A Fire HD 8 (5 Gen 2015 Model) Review on the Fundamentals of this Exciting New Device

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The Fire HD 8 is a device that proves we haven’t seen everything there is to see when it comes to tablets.  Smaller and thinner, but with an increased storage capacity, this latest offering from Amazon has lots to be excited about. From the stunningly crisp display to the free apps and other types of media available for free, this tablet is the epitome of convenience and technological advances. As our Fire HD 8 review will demonstrate, this is the tablet that the tablets of the past have all aspired to be; no, it’s not perfect- nothing is, but it’s about as close to perfection as you can get.

Fire HD 8 Review

Fire HD 8 Design

To understand what makes the HD8 stand apart from other tablets, the first thing we need to do is look at how it’s made.

  • Style: With dimensions measuring 8.4″ x 5.0″ x 0.4″ (214mm x 128mm x 9.7mm) and a weight of 13-ounces, this is one of the thinnest devices you can find; it’s also one of the strongest, making it worth every penny. You can travel with it and read a book on the train or slip it in your beach bag; it fits in anywhere.
  • Resolution/Display: Featuring a 8″ IPS (in-plane-switching) LCD display and 1280 x 800 (189 pp high-definition resolution, you can read a book or watch a video with stunning clarity. The screen is practically glare-free, no matter where you are and delivers bright, color-drenched photos, videos, and more to enhance your viewing experience. Seriously, it is the first tablet I actually enjoyed watching a movie on!
  • Processor: The Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor lets you surf the web or download content faster than most other devices. There is no lag or buffering, allowing you to shoot off multiple emails or watch your favorite show without interruption. Proven to be twice as fats as the Fire 7, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it.
  • High-quality camera: People will be able to take truly fantastic pictures using the 2 MP rear-facing camera. You can also shoot 720p video, so you can capture every one of your baby’s first steps or every one of your friend’s terrible dance moves.
  • Battery life: The battery life of this tablet is twelve hours; you can take it on long trips, binge watch your favorite Netflix series, or, my hubby’s favorite, play hours of Minecraft uninterrupted. Most tablets, including other generations of the Fire tablet, give you 8 hours of battery life, so this is a serious upgrade.
  • Storage space: The Fire HD 8 comes with 16 GB of internal storage, double what you get with the Fire 7. It can also be expanded to 256 GB by adding a MicroSD card. And if that’s still not enough, you get unlimited cloud storage so you can save endless photos and videos.
  • Affordability: Amazon has created a very affordable tablet with the Fire HD 8 as well, making this one of the best choices for people who want an economical tablet which is going to give them all of the same functions that they have come to expect from devices like this.
Fire HD 8 has a beautiful screen

What the Fire HD 8 Can Do

Seeing how well it’s made might have been enough to impress you, but trust me, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The HD 8 isn’t superficial; no, this tablet has beauty and brains, allowing you to do things you never could before. Here’s a look at what “she” can do for you.

Alexa-fy your life

Yes, Alexa, the virtual assistant found on Amazon’s Echo products, is now on your tablet! And, surpirse- she is free to use, no subscription needed to access her. That alone is reason enough to buy this tablet. Through Alexa, you can operate not just your tablet, but a variety of devices in your home as well, such as smart bulbs, thermostats, and more, just by using your voice. She makes everyday activities quicker, simpler, and more fun while giving you instant access to things you want or need. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do with her:

  • Entertainment: Whether you want to hear a song, make a party playlist or need to hear a joke, Alexa can help. Tell her a specific song, or, if you are in a mood and need a pick me up, tell her that and she’ll find the right music for you!
  • Manage your smart home: If you have a SmartThings Hub, a thermostat from Ecobee, or any other smart device, you can control it through Alexa- and all you need is your voice. Tell Alexa to turn down the lights or put up the air conditioning and voila, it’s done!
  • Take care of everyday tasks: Ask Alexa what the weather will be or make a shopping list; set your morning alarm or find out about traffic; everyday chores are simplified using her.

WatchTV, Movies & More

With the HD 8 you can watch shows and movies from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sling TV, Showtime and more. If you have a Prime account there are thousands and movies to watch for free; if not, you can either sign up for a Prime subscription or just Prime video (for around $10 a month) or use another service you have, such as Hulu. Thanks to the large screen and improved clarity, it will feel like you’re watching on the big screen.

