Amazon Kindle Book Christmas Holiday Deals: ‘Tis the Season!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Yes, it’s almost Christmas, but it’s also the month when Amazon Holiday Deals for Kindle Booksappear!  Seriously–these are almost as exciting as Pumpkin Spice Latte season at your favorite coffee shop.  We’ve spent hours combing the Amazon Kindlesite to find you the best deals on the hottest books out there…so pull up a cup of hot chocolate, wrap up in your favorite blanket and dive right in!  (Watch out for the marshmallows–they splash.)

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls (The Network Series Book 1)

There is nothing we love better than discovering a new series, and this one promises to be a keeper!  Sixteen-year-old Bianca Monroe has inherited a deadly curse.  She enrolls at Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, where promising young witches go to learn the art of magic.  It was Miss Mabel herself who placed the curse on Bianca, and to break it she will have to face her deepest fears.  Will she have the courage to do so, or is the dark magic at the heart of the curse too strong?

The Master Quilter: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel (The Elm Creek Quilts Book 6)

Even if you’re a newcomer to this feel-good series, you’ll soon be caught up in the ladies who stitch!  Book six of this delightful series opens with wedding bells.  Sylvia Compton planned her entire wedding to Andrew in secret, and the close-knit Elm Creek Quilters can hardly believe it.  Now they are planning a surprise of their own–a bridal quilt for their favorite Master Quilter.  As the group stitches away, however, real life threatens to intrude on their happiness.  You’ll find yourself caught up in the love and friendship that these precious ladies share, and you might even wish you could join them!

Just One Thing

Lexie and Sam meet every Monday night at the bar.  He is the bartender and she comes to sit at his bar and drink a Killian’s.  Each week, Sam asks her “One thing?”  As she pours out her heart, old wounds begin to heal.  One evening Lexie turns the tables and asks the ever-smiling Sam “One thing?”  She soon discovers that behind the smile is a history of pain just waiting to be revealed…and along the way they both learn that their past does not have to control their future, and that the one thing that they both thought was gone forever was right in front of them the whole time.

Odd Jobs

Kevin Davenport will do just about anything to support himself and his mother since his father was murdered.  When he takes a job at the Kosher World Meat factory, he soon discovers that the shady operation is actually a front for a notorious crime syndicate.  Worse, he discovers who killed his father.  Now Kevin will stop at nothing to bring the people who turned his world on it’s head…but at what cost?  “A tightly-wound, well-written mystery that I read in one sitting,” ~James Patterson

Life On Hold

Fifteen-year-old Rae is tired of moving around.  Her mother Gina looks at it as an adventure, but she’s not the one in a new school every time she turns around.  When the two arrive in Wisconsin, her mother promises that they will stay put until Rae graduates.  Cautiously optimistic, Rae throws herself into her new high school and soon finds herself paired up with Allison Daly, another new student.  Allison’s parents died in a mysterious house fire and she’s been bounced from home to home ever since.  When a sleepover at Rae’s house takes a terrible turn, Rae sees a side of Allison that troubles her, and secrets about her own mother begin to come to the surface.  Suddenly Rae is at risk of losing everything, and the only way to save herself and her mother is for her to finally take control of her own life.

The Leveling (A Mark Sava Spy Novel Book 2)

Mark Sava is a former CIA station chief who is looking forward to living a little quieter life as a professor in Azerbaijan.  Until, that is, an assassin makes a brazen attempt on his life, right in the halls of the university library.  Suddenly, Mark is deemed a security threat and ordered out of the country, while the CIA is ordering him back to the US.  When he receives cryptic intelligence that leads him to believe that his buddy has been kidnapped, he finds himself enmeshed in a race against time to save him.  A global conflict over oil is at the heart of the matter, and before it is over, the US and Iran will find themselves rushing headlong towards war…and only Mark can stop it.

Midnight Train to Paris (A Paris Time Travel Romance)

Jillian Chambord learns that her twin sister, Isla, has been abducted and not even her coveted position at the Washington Daily is going to keep her from heading to France to find her.  When Jillian, along with her sexy CIA ex-boyfriend, arrive in France, they discover that their midnight train has taken them back in time to 1937, to a night when another young woman was abducted from the same train.  Soon, they discover that they are in a race against time to save both women, and neither is prepared for what they discover on the train that night.


Essie knows from the moment that she lays eyes on Harriet that she doesn’t belong there.  What does an educated young woman need with a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory for six dollars a day?  As their unlikely friendship develops, the question hanging between them remains unanswered…until tragedy strikes and both young women must face their past in order to face their future.  Set against the backdrop of the Lower East Side in the early 1900’s, this novel of friendship and resiliency weaves two historic events into the storyline, and leaves the reader breathless at the end.

Murder at the Painted Lady

Allie McGregor has inherited a Victorian mansion, and she is thrilled.  One of the famous “Painted Ladies” of Stony Point, and Allie can’t wait to fall in love with her new home.  Before she can do so, however, she must solve the mystery attached to the mansion and clear the name of her late uncle Otis, who died in prison.  Someone…or something…doesn’t want Allie to solve the mystery.  Can she stop them before it’s too late?

The Green Line

Abby Donovan is just months from realizing her dream of a partnership in a prestigious law firm in Chicago when a late-night train mishap thrusts her into a world of drugs, murder and corruption.  Determined to bring the criminals to justice, Abby soon finds her work and personal life threatened — can she solve the crime before it’s too late?

We’ve pulled just a few selections out for you to peruse, but there are hundreds more.  Take some time to browse the selections available, and tell us in the comments below which ones who chose to curl up with on a snowy afternoon.

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