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Are you looking for the next generation in reading, transporting, or sharing books? Do you love to read but hate lugging around a whole bunch of books? Do you have a whole bunch of books you’d love to keep but don’t have any room to put them anywhere?

Maybe you just want to encourage your child to read over the next year, or maybe you’re really excited about all the perks that buying a Kindle on Amazon can have for you. Have you ever wanted to read in the dark? Maybe you’re just looking for awesome Kindle Black Friday Still the most affordable Spec Amazon Tablet today! (It was $35 only).

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Kindle & Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday

If you answered yes to any of those questions, and you’re looking for killer “Cyber Monday” Deals buying a kindle product might be for you. The coolest things about e readers is that they are made to imitate books and the look of printed text in a paperback.

Unlike a phone screen or computer screen; these types of products don’t reflect sunlight the way tablet screens do, and they don’t use any power displaying a simple page, generally they only use power when you turn frequently from page to page, or when you’re downloading ebooks to your device over wi-fi (or recently, free 3G from Amazon)

And what better time to take advantage of all these e readers have to offer than on Black Friday; where all the best deals are online on Amazon.

Let’s look at a few of the products that Amazon has to offer:

Kindle Paperwhite (300 dpi) with 4gb (Our Best Seller 2015)

For $99, the Kindle Paperwhite is a great middle options in the world of e readers. It doesn’t have any glare, even when in bright sunlight, and the built-in light really helps to eliminate eye strain. It’s over 30 percent lighter than the iPad mini, and if you read about a half an hour a day with the wireless off and the light setting at a moderate 10; a single charge can last up to eight weeks. This dedicated reading device has the absolute best settings to read like the printed page; except better with adjustable fonts at the pixel level for the maximum in comfort for your eyes.

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The best part about this e-reader is that you’ll never lose your place ever again; you can skim books page-by-page, by chapter or even to the very end of the book for a sneak peek without losing your place, and with the patented X-Ray feature on this Kindle, you can explore the “Bones of the Book,” letting you see all the relevant passages in books that mention relevant ideas, fictional characters, historical features, places, even topics of interest. You can even flip through notable passages to remind yourself of what’s happened in the books, or navigate through images.

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Kindle Fire for everyone (2015 model) (Best Gift Under $50 of the Year)

At $49 this is a great option for a tablet. It has a sharp IPS 7″ display (1024 x 600), with Wi-Fi and 8gb store (more than enough for storing games and apps); this is a great option for a tablet. It has perfect color accuracy and an ultra fast 1.4 GHz quad-core that makes it much more fluid for videos and games. Still the most affordable Spec Amazon Tablet today!

It includes OfficeSuite to you productive and updated calendar and email support. You can listen to music and watch videos and TV; as well as having access to over 100,000 exclusive Amazon apps.
Even better, it averages about 7 hours a charge, with some of the quickest power- up speeds you can find on any device. It’s also got a great camera! with a front facing camera, you can take the perfect pictures, whenever.

Buy this for $49.99 Only!

Kindle Touch Reborn (2015)

It’s only $49.99 as Cyber Monday Sale today!

Even more inexpensive than the Paperweight; at $79 for all the bells and whistles; this touch is by far better than any other reading choices you might have- the sun’s too bright for tablets and using high brightness settings on expensive smartphones seems to burn images and words into the screens. Even better, there’s more than a million titles instantly available for less than $4.99, and you can generally download books in less than 60 seconds with the awesome built in Wi-Fi; and it’s lighter than a paperback book and fits in your pocket.

It also has exclusive features that make it stand out in a crowd: Goodreads integration, Kindle FreeTime, Vocabulary builder, Word Wise, and it all operates lightning fast and effortlessly with the great processor. Another really awesome feature about this e reader is the ability to translate passages instantly; just highlight a section and it’s instantly translated into almost any language.

Most Affordable Kindle Reader in 2015!

These types of e-ink screens are easier on the eye than traditional print, and perfect for reading for long periods of times. Unfortunately, Kindles don’t display colors or video, so kindles excel primarily with the printed word. New models can download books wherever there’s mobile data, without having to pay- further extending the usefulness of these devices if you know you’ll want to read and buy lots of books away from your home of if you plan on being on the move frequently; or even if you don’t have WI-fi in your home.

Maybe you’re looking for a little more functionality than just an e-reader. For that, Amazon offers several tablet options.

Kindle Voyage 300 dpi Lighted Reader (Premium e-Ink Reader to Show your Love

For less than $200, you can get the next generation in the highest resolution and highest contrast that Amazon has to offer. The Voyage was made for passionate readers; with great screen resolution and an adaptive front light to perfect the brightness of the screen in day or night. It’s also the thinnest kindle; great for fitting into a briefcase, purse, backpack, and comfortable enough to hold all day for long reading sessions.

Plus, you don’t even have to lift a finger to turn the page, you simply apply pressure to the indention on either side, and the Voyage turns the page for you and provides immediate feedback. Even better, the battery on this kindle lasts for weeks, not hours; which is pretty impressive.