Amazon subscribers get additional perks, such as X-Ray (telling you info about the actors on screen), OnDeck (giving you access to videos anywhere), and Second Screen (letting you take what you’re watching from the tablet to your TV).

Read Book, Newspapers, Magazines & More

Using Amazon’s Kindle app, you can get instant access to book, magazines, newspapers and more. No more stopping before work to grab the paper (and being late) or getting sand in your magazine on the beach. A Kindle Unlimited subscription costs around $10 a month or you can buy individual books, with many starting around $3. In addition, the tablet is built for comfortable reading thanks to BlueShade. A feature that is exclusive to Fire OS, Blueshade automatically adjusts your backlight for improved reading at night (or in train tunnels).

Music, Music, & More Music

With your tablet, you can hear virtually any song, anytime, anywhere. With a Prime subscription, you can use Amazon Music Unlimited for $7.99 a month ($9.99 for non-Prime users), or, if you have Pandora, iHeart radio, or Spotify, you can jam using them, as their all compatible with the HD 8. Any music you buy using Amazon is stored to your library and can be played whenever the mood strikes.


Fire HD 8 Pros & Cons


The Fire HD 8 has a lot to be excited about, starting with the fact that it is affordable; very affordable considering all it can do. The Fire HD discounts and Fire coupons should only reduce the low price further, making this an economical tablet. In addition to the price, this tablet is very thin, which makes it more stylish, easier to store, and more durable due to its more compact exterior. Few tablets have performed as well as this one in tumble tests. Please see the latest model Fire 8 Covers.

Then there’s the extended battery life for the Fire HD 8. The battery not only lasts long, but it uses that power very efficiently. A lot of the activities that you are going to perform with your tablet is energy-draining;  having a tablet that uses energy efficiently and stays fully-powered for long periods of time can make a huge difference.

And you get plenty of storage space with the Fire HD 8, even before adding a microSD card, which could provide 128 GB of extra storage capacity. Since it’s already fitted with 16 GB of internal storage and there is Cloud access, storage is truly never an issue. Finally, the 1.5 GHz high-performance cores should make all the difference in terms of the processing speed of this device as well, which will make this device that much easier and smoother to use.


The resolution of the screen is good, but for those who intend to use it for work, it is not as good as a laptop or desktop due to the smaller display. That being said, for a day away at the office or smaller tasks it will get the job done; especially if you buy the wireless keyboard. In addition, there are plenty of options for apps on this device, but not everything can be accessed for free. However, most people have Netflix or other subscriptions, so you can use it without having to make additional purchases. Bottom line?  For all that if offers, you can’t beat the price for an 8″ screen tablet.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Versus Fire HD 8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab manages to stand out from the Fire HD 8 in that it is much better for the people who want to multitask a lot when they use their tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also not as long or narrow as the Fire HD 8. People will also get a much better performance with the Samsung Galaxy Tab than they will with the Fire HD 8, although the performance of both is still good.

Customer Responses to the Fire HD 8

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a fairly new device, but it has still managed to attract plenty of positive consumer feedback. People have praised it for the sheer variety of media that they can get through this device. They have overall found its performance and capabilities satisfying for the value that they managed to get for the device. Most people didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that this is not a device that has sophisticated hardware. This is a tablet for the people who want something that is both good and affordable, and they seem to have found it.

FAQ – Frequent Customer Questions

Q: How is the performance of this device?

A: The Fire HD 8 has an above average performance, but it is not top-of-the-line by that measure.

Q: How is the storage capacity of the Fire HD 8, relatively speaking?

A: The Fire HD 8 is almost unparalleled when it comes to its fantastic storage capacity, especially since it also has a microSD slot.

Q: How much content will people get with this device?

A: This is an Amazon tablet, and people will get most of what Amazon itself has to offer. People will get access to millions of books, movies, apps, games, and other types of materials through this portal.


Any Fire HD 8 review should demonstrate that this is a great tablet for its intended audience. It demonstrates a step forward for new tablets in many ways, even if it hasn’t managed to outshine all other devices on the market according to every single metric. People will still get all the media they want in a compact and stylish package that will work well, charge well, and last a long time.

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