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Amazing Amazon Fire Phone Hands On Review: How Does the Kindle Phone Look like?

The Fire Phone Hands On is one of Amazon’s latest creations and is also their first attempt at trying to launch themselves into the ever so popular smart phone market. The Amazon Fire smart phone has be in development for quite some time, 2012 to be exact, and many die hard Amazon fans have been curious about the large number of rumors and speculations surrounding the Amazon Fire smart phone. One source of all the buzz is the Amazon Fire smart phone’s 3D shopping feature and it’s close integration with many of the Prime services offered by Amazon.

However, before you rush out to buy Amazon’s first experiment in smart phone making, read the following review to get a good idea of how the Amazon Fire smart phone works, it’s features and how to use them, how the Amazon Fire is different from the iPhone and Android operating systems, and the pros and cons of the Amazon Fire. By the time you finish this review article, you will have all the information you need to help you decide whether the Amazon Fire is the right smart phone for you.

The Amazon Fire Phone: Amazon’s Answer To Android And iPhone

Amazon has already gained a somewhat popular following among the members of the tech industry due to it’s other innovative product, the tablet inspired Kindle and Kindle Fire. However, the Amazon Fire smart phone has already been marked as simply another way for Amazon to connect to its increasing customer base by providing its shoppers with a new and unique online shopping experience. The Amazon Fire Phone Hands On is, as you might have already guessed it, connected Amazon and their services, including the Amazon Appstore. This means that by Amazon becoming one of the suppliers in the smart phone market, they can more freely promote their existing services and products to new and old customers while also gaining quite a bit of revenue from the overall sell of the Amazon Fire smart phone.


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Amazon Raises Bar With New Android Smartphone Apps

Using Amazon Apps on Android telephones has revolutionized the marketing of products through smart phones. Now the bar has been raised even higher.

With the apps now being offered by Amazon, one-stop shopping, comparison shopping, and protection of music, videos and pictures are all in the palm of your hand. The new Android phones have the capability of handling these apps and making your shopping experience more efficient, it is also more convenient and flexible.

Store hours, traffic jams and finding that the item you wanted was sold out at your favorite store are all things that will soon be history thanks to the new Amazon Apps.

The following list provides an overview of just what can be done with an Android phone loaded with Amazon Apps. The results are very impressive.

Amazon is also marketing its own telephone, complete with its apps and other features that are very impressive. More details about the new phone will be discussed later.

Amazon Kindle for Android App

A million books are suddenly just a few clicks away with the Kindle App for Android and other phones. The app features thousands of free e-books titles such as “Pride & Prejudice” and the “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”

Book shopping is easy. Besides the free books, there are many other books, including the New York Times Best Sellers. The app features a built-in dictionary, so you only have to tap a word in your e-book to find its meaning.

There are links to get more information. You also get to sample a book before you buy, as the app lets you read the first chapter of any book before making the purchase.


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5 Amazing Amazon Apps for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, Amazon makes five must-have apps that, when coupled with an Amazon Prime membership, will truly revolutionize the way you use your phone. Once you get used these great Amazon iPhone apps, you won’t be able to use anything else again. The five apps, along with their Prime benefits are:

  • Amazon Kindle – free Kindle books
  • Amazon Store – free two-day shipping
  • Amazon Price Check – free two-day shipping
  • Amazon Music – free streaming and downloaded music
  • Amazon Instant Video – free streaming of movies and TV shows

Amazon Kindle App

The Kindle has really revolutionized the way we read, but not everyone realizes that you don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books! Amazon offers the Kindle software as an iPhone app. Even with a small screen, the reading experience on the Kindle app is wonderful. Everything is adjustable – text size, screen color, font, brightness, and screen orientation. The Kindle app syncs between devices, so you can switch back and forth between an iPhone and an iPad if you own both. A cute feature is the ability to “dog-ear” a page to return to it later. All you do is touch the upper right corner of the screen and the corner folds down.


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Amazon New Fire Phone Full Review: Illuminate Your Life

The long awaited and much anticipated Amazon smart phone is finally here.  All roads led to Seattle today for the unveiling of the new Kindle Fire Phone. On this very important date, 18th June 2014, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos launched the new smart phone, called the Kindle Fire Phone. This Fire Phone review is designed to whet your appetite and get you caught up on the details.

Amazon Fire Phone Review

What is known about the phone so far?

The Amazon Fire Phone is the official name. This product is the first of hopefully many smartphones to come from Amazon. This new device is bien unique, with specs that place it far above other smart phones available on the market today.

The phone looks like a slightly bigger iPhone. It has an array of cameras–six, to be exact.  This includes the 13 Mega Pixel rear camera, the front view camera and four infrared cameras.

Key features and specs:

  • 4.7 inch display.
  • Quad-core processor- The availability of four processors makes for a lightening fast operating speed.
  • 720p display for crystal clear screen display.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • 13 Mega Pixel rear camera for high resolution pictures.
  • Customized Android OS.
  • 12 megapixel front view camera for clear chatting and pictures.

More about the Extra Ordinary 3D Interface and Tilting Effects

The Fire Phone is manufactured with a heavy skin. This facilitates the proper functioning of the 3D interface. It offers a new navigation experience that overpowers the old swipe norm,  allowing users to access the settings not by swiping or tapping the icon but by tilting the phone left and right. Delivering an MMS requires you to tilt the phone towards the screen to gain access to your gallery images, then attaching your image and sending the content.

This 3D effect has a name.  Rather than just calling it “3D”, CEO Jeff Bezos refers to it as “Dynamic Perspective“.  I know, it sounds like an 80’s hair band, but it’s way cooler than that.  Dynamic Perspective (DP) makes objects appear to shift as you move your head, as if you were seeing them at different depths in your phone.  Unlike the 3D that we are used to in the movies, objects do not appear to jump out at you, and you do not need any special glasses for the effect to work.


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The new Amazon phone: You want one… but what can you DO with it?

On June 18th, Amazon is rumored to be releasing their newest device…a smartphone – Fire Phone.  This much anticipated subject of numerous leaks is entering a very competitive market place, and for that reason alone it had better be good.  Amazon is the undisputed king of affordable electronics — it’s Kindle Fire HDX costs just $229, while the iPad mini with Retina Display retails for $399– but unfortunately, Amazon cannot rely on it’s low prices to win over buyers, and they are apparently aware of this. 

Amazon Fire Phone-what is new

This new device will feature 3D capabilities, with four cameras located in each of the front four corners of the device that reportedly track the users head and make the device virtually touch/tap free.  In addition, it will use the Kindle Fire OS operating system, and while the system itself isn’t new, the ability to use it on a smartphone is revolutionary.

OK, I’m listening.  So what can I DO with it?

According to BCG, he new Amazon Smartphone (Fire Phone?  Kindle Phone?  Only time will tell.) features 3D technology that allows it to track the position of the users head and with some additional sensors, the camera will facilitate gesture based commands, allowing access to menus and other basic features.


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