 7″. This device secures the Kindle without straps covering the front. This is the lightest and thinnest cover designed specially for Kindle Fire HD 7″. It will not fit for Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ or Kindle Fire. This case is designed by Amazon so you will get HD cover discount if it is purchased through Amazon.

This is also durable and thin so you can take your Kindle Fire HD 7″ perfectly wherever you go. Your Kindle Fire HD 7″ sleeps automatically when you close the cover after putting the device in it. The device opens when you open the cover, so you can enjoy reading the book and magazines and enjoy movies, music and apps.

Also the 6 rich color options show your personality like Royal Purple,Onyx Black, Persimmon Orange, Saddle Tan,Fuchsia Pink, Ink Blue and Honey Yellow.

Belkin Petals Standing Cover for Kindle Fire HD 7″

Belkin Petals Standing Cover for Kindle Fire HD 7

Belkin Petals Standing Cover for Kindle Fire HD 7

This device will allow you to adjust the stand as per your personal preferences. So you can sit back to watch videos and movies or read the book or can do any other activity with utmost comfort. You can close the cover when you finish your activity. The cover will protect the inner lining of the Kindle. It is lightweight and very slim so you can keep it very easily in your bag.

Petal Colors are available as Orange, Pink, and Blue.

Marware MicroShell Folio Lightweight Standing Case

This is also designed specially for Kindle Fire HD 7″. This colored cover is very sleek, multifunctional and lightweight. It has a smooth metallic finish with an eye catchy color. If you use this cover, you can stand out from the crowd because Marware is more than just a cover for your Kindle Fire HD 7.

Belkin Chambray Standing Case

The Belkin Chambray Kindle Fire HD 7″ cover is coming in blue shade and it is a certified cover for your Kindle. You can adjust the stand of this device as per your convenience.

This is helpful for you to provide maximum comfortable viewing experience. It has a secure strap, which ensures extra protection of your Kindle. It is lightweight and slim so you can carry your Kindle wherever you go without adding bulk.

Marware Vibe Standing Case

If you are searching for a high quality cover for your Kindle Fire HD 7″ priced around $25, you can select the Marware Vibe Standing Case. This stand allows you to keep your Kindle virtually any position. So it will give you a hands-free experience.

It has two toned exterior. Energetic look, vibrant style, etc are the other peculiarities of this cover. The cover is coming with automatic sleep / wake lid tunes. So you can conserve the battery life of your device.

There are also Red, Black and Orange to choose too.

Belkin Mod Standing Cover

This Belkin Mod Standing Cover for Kindle Fire HD 7″, Overcast is coming with personality. Hidden autowake magnet is the specialty of this cover. So your Kindle wakes up when you open the cover. It is also able to provide you full protection. It is also helpful to protect your screen when you open the cover because it has a magnetized tab closure. You can keep your tab neatly in the cover.

The price of this high quality product is under $25. If you are ready to spend a few more bucks for your Kindle, this is the best one for you.

Why to Buy Kindle fire HD 7″ Cover?

Kindle fire HD 7″ cover is highly beneficial for protecting the exterior and interior of your Kindle. This case is made specifically to fit Kindle Fire HD 7. So, it will not be a cover which its all sorts of Kindles. The cases of Kindle Fire are manufactured by using durable fabrics and materials. Therefore it is able to withstand any impact or abrasion. This will increase the life of your Kindle. You will also get compact and lightweight cover for your Kindle. So there is no need of worrying about carrying something big.

Kindle Fire HD cases are always good for ensuring the safety of your Kindle Fire HD 7″. A Kindle is a solace for your loneliness and a bosom friend when you need companionship. So it is your duty to cover your friend from all types of damages. Kindle Fire HD 7″ cover is the best way to keep it secure and safe.

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