Check out Kindle Voyage 300 dpi – Paperwhite 2014 Edition over Thanksgiving. I beat that we will get $20 or $30 off this year.

Fire HD 8″ 2015 Model

This tablet starts at $149 and is a great tablet for less than $150. With a quick processor that operates at 1.5 GHz; it’s a great middle choice between the HD 10 and the Fire 2015. It’s got a crisp and clear 8″ HD display in 189 ppi with over a million beautiful pixels; making anything you watch perfect and impeccably clear with a 1080p HD camera for pictures, and a front facing camera to Skype with ease. You don’t have to worry about storage either because you can connect straight to the cloud and transfer all your information with ease. It also comes with over 33 million movies and more on the Amazon app store as well as all the power you need to stay connected and productive- linking you instantly with web browsing, email and calendar support as well as Gmail, Outlook and the ability to edit and view Office documents.

Check out the Kindle Fire 4th Gen Today!

Fire HD 10″ – Amazon $200+ Tablet

For under $300, this tablet will fulfill your needs. It has a 1.5 GHz processor, front and rear facing cameras, and five color options to personalize this baby to the max. With 252 ppi, it offers over a million pixels in 10″ of screen giving great clarity and picture quality. It comes with 8 or 16 GB of storage, but with the Cloud you never really have to worry about having space.

It’s great for the whole family with the great utility of creating unique profiles and setting time limits for kids. You can even link Amazon accounts and share books between all of your Amazon devices; and stay connective and productive with all the office features you need and a months worth of Kindle Unlimited for Free, giving you 700,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks for less than $10 a month. You never have to wait for a video to buffer, and you can always see lyrics for music, find all your favorite actors and musicians and multitask with Amazon’s Second Screen feature.

>> More Affordable 10″ Kindle Tablet in 2015! <<

Kindle Fire HD Kids Editions: 6″ and 7″

What’s great about this children’s tablet is that it’s less than $150 and comes with a 2 year worry-free guarantee. It’s built from the case out for children; a great processor to keep everything quick and with great performance, a vivid HD display and front and rear facing cameras and great, Dolby Audio. It’s built to get beaten up by the toughest kids; even if they break it Amazon promises to return it and replace it for free, no questions asked.

It also includes a FULL YEAR of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, so there’s access to over 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games, at no additional cost- which is awesome. You can drop this tablet, throw it down a hill with its Gorilla Glass display and rigorous testing, and it’ll still be safe enough for your kids to spend time on with the best parental controls on the market.

Blue and Pink versions are available.

Fire HDX 8.9 2014 (64 Gb Huge Storage Tablet)

With an impressive 8.9″ screen and a whopping 339 pixels per square inch; this tablet is well worth its asking price with $50 off. Incredibly light and incredibly fast it offers a 2.5 GHz quad core that’s over 70 percent faster than it’s Samsung competitor with 2 GB of RAM and patented Adreno 420 GPU to keep gaming quick and videos Smooth. It has rich, multidimensional audio and sound quality and an 8 MP rear facing camera and LED flash for high-resolution and 1080p HD quality for video calls and more.

It’s been streamlined for increased usability and features a design to optimize button pushing and charger port placements, and it’s designed to simply disappear in your hands to get lost in the viewing experience. It definitely delivers maximum quality in 13 ounces. The Wi-fi has been improved Dramatically to allow for unimpeded multitasking on high-bandwidth activities like downloading videos and streaming music while transferring photos without lagging out your device. It also provides Dolby Atmos quality sound and Console-quality graphics, without costing an arm and a leg.

Previous Version (2013 model) is $20 off today!

Kindle Discounts and Nice Extra Features

New generation kindles offer a lot of features that are awesome when you’re really digesting text too- new age Kindles have awesome touch screens (except the first, basic Kindle) and on screen keyboards that allow you to seamlessly navigate pages and change titles and authors, highlight, and write notes in your books. There’s a little bit of variety too- older models of Kindle e-readers still support mp3 files, while newer models don’t; but even then an mp3 device or smartphone is smaller easier to slip in your pocket and easier to navigate than a kindle would be while in use.

Compared to Smartphones in your Pockets

– Much more suitable for print and long times of reading than most smartphones.
– Bigger Screen: more real estate for reading and playing games
– Battery life of an e-reader blows a phone out of the water (8 weeks on a full charge on average)
– Won’t degrade quality by providing suitable light.
– Exclusive Kindle deals
– Effortless, instant response times
– Screen resembles the look and texture of paper
– Millions of books at your fingertips on a device less than a pound.

With the limitless options and great values, there’s absolutely no reason not to pick up one of these great products when they start offering Kindle Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals. With the power you need, and the quality and speed to match, these products are sure to please this Christmas without having to rush around or weight outside for hours to get what you need. Plus, if you pick up one of this deals on a Cyber Monday Special; you gain all the options of the Amazon perks that you couldn’t get anywhere else. If you want to make your family very happy, invest in one of these devices this holiday season.

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