Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet Review: Is it the Best 7 inch Kids Tablet 2014?

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Tablets are one of the hottest pieces of technology in the world, with millions sold globally every month.  It is no surprise that your kids might be bothering you to buy them a tablet…after all, kids want only the coolest technology just like their parents. Buying them a normal tablet might not be the smartest investment- after all, they break relatively easily – especially when kids get their hands on them.

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If you want to get your kids a tablet, why not consider some of the tablets for children that are available? They are specifically designed for kids, with a stronger build, as well as kid friendly apps, and features. While there are a few options for kids tablets, one of the best and most popular is the Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet. It is made by Amazon so you know you are getting quality, but it is also specifically designed for kids to enjoy. The features below, as well as user reviews, and more make this clearly the best choice if you are planning on investing in a tablet for your kids. Read on for your full Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet?

– This is a real tablet – Unlike other ‘kids tablets’, this one is an actual tablet. It has the same internal workings, and screen, as the full Fire HD 7. This makes it ideal because you will be able to use it too, when your kids aren’t.

– 12 month subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited (Free) – This really adds to the value of the product. For a full year you will have access to over 5000 movies, TV shows, apps, books, games, and more, meaning your kids won’t get bored with the tablet after a few weeks.

– Full Parental Controls – There is a lot to worry about online, but you won’t need to worry with the parental controls on this tablet. They will stop your kids seeing anything they shouldn’t. You can even create individual profiles for each of your kids, so that the restrictions can be adjusted depending on their age.

– Kid Safe – One of the biggest worries for any parent giving their kids a tablet is that they will damage it. This won’t happen here, as the tablet is encased in a protective case. So even if your kids drop it, no damage will be done.

Features Of The Fire HD 7

So, as we mentioned above. This is basically the same as the Fire HD 7 Original tablet, just with a few added features. So you might be wondering what the features of that tablet are. Here are the key ones:

– 7 Inch Full HD Screen – You can watch movies in Full HD on this large seven inch screen. Ideal for those who like to sit in bed and watch, or if you are traveling.

– 8 GB Storage Capacity – You can store your pictures, or movies that you want to watch with the 8 GB memory.

– Access To The AppStore – You get complete access to Amazon’s AppStore, meaning you can get a huge range of apps & games to enjoy on the tablet.

– Cloud Storage – If you have too many pictures and movies for the 8GB storage capacity, you don’t need to worry. The ample cloud storage allows you to store many pictures and films.

– Powerful CPU – This tablet is one of the most powerful on the market. With a quad core processor, as well as 1GB of RAM. This will allow you to run a huge range of apps and games. It also makes the tablet run extremely smoothly, and quickly.

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What Are The Pros & Cons Of This Tablet?

As with any review, the Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet Review will always have some pros, and cons:


– Both parents and children can use this device as it is a fully functional tablet. It’s NOT a kid tablet toy.
– Comes with a two year warranty, so you know it will last the distance, and you won’t have to replace it soon. If the screen breaks, you just get a new one.


– It is a full priced tablet, so if your kids are too young to really make the most of it then it might not be the best purchase
– If you want to keep Amazon FreeTime after the first 12 months you will have to pay for it.

How Does it Compare To The Non Kid Edition Of The Fire HD 7?

In many ways, it is the same tablet. In fact, internally, it is the exact same tablet. So you aren’t losing anything by choosing the kids edition over the original Fire HD 7. The differences are that it comes in the special kids protective case, and the one year Amazon FreeTime Unlimited package. These things make it attractive compared to the normal tablet.

If you have kids, or even if your kids are only going to use it occasionally, it is well worth considering. Especially since you can use it too, with it being the same tablet in a protective case.

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What Is Customer Feedback Like?

As you would expect for a product made by one of the largest companies in the world (Amazon), reviews are generally good. People seem to be happy with their purchases. One customer mentions how they have bought three, one for each of their children!

The great parental control, as well as the freebies that come with Amazon FreeTime for a year are heavily praised, Along with the fact that it is strong, and doesn’t break easily. While there are one or two minor complaints, most comments and reviews are positive. Which is the kind of reassurance you want when purchasing a product.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Does The Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet Work The Same As The Normal Fire HD 7?

Yes! In terms of functionality, as well as the internal mechanics of the device, this is the same tablet. This means that both you and your kids can use it without problems. You can do everything you would be able to do with the normal Fire HD 7 with this tablet.

Q: Can I Download Apps Onto the Fire HD 7 Kids Tablet?

Yes! One of the concerns your kids might have if you offer to buy them this tablet is that they might not be able to download Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest. But rest assured, every app that you can download for the normal Fire, you can download for this tablet too.

Q: Can I Watch Movies & TV Shows On The Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet?

Yes! You have full access to Amazon’s entire catalog of films, music, and TV shows. You can purchase and watch anything in this catalog. Don’t forget, this is a HD tablet, so if the TV show or film is in HD, then you will be able to watch it in HD.

So Is The Fire HD 7 Kids Ed. Worth Buying?

In our view – definitely. This is probably the best kids tablet on the market. The fact that they haven’t compromised by making a lesser tablet, and the tablet is the same as the normal tablet, just made for kids, makes this the perfect choice. The one year subscription to Amazon FreeTime seals the deal. You get all top quality educational content like Kids eBooks, Learning Apps, TV Shows, Movies for free. This Fire HD 7 Kids Edition review strongly recommends the product. It is perfect for kids. They don’t want to be given an underpowered tablet that doesn’t work properly. So why not give them a real tablet, but one that is custom designed for them.

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